YuvAni Two Shot- Reunion (Part-1)


YuvAni TS- Reunion

Hi guys its me NAPSHa, and herez a two-shot ff on the love birds’ reunion.. I don’t know when will I update the second part, may be after my exams but I will surely do it only if I receive sufficient comments.. And I mean it.. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ its a lengthy one so I can expect few lines from each one of u.. I’m not into the habit of replying to each comment separately, but they mean a lot to me.. So do share ur reviews.. Criticisms and suggestions will also be accepted..

All the culprits were exposed.. Fake dadi, sambhav and soumya were arrested as soumya joined hands with them after knowing the truth.. Sambhav snatched a constable’s revolver and tried to kill yuv but suhani came in between and was hospitalised.. Dadi has accepted suhani after all that happened.. When suhani was discharged, she was brought to BH.. Everyone took care of her.. After a week, she recovered..


I was in my room, thinking about all that happened.. I couldn’t understand what to do.. I mean, how to start my new life.. With my kids, with suhani.. Will she accept me back? Is she willing to spend the rest of her life with me? I recalled the way she saved my life by sacrificing hers.. I looked upwards.. I decided to talk to her once..
I went towards her room.. I collided with sharad on the way..
Sh- guru, where are u going?
I stammered- ummm…. I was looking for Bhawana..
Sh- oh.. Shez with suhani bhabhi.. Come..
He winked at me..
I didn’t react to it..


I was packing my bag when di entered the room..
Bh- what’s this suhani?
I said- I think, I should leave today.. So I was just……
Hearing that, she gave a shocking look..
Bh interrupted- what? Again u wana leave ur kids? Ur family?
I held her hands and said- no di.. I’m not leaving anyone.. We will meet in weekends..
Bh- and what about yuv? Didn’t u think about him?
I looked at her.. She was already looking into my eyes.. I couldn’t maintain eye-contact so I looked away..
Bh- speak up suhani..
I replied a lil rudely- why should I think about him? Hez just my kids’ father.. Nothing more than that..
Bh- oh really? Don’t u love him anymore?
I stood like a statue not knowing what to say..
I went to our days of love and recalled few moments.. As I closed my eyes, a teardrop made its way..
Di turned me around and yelled- look into my eyes suhani, and tell that u don’t love him anymore..
She repeated her words..
I said to myself- no.. I don’t love him.. No.. Its not true..
I replied- no di.. I don’t!!

She said angrily- wah suhani.. Today ur ego has become so important for u that relations have no value in ur life.. Tell me something, why did u save yuv’s life?
I said- why are u blaming me di? Did u forget that he told me to go away from him? He was the one who broke all ties with me? I know di, now u will say that he was angry.. So what? Is he the only person on earth who can say or do anything when hez angry? Did he even think what I went through? A pregnant woman needs her husband the most.. And yuv left me alone in the most wanted moment.. We can’t be together now..
Di said in a very low voice- I don’t believe this.. My sis is saying all these.. Fine.. U do whatever u want..
I tried to explain her.. But she stepped out of the room..


My face was smeared with tears after hearing the sisters’ convo.. Sharad tried to console me, but I left..
I went into my room and slammed the door angrily.. Suhani’s words echoed in my mind again and again.. I was sweating.. I looked around.. My eyes fell on my reflection in the mirror..
It said to me- suhani doesn’t love u.. U’r a loser.. As a husband.. And as a father too.. Hahahaha..
I angrily picked up a vase and smashed the mirror..
I was completely broken from inside.. I knelt down and cried as hard as I could..

Suddenly I felt a hand over my shoulder.. I turned to see.. It was sharad.. He sat beside me..
I said- stay away from me sharad.. Go away.. I am a loser.. A failure.. I have nothing today..
Sharad tried to console me saying its nothing like that.. But I knew the truth..
I continued- u know sharad, I thought today I will bring my suhani back into my life.. But shez bent on walking away.. Today she will leave BH and tomorrow she will leave Allahabad.. Once again she wana ruin my life.. I hate her sharad.. I hate her..
I placed my face over his chest and cried..
He pacified me and said- I know how much u…….hate her guru.. U calm down..
I wiped my tears..
Sh- u know guru, in the last six years, suhani bhabhi has changed her attitude.. She doesn’t show her feelings, her emotions.. U tell me, why didn’t she let another man, or say sambhav, replace u in her life? Why did she take the bullet which was fired for u? She loves u guru..
I looked on with a ray of hope..

Sh- guru, she won’t approach u, as u know my stubborn sis, but if u can, I will help u..
I stood up and said- for suhani, her giant ego is most important.. But I’m not like her.. I’m ready..
He shared an idea.. We hugged each other..

Sharad called Bhawana and asked her to come.. She came with the kids..
Yuvaan- papa, why were u crying?
I said in a sad tone- coz ur mumma scolded me..
Yuvani- but why?
I said- u know ur mumma na.. She gets angry over silly things..
My son nodded..
I asked him- champ, did she scold u in the past six years?
He replied- yes, but only when I used to ask about my dad..
I smiled a lil seeing my kids..

Bhawana asked the kids to do what she had told them.. They left.. I thanked her for supporting me while talking to suhani..
She started beating me on my arms for hearing their convo.. We went to shawana’s room..

The kids dragged and brought suhani there.. We had an eye-contact..
Yuvaan- papa plz tell me that story..
I replied- which one?
Yuvaan- the one which u used to tell yuvani when I wasnt here..
I said- ok.. Once there was a princess who loved everyone.. She had no grudges, no complaints.. She was so full of life.. One day she met her prince.. He was an angry young man.. And she fell in love with him.. But he was oblivious of it.. One day they got married.. With time, the prince too fell for her.. Their love was eternal.. But one day, due to circumstances, the prince angrily told her to go away from him forever.. And she left.. Their love grew stronger, and so their egos.. They met after years.. But….

Throughout the story, I didn’t make eye-contact with suhani, but I was watching her from the corner of my eye..


I was into tears.. After hearing each line said by him, I recalled a moment related to it..
When he stopped, yuvaan asked him- but what papa? Did they reunite?
We had a painful eyelock for a few secs, then I looked away..
Yuv- what do u think? How should their story end?
Yuvaan- they should reunite.. We angry on those whom we love..
Yuv- exactly.. But the stubborn princess……

I yelled at him- stop it yuv.. Enough is enough.. And yuvaan, now they will never reunite..
Saying that, I walked out of the room..
I went to my room and slammed the door angrily..
Di’s question whether I still love him echoed in my mind.. I felt disgusted.. I shut my ears with my palms.. My face was smeared with tears.. I was sweating..
Suddenly I heard yuv’s voice from behind- Suhani…..
I turned around and shouted- I don’t love yuvra……..

He was standing at the door.. Our eyes met.. He came inside..
I looked away..
Yuv- who asked u whether u love me or not? And why are u overreacting?
I said- don’t act smart yuv.. U were telling our story to the kids.. Right?
Yuv- no.. But if u feel so, I can’t help it..
I said- I know u were indirectly trying to tell me that I was wrong..
I folded my hands and said- Fine.. I accept my mistake.. And so I’m leaving today..


I grabbed her arms and said angrily- no suhani.. I won’t let u ruin my life again.. Enough is enough.. U have no right to play with our feelings..
She tried to say something, but I didn’t let her speak..
I continued- if u had to leave me again, why the hell did u come back??
I realised she too was equally hurt.. She closed her eyes but tears continued to flow..
I wiped them off and said as softly as I could- its time to sort out all the mess between us.. And if u want, u can blame me for all that we had suffered.. I won’t mind!!

PRECAP: Re-confession, Re-union and a lil more.. πŸ™‚

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    NAPASHA. OH MY GOD. This entire epi was filled with so much emotion! My heart was overflowing. WE NEED TO SEE THIS ON TV. Because It. Was. Great.

  2. words r not sufficient to describe this epi yaar …. each and every line is filled with emotions yuvani . i really loved it very much it was awesome i’m waiting for same epi to be come on TV .ur just amazing and wonderful writer. plz continue and update soon the part 2 i’m eagerly waiting.

  3. Manya

    Killer ????

  4. Shilpa-Saraj

    Awwwww.. This was really epic.. Hv no words Napsha…. Each and every line captured their emotions perfectly… I could see tgem in front of my eyes.. It actually felt like reality… Felt very sad for both our yuvAni… I had tear drops in my eyes… Dude… Eagerly waiting for your next update…

  5. its really superbbbbbbb napsha… it just satisfy yuvani fans who want jaldi reunion… cvs should take class from u.. i dont knw cvs plan to reunion n wat way… ur ff also gvs freshness to watch ssel..for reunion.. update next soon..

  6. Ruksy

    This is exactly what needs to be seen on TV please updates soon.

  7. Aqsxxh

    Hit! Super HIT! Napsha! I missed your work, hopefully your exams are going well! Keep on going! πŸ˜€ x Amazing x

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thanks a lot aqsaah.. πŸ™‚ my exams haven’t started yet..

  8. you come back

  9. NAPSHa J

    Thanks for ur reviews guys.. I don’t know when will I update it.. So have patience.. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  10. Awesome.. Awesome.. Awesome.. My words may fall less of describing this one.. And I am so happy to have you back on TU..pls do post the next one soon..

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thanks farhat.. πŸ™‚

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