Hi guys I am back with another fanfiction it’s Nisha and thank you so much for all your lovely comments and like i said i will start to add romance and comedy to kavia’s lovestory so let’s get started with the fanfiction.

Survi and Aniket wet on to barva mansion everyone was there and were glad to neet survi but survi was looking for someone else just then a handsome man all ready to go office came downstairs and saw a beautiful girl in anarkali and couldn’t take his eyes off of her.just theb shanti saw this and says bhai even we are here you know you can look at us too.Kartik:it’s because i never saw survi in transitional outfit i only saw her in fashionable clothes.
Survi:if you will look at me like this then i will were this kind of clothes everyday.
Kartik:oh shut up i was just joking you don’t evern look that beautiful.
Survi:oh really then why were you staring at me.
Shanti:she has a point bhai why were you staring at her like that.
Kartik:hey that’s not fair.
Lata:ok ok enough now you all come for breakfast and kartik survi no fighting please let’s have breakfast peacefully.
When lata was about to serve the breakfast to kartik survi hold her hand and said can i do this for today please kaki.
Lata:ok fine.
Aniket:yes yes when survi comes here everyone forget’s about me .
Survi:don’t worry i haven’t forgotten about you.
After breakfast they were all ready to go and survi was walking from stairs her duppata got stuck on her heela and she was about to fall a strong arms caught ger by her wrist and going his hand around her blackless choli.at that same moment when survi was about to fall aniket too rushed to her but when they both stick there hand to help her survi took kartik seeing that aniket took his hand back seeing this lata thought this lovestory is going to have not of trouble.
Kartik:can’t you even walk properly what would have happen if you had fallen and got injured what will i tell your brother and your dad.
Aniket:correct if you girls can’t walk properly in high heel then why do you ever bother to were it .
Survi:this time you are crossing your limits anyways i have to talk to kartik .
Kartik:wow my good luck you want to talk to me so what can i help you with .
Survi:i can’t tell you here .
Kartik:then where are you gonnal tell.
Survi:at roof top hotel meet me at 7:00pm ok .
Shanti:bhai you should totally go it must be very important that Survi can’t say infront of us.
Aniket:shanti stop teeasing them survi we have to go now.
Survi:ok bye everyone and kartick don’t be late otherwise.
Kartik:otherwise what will you do .
After Aniket dropped Survi home she got out of her anarkali and dreesed back in her normal clothes then she got on her bed and thinking her moment’s with Kartik a girl in Kurta with aarti’s thaali. Came and survi was shocked.
Survi:simmi what happend to you are you all right.
Simmi:yeah i am all right i am just fasting to get the husband that i want.
Survi:seriously i thought you were and mordern girl not a bhengi anyways u don’t believe in all this stuff.
Then a young man and and middle aged man came with gifts.

Sorry guys if it was short but don’t forget to comment and please comment your suggestions i will try to add on to yours love you all


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  1. Amazing…just amazing

  2. These mans with gifts may be survi’s bro nd father nd awesome epi really nice ff nisha waiting for the next epi

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    plzz tell when you will post your next epi?

  4. Awesome episode Nisha….

  5. Thank you so much and I will probly post it to day or towmarrow

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