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When Survi saw those two mens she ranked and huged them tightly and said I thought you wouldn’t come and I thought you would forget today is my birthday thanks for coming simmi they ate y brother and dad.
Simmi:hi sir I am Simmi I am survi’s bestfriend.
Karan:oh hi I am Karan Survi’s brother (they shake hand and didn’t wanted to let go so Survi said bhai you can let go of my friends hand ).
Survi;where’s my gift.
Dad:here’s your girt(hands some paper in )
Survi:dad what is this.
Dad:Survi from now on you are a part of our company you are 33% owner of our company your brother is 33% and I am 33% so from now one you will come to office daily.
Survi:but dad I don’t want all this I just want to spent time with you and brother.
Dad:Survi enough you got your gift and there’s a party for you so I have to go now bye Come on Karan we got a meeting to attend.
Survi:but dad bhai.
Karan: bye we have to go.
At 7:00pm at roof top hotel
Kartik reached there and saw no one and the lights were down.
Kartik:(in mind ) Survi it is a very bad joke I came here to talk to you leaving an important meeting you are gonna pay for this.
Just then all the lights we’re on and saw Survi coming from a door with red evening glown he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her.
Survi:Kartik I wanted to tell you something.
Kartik:yes Survi.
Just then Survi phone range sorry I have to go.
Kartik:wait why are you panicking just calm Dow drink this water.
But instead of water it was alchole.
Survi:I have to go dad just called me and told me (took another glass thinking water)I forgot about the party sorry Kartik lets go I am so sorry for that.
Kartik: its OK we will talk next time.
When Survi and Kartik reached home the party was already over and survi’s dad was flaming in anger then saw Survi then grabbed her arms Kartik was in car about to go home then saw survi’s dad holding her hand and dragging her he wanted to atop that But couldn’t so he went by the door and stood there.
Dad:Survi I got this party for you and what is that smell. Survi did you drink oh wow my daughter has come home drunken like a middle class man you should be ashamed of your self.
Survi:you talking to me you are talking yo me did you saw that bhai dad has talk to me like this dad how can you talk to me like this.
Dad:enough Survi you have done enough you know what the anger that is always onnyop of your nose and you take your anger out on people they handel it because you are my daughter.
Survi: dad I don’t want all this I just want your time that’s it.but you never gives me enough time you were always after money because of that I lost my mom because of you.
Dad:shut up Survi (slapped her and walked away)
Karan:Survi you shouldn’t have talk to dad Ike this go to your bedroom don’t forget to come to office tomorrow on time.
Survi: but bhai.
Karan: good night
Kartik who was hearing all this got all teary eyes.
Kartik(in mind)Survi I never knew you we’re in such a pain I always knew you were always happy but never knew this side of you I wise o could help you bye.

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