Yuvani, a unique story, part 3

Soumya staying at Birla house was just not acceptable, but what to do!
I loved nok-jok Yuvani had after Suhani prepared food, he was concerned for her and she had to lie to him, to save her bestie. Anyway thankfully he found out that who cooked the food, and by that realised the characters of the two girls. Loved Yuvraj Sharad convo, Yuvraj was not ready to accept that he can love her. The convo Yuvani had after that started off nicely, both arguing cutely, but ended in a different node, I mean everything was fine for Suhani, she had her husband and friend by her side, but he, he was dying in guilt, felt sad for him, poor fellow!
Dadi started her work, face of the year, my foot! But it was happy to see that Suhani became lime light because of Yuvraj, her tag line! Yuvani were amazing there, her tag line amazing, so does his support and belief on her.
The three evils started their work to separate Yuvani, joint account! That was bitter one, Yuvraj yelled at her and poor Suhani she was very sad! And then the party, even though he was angry with Suhani, Yuvraj didn’t ant her to stay alone at home, it was evident from his face, and Soumya what type of a friend she is, even after Pratima mentioning about Suhani being alone and sad, she didn’t stay back, stupid girl!

Poor Suhani, she tried to mend her relation, and Shard as always stood by her side, they entered the party at the right time, wow! Suhani is such a cutie, after everyone’ insistence, she refused to dance because she knows that he is annoyed with her, sweetie. And he loved the way he held her hands and danced with her, it was a beautiful one! They looked adorable together.
Anyway that issue ended soon. Suhani made a photo frame out of broken mirror, innovative, it is an answer or that old hag’s stupid advice to Soumya! But that girl, she didn’t understand it. Loved the cricket, our cupid always ready to protect or cover our love birds. But funny thing was that Suhani interrupted it in some other way!
Then the devils came up with a cruel plan, they tried to harm Pratima? How can you play with someone’s health, for whatever reason it is? Evil!! God, that was the saddest phase, I was almost in tears, when Yuvraj Yelled at Suhani, and he broke her gift, poor thing, she had to pay for something of which she would never even imagine in her worst dreams! He didn’t even let her meet Pratima that was harsh! Sharad you are such a sweetie, you consoled her!
Suhani tolerated his anger, and she tried to prove her right, hate you Menka, you are such a cheapster, well better than you ideal Dadi though, anyway things got worse between Yuvani, and then they went to Suhani’s home, were that old hag made Suhani stay there, by using Lata.

Loved that night scene, where both of them kept pillows in between, in their respective rooms, and thought of the other. Suhani is innocent was ever, the best thing was he called her before she could. She talked so innocently, and he, she is right, he is a Sadu, all he could say was to ask about his head phones!
Is Soumya out of mind or what? How can she go to his room, that too at early morning, shameless. It was nice to see that Yuvraj got habitual to Suhani by then, for he thought it was Suhani who entered. That was nice. Loved their phone convo.

The pooja, God, that Botox queen what was she up to, what does think of relations? Of marriage?? It is never a game, so as to play with it, she want Yuvraj’s sindoor fall on Soumya?? Seriously?? You ugly woman!! Alas, you don’t the power of marriage, the vows and more importantly of true love. Suhani prayed for her relation with true mind and she was answered, you stupid plan flopped, all thanks to Sharad and Snoopy. Sharad, what can I say about you, just one thing ,without you, Yuvani might not have been there, you are really the base for them, the best cupid ever!!
Soumya, shameless, how could she try to get close to Yuvraj?? The best scene was the one where Yuvraj shouted on Soumya when she made his wedding pic fall down. Wow Yuvraj!! That was superb, loved him there, and her salad got waste, yes! Here Suhani was thinking of him alone, poor thing, again her brother to came her.
Loved the way Pratima explained Yuvraj and sent him Suhani. And Lata asking Yuvani to make her nani, wow it was cute scene, loved their embarrassment! But he felt without even talking to her?? That was not done!
He is such a Sadu, that he didn’t take her along, but loved it, him thinking of her and missing her, and by this he proved that he is not to take first step, because he kept thinking why can’t she come home her own, and why did she need his approval. But the hidden thing is that he accepted that Birla house is hers and she doesn’t want anyone’s approval to come there, to her house. Alas, our Sadu Kumar did not understand the meaning of his acceptance, he accepted his wife by heart and was not realising it.

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  1. Superb one Di.. U r very talented. The way u described everything stole my heart.. I am turning addictive to this. And please mention the days on which the episodes were telecasted too.. If I am not troubling u too much.

    1. Yuvani

      Sure dear, I will do it from the next part,
      Thank you

  2. Superb fantastic no words.. Continue continue..

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      Thank you dear

  3. Superb…

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