YuvAni TS – Laal Ishq (Shot-3)

Hi guys.. Sorry to keep u waiting.. Herez the last shot..



I pulled her closer.. Our noses touched.. Her hair fell over her face.. But I could see her eyes.. She was looking down.. Her eyes were closed.. I slowly tucked her hair behind her ear.. Whenever I had been that close to her, it made me realize how badly I needed her and wanted her..

I held her closer.. And closer.. We could hear each others’ heartbeat.. I lifted up her face to make her meet my gaze.. I looked at her and was trying to look away..
I kissed her ear and whispered therein- suhani.. U’r beautiful.. The most beautiful girl..
Saying that, I broke the hug to see that expression on her face..

She was smiling secretly and I was aware of it.. I too smiled..
I said- since the day u came into my life, u changed everything, including me.. I learnt to live life from u.. Whenever u smile, I feel everything is fine.. Whenever u’r with me, I feel like I’ve got everything in life.. Whenever u stand by my side in difficult times, I feel like the most confident person on earth, like no difficulty will last long.. Why is it suhani? I never thought I would see this day when my eyes will look for u, when u would be the oxygen I need to breathe, when my heart would beat for u, when my life would revolve around u..


I felt like either he was drunk or I was dreaming.. I closed my eyes..
He said- its not a dream suhani.. Open ur eyes..
My eyes turned brim.. And finally tears of joy made their way..
He wiped them and said with a slight smile- no more tears.. From now on, I wana see that spark of joy in ur eyes which was there before..

I slowly freed myself from his hold.. I was in a dilemma.. He didn’t say that what I was waiting to hear.. I thought if he would say it or I should leave..
I looked at him and asked- whats our relation yuvraj? Are we friends forever?
He replied- no suhani.. Our relation can’t be defined or limited by a word..
I said- still I wana know.. What’s our relation?
He replied- if I’m life, u’r the breath.. That’s our relation.. I love u suhani.. I love u..

I was on cloud nine.. I hugged him immediately.. My heart begged for him.. He too hugged me back..


Finally I was relieved of a burden.. I could feel her hands running all over my back..

After a few minutes, she broke the hug..
Her face was smeared with tears; of joy or of pain, I didn’t know.. She stared at me for a few secs, and then turned around.. I was waiting for her reply.. But she walked away!!

I deserved that.. I turned around and regretted for my behaviour with her in the past.. I decided to give her time.. Suddenly I felt like being beaten on my leg from behind..
I screamed- ouchh……
It was suhani with a twig in her hand.. She was standing like a strict warden.. She raised her eyebrows twice looking at me..
I asked- why are u beating me suhani? What did I do now?

She replied- that’s the problem yuvraj birla.. U didn’t do anything..
She started beating again; twice and thrice..
I screamed again..
She threw the twig and said- does somebody take this long to confess his love? I don’t wana talk to u.. U go away..
Saying that, she turned around.. She stood crossing her arms around her chest.. I smiled.. I knew she was pulling my leg.. She wanted me to pamper her..

I said- okk madam.. I’m sorry.. Plz forgive me..
She looked at me.. I held my ears..
She freed my ears from my hold and hugged me back once again..
I said- u didn’t reply yet..
She asked- do I still need to?
I nodded..
She whispered into my ear- I love u too yuvraj.. U don’t know since how long I’ve been waiting for this day..
I caressed her hair and apologised to her.. She smiled.. We were still wrapped in each others’ arms..
I said- now its my responsibility that only happiness kisses ur feet.. I love u..
She said- say it again..
I obeyed.. She asked again.. I obeyed again.. She asked again..
I said- just wait a minute..

I came back after five mins and said- u need this..
She saw it and said frowning- ear buds??
I said- yes.. Clean ur ears so that I don’t need to repeat my words..
She was staring at me.. I laughed.. She took the pack from my hands, faked a broad smile and threw the packet on my chest..
She said- now I’ll tell u..
She picked up the twig.. I folded my hands and begged, but she started to chase me.. I ran and ran..


The fifth round began.. I didn’t care if I win or lose.. I was already feeling like a winner in life.. I got my yuvraj.. He loved me.. I was very happy..

Once again, there was a tie between us, and both of us were declared as Miss Allahabad..
Yuvraj was called on the stage..
He came up and first apologized to the girls whom he had insulted last year.. That was a surprise for all..
Then he said- they told me that one day I’ll fall for an ordinary girl.. And yes.. (pointing towards me) There she is.. Shez the person who made me realize that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder..

The audience clapped.. I was very happy.. He accepted me as his wife in front of everyone.. He walked towards me and knelt down.. I just couldn’t control my happiness.. I was feeling like Cinderella..

He forwarded his hand and asked- suhani.. Will u hold my hand for lifetime?
People started cheering for us.. They all said in chorus- say yes..
I looked around and then at him.. He gestured towards his hand.. I smiled and gave my hand.. He kissed it.. People whistled and clapped..

The other girl came and said- congrats suhani.. U’r the real winner..
We hugged each other and became friends.. Yuvraj made me wear the crown.. He made me feel like his princess.. And then, hand in hand, we walked out of the auditorium to start our new life..

********THE END********

Guys I hope u enjoyed it.. 🙂
N yes, I’ll soon be back with the next epi of ‘Hai ishq mera kaamil’….

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  1. Woww..awesome confession. ..especially suhani beating yuvraj..that was hilarious. ..good job dear

  2. excellent confession very nice epi

  3. Yuvani

    Such a lovely epi it was…………!! After reading this I feel that I am not eligible to write, you are such an awesome writer…..

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear.. I’m saying, u’r a wonderful writer.. just due to xams I’m unable to read ur ff..

  4. Awesome confession

  5. superb confession .i like suhani beating yuvraj that was very funny and cute too. amazing writeer ,lvely ending.waiting for ur update of ff and for u.

  6. Samyukta

    Who both won???? Loved yuvraj s confession

    1. NAPSHa J

      suhani and the other girl with whom she had a tie

  7. Amazing epi..Beyond words..I am feeling very very happy after reading this..U r such an awesome writer napsha di..

  8. NAPSHa J

    thank u so much guys..

  9. Hi napsha.short and sweet ff.its sooooooo nice dear.we will be waiting fr ur next ff .


    It is possible to have words to describe after all that? Man napashi di… im bloewn away. So sorry for not commenting for so long… im so very busy with school. Thank you for still writing for us xxx

  11. awesome confession.

  12. NAPSHa J

    thanks a lot guys..

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