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Yuvani, a unique story, part 4


Suhani came back to Birla house, thankfully!
Loved the smile which appeared on Yuvraj’s face when he saw her! It was so sweet!
Then he acted bitter, well because Soumya was looking at the necklace which Yuvraj bought for Soumya, well Suhani thought that he was angry on her, but it was evident that he was not very nary, but yes he was not fully fine. (8 December 2014).

Suhani’s way to cheer Yuvraj was sweet, firstly she sang and danced around him, but it didn’t work, Then she knelt down in front of him, holding her ears and closing her eyes, that too didn’t work because he felt from there, and she found Ramesh in front of her instead of Yuvraj. Sharad teased her. Then she went to him with his favourite fruits, when he was playing, but accidenty made him fall on mud, his face was worth watching, he looked cute. He had mud on him, and she watered him. It was funny again. But her next try was successful, even though not in the way she and Sharad thought it would be, she blackened her face with smoke, while removing the carrot out the smoke pipe of his vintage car, which She and Sharad kept there to impress him! He laughed at her face and then they had nice time there, he pouring water on her. They looked cute together. She justified herself and the fact that he doesn’t want to stay angry with her made things easy for her. (9 dec 2014)
The kabadi match that b*t*h made Suhani in Srivastav team, and made Soumya with Birlas! Loved Suhani’s dream and the scene after that, for she fell over him and they had nice argument, it was nice. So does the scene at the ground, where they both challenged each other! Cute. Saurab got out by Suhani, when Yuvraj teased him on that he told that she is not a normal girl, but his wife, loved the way Yuvraj looked at her! And then, the way he caught her, wow such a sweet scene. Loved their eye lock, Bhavna said right, she forgot everything seeing him, romance in front of the whole family!! Loved her don’t care attitude, she is so cute. (from 13 dec 2014)
Dadi instigated Yuvraj saying that Suhani injured Soumya, b*t*h, loved the way Suhani clarified the things, that she is not bothered with winning or losing, that she was happy as he was in front of her, and he was happy. God this girl, she loves him like anything, her love is pure gold! Her acting like a nosey wife was funny, questioning him when he said that he won’t stay long at the party. Well Yuvraj that is how most the wives behave and you are very lucky to get her.

Then the party, they looked adorable together, and thankfully they were able to perform together, loved the way both looked at each other, their love was visible.
Then Soumya’s accident, God, it was sad to see Suhani crying, and happy to see Yuvraj’s concern for her. (18 dec 2014)
Suhani asked Soumya to go away, well, I was glad by her decision, but as Yuvraj said there had to be a reason, and it was conformed when she avoided him, loved his concern for her. He was sure that she was not at guilt, loved his faith in her, and he was adamant to prove her innocent and she was adamant that she won’t say a thing. But he got to know the truth with Sharad’s help, loved the way he held her when Soumya pushed her. How dare she? She is staying at Suhani’s house, she is not a member there, how long will she stay there, one day or other she had to leave and she was behaving like it is her house. Now that she got new people around her, she forgot what her friend was, Suhani always stood by her side and she failed to understand her. Loved the way Yuvraj confronted her, wow Yuvraj!! Suhani is such a sweetie, to save him, she took the whole blame on herself, and proved again that she is blessing for him.
Yuvraj gifted her bell, wow, loved their convo, she gave him task to smile, it was funny, Botox queen again interfered, loved Yuvani convo after that, where she asked not to complain against Krishna, it was nice. They held each other’s hand unknowingly! It was a lovely scene. (24 dec 2014)
The net scene was cute, where Suhani rang the bell, Yuvraj came in the same time and Suhani thought that she is dreaming, their convo was nice, he tickled her, and then their eye lock! It was a sweet scene. (25 dec 2014)
And Soumya, no words can explain her, she stooped so low! She gifted Suhani that dress to know her relation with Yuvraj, cheapster, how she even thought of doing something that cheap! God, I hated her from that moment. Idiot!
Poor Suhani felt sad seeing her dream sequence, where she imagined him confessing his feeling, it showed how longing she was, and still for his sake she remained silent, patient. She is so nice! Loved it, when Yuvraj said that he likes her muddy face and that make up don’t suits her!! Wow!! (26 dec 2014)

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  2. Thanks a lot Di for posting and mentioning the episode’s telecast date. I watched the episodes too along with reading your impressions on them.. It was really super fun.. Loved reminiscing yuvani memories.. Episode was too good. Your description is awesome.

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      Thank you dear

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