YuvAni Two Shot- Reunion (Part-2)


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He kept asking me to put as many allegations on him as I wanted.. Somewhere, my ego was satisfied; but that wasn’t what I always wanted!!
He said- damn it speak up..
I said in between my sobs- fine.. Ur first fault…was that u told me to go away…when I needed u the most.. When our children needed both of us..
I knew he was hurt, but whatever I said was the truth, the bitter truth..
He said- aur??
I said- ur second fault- u told me to go away from u, but…
I closed my eyes and more tears flowed than before..
He asked- but what…?
I cupped his face gently and said- but u never left my heart, my mind, my thoughts.. U were always there.. Every minute, every second.. Every moment!!


Finally.. The moment was there.. She kept her ego aside and told me how much she loved me.. How much she missed me in the last six years.. My ears wanted to hear more from her..
Our eyes were teary but we smiled too..
She continued smiling- ur third fault…
I interrupted frowning- so u’r not done yet..
She smiled slightly..
I looked upwards and said- then continue..
She said- it was my fault that I left u and walked away, but u’r ready to be blamed for that.. Why yuvraj??
She tightened her fists and started hitting on my chest..
I smiled, as I hadn’t expected that suhani devi would say that..
We had an intense eye-lock.. Multiple emotions were there in the eyes of both- love, pain, passion, desire, unspoken words, and lots more!!

I wiped her tears and caressed her hair..
I said- coz I want my suhani back.. I don’t mean that I have problems with ur putting make-up or wearing designer dresses.. I know u’r used to all these since years and now they are like a part of ur identity.. I respect it and don’t wana ruin it.. But I can expect u to become that suhani again, whose smile was never fake.. Who never lied to herself.. Who loved me the most, beyond everything..

She looked on and said arguing- oh really? U mean, now I love somebody in my life more than u??
I said- yes..
Hearing the word ‘yes’, she immediately said- no yuvraj.. I never loved sambhav..
I interrupted- suhani I’m not talking about sambhav, but yuvaan..
I looked away..


I felt guilty!!
I looked at him.. He seemed frustrated as I talked about sambhav..
I said- yu…
He interrupted turning around- u don’t know suhani.. How I used to feel whenever that cheap guy…
He fumed and continued- used to lay his dirty hands over u…with his evil intentions.. Whenever u performed rituals together.. Whenever he enjoyed…
He stopped..
I wanted to know what made him so insecure!!
I asked- enjoyed what yuvraj??
He said without turning towards me- the rights of being ur husband!!

I couldn’t believe my ears.. I found it very difficult to digest his words..

I turned him around angrily to make him face me and said- which rights are u talking about, yuvraj? What the hell is wrong with u?
He didn’t look at me, but sideways..
I continued- its true that I married him, but I never accepted him as my husband by heart.. He was legally my husband, but emotionally and physically, I was always urs.. And will always be!!


I looked into her eyes.. Her pain was clearly visible.. I could feel what she went through when she was told that I married soumya after she left..
I just hugged her as tightly as I could, without giving a second thought.. I didn’t care what she would say or think of me..
I said- I’m so sorry suhani.. Please forgive me..
She too apologised..
We remained wrapped into each others’ arms for a few mins.. I wished if time could stand still!!

As we slowly broke the hug, she surprised me by planting a gentle kiss on my right cheek.. I was kinda ‘happily shocked’.. I raised my brows.. My wife had turned flirty.. Not bad, if its only for me, of course!!


We smiled.. He looked so happy by heart after years.. It wasn’t fake at all, nor mine.. Finally, I got my Sadu Kumar and my kids back..
I said in a harsh tone- yuvraj, u’r a disgusting father..
He got tensed hearing this..
He asked in a concerned tone- what happened suhani? Did I commit any mistake?
I said- yes.. How can u be jealous of ur own son, just coz I love him more than u?
He gave a sigh of relief..
Seeing his condition, I laughed and continued to do..
He smiled.. I noticed he was staring at me..
He held my hand and pulled me closer.. Our noses touched.. Our lips were hardly an inch apart.. We were breathing faster.. Our heartbeats were racing.. I didn’t even realise when I stopped laughing..
I felt shy and he knew it..
I looked down at the floor..
He said- laugh.. Laugh as much as u want..
I said a lil nervously- leave me yuv.. Somebody will see..
He shook smiling, meaning no..

He was unwilling to leave me, and to be honest, I was enjoying it..
He said- if someone comes, u tell that it wasn’t ur fault that I held u..
Saying that, he winked at me..
I slapped him softly on his cheek and said- I need to leave..
I begged him but he didn’t budge..
He said- first u answer my question.. Whom do u love the most in ur life?
I said happily- my kids..
He frowned and asked- then?
I replied in normal tone- maa, papa, mummy, sharad bhaiya, Bhawana di, golu…


She continued to take everyone’s name, but mine was nowhere.. I felt irritated and thought, ‘if I didn’t stop her, then even her ramesh bhaiya, driver bhaiya, dhobi bhaiya, paperwale bhaiya, doodhwale bhaiya, sabziwale bhaiya, and many other bhaiyas would make their way in the list of her loved ones.. Its better I stop her and make her accept that she loves me the most..’

I just shouted- arey stop it yaar.. I don’t wana know more.. I looked here and there, and then at her..
She was constantly looking at me and trying to suppress her smile.. But I got it..
I asked- what? Don’t stare at me like that..


I silently enjoyed his impatience.. And probably he knew it.. He looked sooo cute..
I said messing his hair- if I wana stare at my halki daadhi bikhre baal, do u have any problem?
He smiled and replied- go and stare ur son, whom u love the most..
I gritted my teeth..
He turned around, walked two steps and then stopped..


I receieved another exciting shock when she held my hand, pulled me and finally hugged me from behind..
I smiled unknowingly and said- suhani leave me..
She replied- I won’t.. Did u leave me when I begged u? By the way, my list of loved ones is incomplete yet.. Coz till nowI didn’t tell u the name of the one who is above all for me..
I thought- now she will tell about some relative..
I said- fine, say..
She asked- sure? Please don’t get angry..
I said- I won’t..
And I smiled with the hope that she would confess.. My eyes were like almost ready to spark..
She said- its none other than my Sadu Kumar..
I frowned on hearing that name, but enjoyed as well..
I turned around to face her.. Our faces shined..
I said- I’m not Sadu.. I’m my kids’ papa, the best papa..
She laughed and said- ok, Papa Kumar..

I said- if u really love me, u will have to say it once..
She blushed and called me shameless.. I accepted I was, but I wanted to hear it..
She finally said- I love you yuvraj..


I felt somebody pulling my ear.. I looked on and found it was Bhawana di.. Maa, pa bhaiya and kids were also there..
I screamed in pain and said- di.. Please leave..
Yuv- Bhawana what’s this? Pull with more force.. She always taunts me for my nose, now I will taunt her for her ear..
All laughed..
I said- I’ll see u later..
He replied- sure.. I’ll always be there for u..
I frowned at him..
Di left my ear and said- when I asked u whether u love him or not, u said no.. And now…
I tried to look away..
Maa- I’m very happy for both of u..
She demanded our remarriage.. We agreed..
Pa bhaiya congratulated us..

Kids (in chorus)- yayy.. Now we will always be together.. We will sleep with our mumma-papa..
Hearing this, yuv’s smile disappeared..
Maa and shawana laughed silently.. And me too..
I thought of pulling his leg..
I asked- yuv, did u like their idea?
He tried to say no through gestures and also to refuse them..
I said- yuv I don’t understand gestures.. Speak in words..
Yuv felt shy..
Pa bhaiya- guru, u don’t blush.. Kids said what I told them to say..
He winked at yuv..
Yuv- I won’t leave u sharad..
Pa bhaiya ran out of the room.. Yuv chased him till the door and returned..
Maa left with di and kids..
Di wished us all the best from the door and locked it from outside..

We were left alone in the room, standing at some distance..
He walked towards me and said- my confession is yet to be done..
I said- ya, but I would be happier if u include bachchan sahab’s dialogue too..
He held my hands and said- I love you too suhani..
I smiled..
He continued- its not only difficult, but also impossible to get hold of Don.. And it’s beyond impossible to separate Yuvraj and Suhani!!

*****THE END*****

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  4. Jigaysa

    It was just awesome and it was a very sweet story

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    Owwww wow… It was adorable… Wonderfully portraywd… Really really wish that we could see this onscreen

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    1. NAPSHa J

      Part-3 isn’t possible suchi..

  11. awesome…………….napashaj yaar is woderful and a very lovely epi .i really love each and every line ,but it is sad that u end this … i wish this epi come in show it will nice to see… this epi is full of all emotions of our yuvani …i wish they reunite soon in show also. ur a wonderful writer and i really loved ur all ffs .i’m waiting for ur new ff …

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      Will be back with my new ff after my exams.. 🙂

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    I’m overwhelmed by ur comments guys.. Thanks a lot.. 🙂 🙂

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