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Hello lovely people…today m neither a twinj fan nor a twiraj fan ……today m just a ZAIN IMAM fan….so u know the content of this article now….its a short one..but hope u like it…here u go..
Zain Imam aka Yujraj of tashan e ishq has been portrayed as twinkle’s lover and Anita Luthra’s son. Yujraj is a sweet char who loves twinkle as well as his mom. We all fall in love with his cuteness and innocence…but then his hidden motives come out and we come to know his real face. Well that was on part of the story..now moving on to zain..
Zain had been stealing the hearts of many people from the show kaisi yeh yaariyaan…but his entry in TEI made me a great fan. I never watched KYY..but I watched TEI initially because of him..The promo had made me crazy…I was like OMG..he is shoooooo shweeeet..shooo cuuuuteeee…!! and as the days passed by I became a fan of his acting…he is such a marvellous actor…so talented !! starting from the char of a lover where he showed pure innocence …then his villainy when his real face came out..his obsession for twinkle…his acting as a kid…calling “dost dost” …..his madness to kill kunj…his envy mind in trapping Mahi..his caring husband nature…..his funny dialogues (eg. Jab kunj aur twinkle ai jhagra hoti hain toh yeh dono ek dusre ki care karne lagte hain par jab dosti hoti hai toh ladne lag jate hain,,,yeh kunj toh pagal hai hi..ab mujhe bhi pagal bana dega!! ) also his cruelty…everything seems to be perfect!!
There are many people who love yuvraj.. many are there who hate him..but most of us love zain..and that brings us to the conclusion of this article…people who love yuvi love him as his fan people who hate him love him for his acting..coz an actor showing so much variations deserve the love..and I am very sure no one else could have done justice to yuvraj’s char other than zain..so “HATS OFF TO HIM” hope to see him stealing more hearts and making more fans…and if possible in a positive role..although I love his villainy more…!!
I think thats all..so zain lovers plzz comment and let me knw if u liked it..have a nice day..nd good luck!!

Credit to: A Zain Fan


  1. Sanam

    I completely agree with u
    Zain is such an marvellous actor
    The way he portrait his innocence at initials and then an act like an kid and then as an villian
    I is very talented. .. zain rocks ♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Harna

    Yes way to go dude.u r really right…i really like him altough he is in villain part..hope to see him in good role tooo…hahaxx

    • zain fan

      sorry but that is nt in my hands…ths was just my feelings abt zain..bt i cant make any couple! thts cvs work…

      • Simi

        N dear insha its clearly written tat here no one is twinj or twiraj fan . here zain fan is talking only BT zain n yuvi . soo pls only comment on tat .

  3. loveleen

    to b very honest i also started watching tei only fr him….his looks n the promo had made me crazy……i also love zain fr his acting….he is just very perfect in potraying his role…..

  4. Muskan{News reporter}

    I agree with u he is a good actor even when he is villan but too he looks cute , no one can play uvi role better than him. He is an marvellous actor. And the best thing aboit him is his swag of that when he wipes above his lips and down his nose with the finger. He is really awesome personality. Love u zain.

  5. Aakanksha

    Ummmm I agree with u dear that zain is hot, cute and an outstanding actor though I am not a very big fan of him…but yes I like his acting a lot..i don’t think any1 else wud hav been able to portray yuvi’s character so well…he is soo good that some times I laugh in the serious scenes too specially wen he was speaking to manohar and said Aap ka dimag pehle se hi coma mai tha kya..that 1 just cracked me up…but yes its true that im madly and deeply in love with sidhant and his acting so that doesent allow me to be a very great fan of zain but yes he is cute and an amazing actor too

    • zain fan

      neva mind aakanksha..I also love sid..but cant really compare them as both are talented in various aspect!!

  6. Simi

    Hi zain fan . I would honestly say when the show started , I watched it very rearly , its not tat I din like d show . then when sid entered as kunj I really loved d twist seeing UV as a villian. N I really love zain for dis role . n according to me I liked his villian side. More . love zain ?

  7. Anchali singhania

    Actually as loveleen said,I too watched tei bcoz of zain only.his cute lovely acts was too gud.especially tat police wala act in chinki’s engagement nd wen he came to know abt twinkle’s marriage fixed with kunj,he was so curious and behaved rudely with twinkle.one more thng wenever he plots against twinj and says some excuses to twinkle tat he did everything for their future.all these epis and cute moments of yuvi is unforgettable. Wen I came to know tat yuvi is actually a negative char I was little disappointed.BT still I started to love the other villiany face of yuvi.tat was not bad at all.I luv twiraj,BT after twinj were introduced,I luvd them.BT still I have a lot of craze and luv for yuvi.of course all the yuvi or zain fans could not deny it,right?

  8. Ruchi

    I totally agree with you… Zain is an awsum actor… He suits in ve as well as in -ve character very well… I have seen his first show ky2 ,He was superb in that… And ur analysis is ekdum perfect about Zain…

  9. Sanu

    Hey zain fan, i totally agree with u … I am kunj fan but then to i love zain but not uv … Zain is so smart, he is playing his role so smoothly in TEI… And yes no one can play uv’s role so smoothly other than Zain…

  10. Sanu

    Hey zain fan, i totally agree with u … I am kunj fan but then to i love zain but not uv … Zain is so smart, he is playing his role so smoothly in TEI… And yes no one can play uv’s role so smoothly other than Zain… :*:*8)

  11. Sanu

    Hey zain fan, i totally agree with u … I am kunj fan but then to i love zain but not uv … Zain is so smart, he is playing his role so smoothly in TEI… And yes no one can play uv’s role so smoothly other than Zain… :*:*8). …..

  12. Sanu

    Hey by the way which role he was playing in kyy … I mean -ve or positive role … And what name

  13. Aarti

    Hey I too m a zain fan..not jabra fan types but I love his acting..he looks nice in both +ve n -ve characters..n he looks great wid Mahi too..if later in tei he turns+ve,he n Mahi would be an awesome cute n adorable couple

    • zain fan

      do u really think so?? may b bt acc to me mahi’s char doesnt match wid yuvi ..i mean he is so smart nd cute bt mahi is more of a typical girl…anyways diff people diff thnking..

      • Aarti

        Wid d passage of time, mahi’s look will change..may be.. Coz I don’t think dat uv’s partner will b changed cos Mahi luvd Uv truly

      • zain fan

        i agree wid sanam..i liked vinnie so much..bt idk y ths mahi is like ths..nyways thnx Aarti 4 ur views we r hoping 4 the best!

      • Sanam

        All I meant is that mahi’s role seems to b an fiction 4 me
        I mean to say a girl who is brought up in London how can she b sm1 having no word called courage in their dictionary
        Atleast that fact cd b ignored but hw can she b an typical behenji !!!! Ie not possible

  14. Chandra

    Hi everyone . I also agree with this . I hate uv but like Zain . He is so cute and handsome . And he also has agreat role in tei . Without him it wouldnt be so interestinga . Thanx to him and to u to make everyone understand that we dont dislike Zain .

  15. zain fan

    okk i see all the twinj lovers have commented…bt where r the crazy zain fans who claim to be his biggest fans?

  16. Ritzi

    Ya the above article is absolutely correct… Zain’s looks and acrings were important in the beginning of this serial to drag more viewers which he did so perfectly it was zain’s hardwork that tei is on this stage today.

  17. Rashi verma

    Love zain….he was in DPS greater noida….even i am in the same school…..so proud of him…zain imam zindabad…..

  18. snehal

    the above article is correct……by the starting of show i love the role of uv bt afterwards ihate him bcoz he turn -ve……bt i love zain…he is just superb,,cute n handsome………

  19. loveleen

    actually zain fan u r ryt where r the crazy zain imam aka uv’s fans who fought wid us lyk we did smthng to him……???

  20. sudha

    me too a jain fan and i am egerly waiting to see a changed uvi i love zai’s twiraj ff equally as that of all twinj ffs and i am delighted if any ff shows him in a positive role but unfortunately in many of them he turns negative for the story to contnue and
    no doubt i am a big……………fan of twinj but i equally love yuvi (zain imaM) and i declare my self as zain fan and equally sid and jasmin’s fan i am just a tashan e ishq fan

  21. tara

    okk okay.. i got u all wt hppnd? surprised? well simi u were right its me…
    thanx 4 cmnting evry1..

    • Sanam

      Omg I had no idea o it
      But ya thanks 4 introducing this topic
      It’s always bette to smtimes deviate to other topics
      It’s so surprising to know that there r many zain fans as well

    • Muskan{News reporter}

      Its awesome di…. i am just fan of ur writing. u write so nicely that any1 would become ur writing fan anf congrats 73 comments di.????

    • sudha

      i hv no idea that it is by u tara but i should hv guessed as only you can write such wonderful topics any way thank u sooo much for ur article i think many uv fans(who r used to commnt in a negative way)will get it now

      • tara

        thanks di for ur compliment,,,bt without all of ur support this article wouldnt have succeeded….so thanks alot..nd yeah those stupid ppl will get it now.. 😉

  22. Saranya

    like most of the people i hate uvi completely, but zain is amazing. he plays his role so well.

  23. prapti

    I read it just now & needed no clue to understand that it was written by u…and ya like everyone I luv zain…he’s done justice to his role no matter however that was…he’s sooo cute & handsome & I really wonder where r d gr8 fanz of him???!!!

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