YVR loves endless souls are awaiting (Epi-3)

As the lecturer of karthiks class was doing the lessons . Karthik was busy seeing survi who is sitting side of him. The mam calls out his name but he doesnt here the name called by his lecturer. So the lecturer threw a pen at him and then he came to his senses.
Mam: Mr. Barve what’s the matter of ur dreamin .
Kartik:notin mam actual…..
Mam:no anythin just get out of my class .
Survi was eyening kartik when he went out of the class.

Location 2 outside the classroom .
Kartik still dreamim while survi cums and asks him
Survi: Mr. Kartik why u were dreaming in classroom.
Kartik :1at of all don’t call me Mr. kartik its so annoying . Call me kartik plse and the reason can’t be told to u .

Location 3 parking lot.
Karthik and survived is waiting for kush in the parking lot .karthik was feeling a kind of thirsty and couldn’t control his thirst smellin the pure blood of survi . So he just pinned survi to the car when none was around and started to feel her neck and what happened had shocked survi .She was aghast to his behavior and was thinking what had happen to her.
Flashback: As karthik was feeling her neck her pinned his teeth inside survis neck and started to taste her blood .she was helpless to scream out as karthik was holding her tight and hurting her neck . flashback ends .
Survi was thinking aimlessly and wondering after karthik had gone after he had quenched his thirst .

Location 4
Kush comes out from the collage and questions about karthik to her. Kush :hey survi whrs bro .
Survi was unable to answer to kush as she had gone through a difficult thing .
Kush sees the teeth mark in her neck and runs as fast as he could in a second to find out karthik.

Precap : Karthik asks pardon from survi to what he had done to her . Survi gets to know about his being an vampire. Its night and as survi was sleeping in her bed she feels someone hugging her .

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  1. Saasha123

    Omg omg omg it’s awsm. But very late upload upset with u.

  2. karvi fans (karthik & survi)

    sry for late update actually i had a lot of projaects and theres a lot of load on me as im in 10th ill upadate the next ff soon as possible

  3. Nice epi and really sorry for commenting so late as im busy in my clg these days but nice epi a unique story ❤️

  4. Nice going n ur which board?

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