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Location 1
Kush was searching for karthik bcoz of what he had done to survi ????????. After a long time of searching he found karthik sittin in a park where karthik used to go when he was small. Kush came near him and asked him.
Kush : wht the f**k u have done with survi. I had warned u about that u should control and not reveal this blo*dy truth to her.
Karthik:sry kush but i couldnt controlmy thirst for the first time and yaa when i cum near her i feel somethin attracting and i want to apologise to her for my mistake and better say her our truth or she might reveal the truth to her dad.
Kush : its k but better run fast as she is shell shoked to ur behaviour.
Kartik and Kush both ran as faat as they could to the parking lot and they found survi in a corner of the lot unconscious at 1st karthik tried towake her up by flashing water on her face so he directly lifted her up in his arms and took her to the house.

Location 2
Kartik is making survi drink a reddish kind of liquid. After it was made to drink survi comes to concious.
Survi: hey wht the heck u have given me it so sour.(feeling dizzy at the same time)
Karthik : its none of ur buisness and by the way im so sorry for hurting u and plse forgive me if u can as i couldnt control my thirst.
Survi :wht u couldnt control ur thirst seriously u blo*dy vampire dont u have sense atleast.
Kartik :wht the heck Mrs. Survi Mohite wht do u think with my own will i did it actually when i see u….
He stopped suddenly and said
Kartik:enough of this topic im srry for whatever i have done and the truth has already come out to u that we both are vampires and plse dont get scared of us as we’ll not hurt u k plse dont say yhis truth to anyone and by the way u have to rest now.
Survi:k Mr kartik barve iam believing u so plse be careful next time.
Kartik :i’ll se if i’ll be thirsty i cant help it (whiperingly)
Kush :did u say anything bhai plse we too shall go to sleep as im really tired from the assignments and running back of u.
The three headed to their respected rooms as kartik was only eyeing survi.

Location 3
Survi went to her bedroom and just fell on the bed and cuddled herself with a pillow as she was still feeling the pain in her neck after a few minutes she felt asleep as she was tierd. After an hour she felt someones presence who had cuddled her up in his arms and while she saw the face she screamt sloud through which the person woke up and it was none other than karthik.
Kartik :(holding in hands on her mouth )sssh keep quite and plse dont bite my hand actually i was not feeling asleep so plse can i sleep with u.
Survi:(horrified)wht the hell u nust came like that and slept with me and im kind of not comfortable with u but k I’ll allow u so that u dont drink my blood again.
Kartik made a sad face hearing this. And the epi ends. And plse guys do comment and silent readers specially as there’s lack in karvi fans. And guys if theres any doubt plse let me know it.

Credit to: Karvi fans (karthik &survi)

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  1. Karvi fans really really amazing epi yaar its so unique story and happy that you posted your ff coz no one else is posting their ff’s ? any ways waiting for the next epi plz post the. Next epi soon☺️☺️

  2. Karvi fans it was superb ep but why did u take so much time to upload it.
    Waiting for the next ep .
    Plzzzzzzzz upload soon becuz I love ur ff story.

  3. love karvishi

    When will u post the next episode

  4. The story is so unique . Plz post the next epi as soon as possible .

  5. Saasha123

    so late…hmphhh bu no
    problem nice epi…

  6. Karvi fans (karthik & survi)

    Ill post next epi in 7th august as its my birthday and now i cant update as i hve a lot of projects to submit by 4th of august.

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