Hey guys i am nisha and i am back with my ff on I AM ALL YOURS.it’s going to ne a maha episode toay but i am very disappointed on the amount of comments i got so after this i have decided i would like to end my ff so after this i will see how many comments i will get and after that i will decided if i want to continue this fanfiction.so let’s get started.also thank for whoever commented on my ff(to lazy to mention names sorry for that)
Kartik get in his knees and.
KARTIK:survi i always wanted to tell you something that how important and special you were to me but never thought you felt the same about me.(befour he could say anything Survi put her hand on his mouth)
SURVI:Kartik don’t say anything like that you were and will always be the most important in my life even i wanted to tell you this from a long time but thought you never liked me but.
KARTIK:but what survi.
SURVI:but i never knew you had the same feeling for me as i had for you.
The screen shifts to barve mension
ANIKET:mom i love survi and she will be mine even of i have to kill someone to get her i will .
TAI:but ani does she love you.
ANIKET:if she doesn’t love me then she will never love anyone else.She will have to love me she has to otherwise whoever put sindoor on her forhead instead me he will have to die .
TAI:ani you have gone mad in her love if something happens to you then how will i live.just leave that girl i will get you a line of girls just forget Survi.
TAI:no mom i can’t i love her more than my life if you tried to come between me and survi then(goes and picks a knife and puys it on his hand).
TAI:ani what are you doing leave the knife.
ANIKET:in one condition you will get survi to me .
TAI:ok ok just leabe the knife ok i will get survi for you.
Kartik and survi hug and slowly Kartik moves his hand to survi’s back.survi closed her eyes and then she tried to walk away when Kartik got hold of her hand then she tried real hard to get his hand off of he but he was too strong for her.
SURVI:kartik please i can’t move a step forward on this relationship.
KARTIK:why survi when we both love eachother than what’s the matter.
SURVI:kartik it’s not right to do this befour marriage.
KARTIK:you are saying we can’t do tjis befour marriage than ok.
Then kartik breaks the wooden chair then set’s fire on it then picks up survi in his arms and strat taking the seven rounds.
SURVI:kartik what are you doing stop we can’t get married like this.
KARTIK:survi i love you from deep down of my hearts i can’t let you go away from me never and today i am making you mines forever.
SURVI:but kartik even i love you but our family wouldn’t except our marrige .
KARTIK:now we are done we are officially a married couples.
Then kartik puts sindoor and mungleshutra on her neck.
SURVI:oh god what have you done.
KARTIK:now no laws or anyone else can stop me from comming closer to you no one survi no one.
Then kartik brings survi in a beautifully decorated bed with roses and candles then lays survi on the bed and kisses her neck then. Strat taking off her jewellery and her clothes. They consummate their relationship without thinking about anyone else.
So guys i hope you like it and i am thinking this will be the last episode if i didn’t get enought comments so don’t forget to comment and eep watching YEH VAADA RAHA .

Credit to: Nisha

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  1. Karvi fans (karthik & survi)

    awsum epi plse dont stop ye vadaa raha ff plse and iam a big fan of karvi than anyone else plse nisha keep on writing plse yaar I beg u ??plse??˙³˙(๑•́ ₃•̀๑)˙³˙( •̥́ ˍ •̀ू )˙³˙(๑•́ ₃•̀๑)˙³˙٩(๑^o^๑)۶

  2. No no plz ur ff is awsome plz continue dont end this

  3. Nisha i think you should not think about how many ppl are not commenting but think about ppl who are commenting and loving your ff plz don’t stop your ff plz continue it we love your ff really plz

  4. Kavina

    I loved it

  5. Karvi fans (karthik & survi)

    luvs endless souls awaiting I’ll update any more in August or July becoz of the projects guys and there will be many more interesting sequences about kartik being a vampire

  6. They’re right ..please don’t end it…Your FF is good..

  7. Mariyah

    No pleaseeeeee don’t end it AS we won’t only miss you, we will miss you too.plz Nisha don’t end this it’s amazing

  8. Neha

    Amazing episode Nisha….. sorry for late comment i’m busy in this week…..please don’t end this ff……i like it sooo much

  9. Minahil Hanjra

    Plzzzzzzzzzz don’t end it
    Its so much good

  10. Thank guys and thank you all for the comments by looking at all this comments i may change my mind wait till next week and if i don’t upload my ff then think i end it but if i upload it till next week then i will continue btw thanks for all your lovely comments

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