Hey guys nobody is uploading their fanfiction so i thought i will upload my “I AM ALL YOURS” thank you all for your beautiful comments love you all and let’s get strated.

survi and Kartik were returning from the restaurant. When Kartik reached over to survi for a kiss then survi stopped him by putting her hand on his mouth.
SURVI:when your driving your face should be on the front not on your wife.
KARTIK:wife hu.
KARTIK:it would be better if you fulfil your wife duty.
SURVI:what wife duty what haven’t i fulfil.
KARTIK:you aren’t cooperating with me .
SURVI:on what.

KARTIK:on romance
SURVI:shut up focused on driving not on me btw if dad and others find out we have married they are going to kill us for sure.
KARTIK:baby chill ok everything will be fine and here comes your house.
SURVI:i don’t want to go
KARTIK:then stay with me forever.
SURVI:I wise
Then kartik pulled her over him and leaned towads her yo kiss her.
SURVI:kartik please we are at my house please behave.
KARTIK:what behave when i see you i forget all my manners.
SURVI:Oh really then come to my house and take me away from me i will leave everything for you just say it once then i will come to you thousand times.
Then kartik and survi both come out of the car. Kartik pulls survi by her wrist and leans to kiss her. He kisses her forehead then her cheeks then her lips while doing that her lipstick gets all over her and his mouth.
SURVI:now what have you done god if dad finds out he is oing to kill you you know that right .

Then survi kisses his cheeks
SURVI:rest after marriage bye now.
She goes inside then Kartik goes by his car to his house
when Survi came inside her house she found Aniket,TAI,dad,and karan sitting and talking when she saw Aniket she hugged him looking at them Shrikant and tai thought they love each and other the shaked hand.
SHRIKANT:i don’t have problem with this relationship.
TAI:me too
SHRIKANT:survi are you happy with this relationship.
SURVI:(IN MIND)i think they are talking about my and Kartik marriage.
survi says yes to the marriage. Without hearing the full thing.
TAI:i will get priest to look over aniket and survi’s kundlies.

By hearing thia she came running upstairs to her bedroom.
KARAN:because of hearing of her marriage she got shy i will talk to her.
Survi was laying in her bed crying .
KARAN:Survi tell me what happened I’m friend of yours more than brother.
SURVI:bhai I LOVE KARTIK. But my marriage is fixed with Aniket. I only consider Aniket as a friend nothing nore than that.
KARAN:ok i have a plan you know dad already promised that you and Aniket will get married but you will runaway on your marriage day ok so tell this plan to Kartik ok.
SURVI:thanks bhai you are the best.
Then he called Kartik (karan leaved survi’s room)
KARTIK:Oh you already missed my baby.
SURVI:kartik please i have something special to say.
KARTIK:that you love ne.
SURVI:shut up and listen to me. My marriage is fixed with Aniket.
KARTIK:what are you saying . You cheated me how can you say yes to the proposal.
SURVI :because i loved aniket. Come on Kartik i love you and i thought they came here for me and you .
KARTIK:but still how can you say yes to that.
SURVI:ok i have a plan we are going to runaway on my wedding day ok.
KARTIK:finally some time for you and me to romance.so baby it’s been 3hours and still you didn’t call me once.
SURVI:i missed you okay i have to go love you bye

KARTIK:ok baby bye and remember what ever you do i will aways be with you ok love you bye.
SURVI:I love you more bye.

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