YVR loves endless souls are awaiting (Epi-2)

Location :1
Survi is keen to know whats attracting as she came inside. As she turned for the door to get closed and looked in front she found kartik. They eye each unknowingly of their soulsand suddenly kush reaches and breaks the eye lock. And warns kartik that not to harm the girl and never reveal her the truth. So survi asked karthik gently are karthik barve and the person standin beside is his kush barve. But karthik was still lost in her beauty and didnt respond to survi.seein this kush answered yes. Kush also pinched karthik to get back to his senses . As kathik came to his senses survi had gone with kush for finding her a room in the big mansion

Location :2
Kartik is still thinking about survi like how to tell her about the night school. Kush enters at the same time and discusses about it and karthik tells him that they have to say about the night classes.

Location :3
As karthik is overhelmed with the fragrance of her blood.
Karthik: Excuse me survi mohite actually i wanted to tell u about the night classes.
As survi turns back to look at karthik he forgets why he had cum to her room and to say what.
Survi: Yeah mr. Karthik.what u wanted to say.
Karthik suddenly cums outof his thoughts and asks survi.
Karthik :why did i cum here.
Survi: actually u were sayin about the classes.
Karthik : oh yeah right. Actually u will have to go for classes at night with us both and u are in my class. He leaves from her room and thinks about her. Like whenever they meet why does his heart beats fast.

Location :4
Survi is unaware of the vampire school and thinks about karthik and says to kush.
Survi:how do u both manage night school i really sleepy (yawning).
Kush:actually even we were not comfortable but as we adjusted we came to know and compete with our night school.
And karthik cums and asks kush is he not gettin late for his classes.
Karthik takes survi to their respected classroom and the other students who saw them started to taunt them.

Precap:karthik and survi were waitin outside for kush. And karthik couldnt control his thirst he just survi to the wall and started to feel her neck and survi was shocked for what he had done to her.

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  1. It’s great.

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    Its perfect and the next precap was very interesting
    Waiting for the next part

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    Omg amazing I loved it

  4. Karvi fans (karthik & survi)


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