Yuvi’s master plan.


Hello guys Maya here and as promised I’ve found an upcoming twist that I’ve decided to share with you guys……………
So far we have been shown that kunj has got anemia and is unable to find a blood donor. The doctor then tells Twinkle that yuvi is the only donor. This puts Twinkle into a huge problem.
Yuvi’s master plan
It turns out that kunj isn’t suffering from anemia and it’s all yuvi’s plan to get Twinkle back. Unfortunately twinj have already got stuck in his plan but will they be able to get out? Will kunj be able to save his lady luck and love and will Twinkle be able to save her knight in shining armour?

And guys if I find anymore news I will not hesitate to share it with you guys, so keep watching.
And also I would like to praise a couple of ff writers so well done pari, ritzi, crazy and loveleen keep continuing ur ffs as they’re amazing. Sorry if ur names not here but ur all amazing.

Credit to: Mayatwinjfan

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  1. i was havng a feeling that kunj is fyn….jus want nw that twinj soon realises uvs plan…

  2. thank u maya for informing

  3. Omg thank u soo much maya… i felt so relieved now… thank u for the update all the best… ???

  4. Yes….i also know that recently….and now i know everything will be fine.and twinj will find out uvi’s dirty plan and solve the problem….?and i am happpy my sid/kunj is all right

  5. First of all thanks for sharing this need n secondly glad that u r enjoying my FF
    Lots f love buddy.

  6. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    ohhh…u m too much realieved now…thanks maya for news…..

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