YuvAni TS – Laal Ishq (Shot-2)

Hi guys.. Thanks for ur response on the first shot..
This TS will have three-shots instead of two..
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I wiped my tears and recalled sharad showing me that video..


Sharad shows that party’s video to yuv.. He gets shocked.. He recalls su asking him about it next morning and his reply that he doesn’t remember anything.. He covers his mouth with his hand thinking how she must have felt..

Sh- think about her guru..
Frustrated yuv grabs sharad’s collar and asks- y didn’t u tell me about it before?
Sh frees himself from yuv’s hold and says- coz bhabhi told me not to tell u.. She didn’t want to force herself on u..
Yuv feels guilty.. Sh makes him understand the situation and his feelings for suhani..
Yuv tries to recall things, and finally recalls the shower scene too and cries thinking she stopped him unwillingly..
Sh consoles him..

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Water started to flow heavily when I again heard some footsteps.. I looked sideways.. And there she was..
I immediately smeared my face with the dirty water of the beach to hide from her what I was going through..

Suddenly she started laughing..
I looked at her and asked- what happened?
She somehow managed to speak in between her laughs and said- yuvraj birla is cleaning his face with dirty water.. So funny..
I then realised what I did..
I looked at the water again..
I touched my face and said- yuckkk!!!!!
She continued to laugh..
I looked at her and said- its all coz of u suhani.. Its ‘the suhani effect’..

She said- really..?? Then stay with me for some more days.. And I’ll teach u everything..
I walked a step towards her and asked- like?
She started- like playing with mud, dancing in the rain, eating without spoon/fork, enjoying junk food, and………
She started thinking..
I interrupted- and…..keeping the room dirty, getting into trouble by helping others.. And most important, living on samosas.. Right?
I smiled broadly..
She slapped me on my shoulder and said smiling- yuvrajjj…..
I interrupted- suhani.. To learn all that, I need to spend the rest of my life with u..
We had an eye-contact.. There was ackwardness too.. Nobody could tell looking at her that she was laughing a few secs ago..

I asked softly- what happened?
She replied- that’s not possible..
I looked on.. My mouth opened slightly..
She continued turning around- that’s not possible for u yuvraj.. When my presence or absence doesn’t make any difference for u, then….

I said- it makes difference suhani.. It makes a lot of difference..
She turned towards me..
I said- it hurts me, when u give priority to rohan and not me.. It hurts me, whenever I feel I don’t hold that special place in ur heart and in ur life anymore.. It hurts me, whenever u try to maintain distance between us.. It hurts me, whenever my presence makes u uncomfortable!!


I was speechless after hearing all that.. My heart told me that he was in love with me.. But my mind told its never gonna happen.. I couldn’t understand what he exactly meant.. What was he trying to say.. I looked to my left and right and again left..

I said- yuvrajjjjj… U’r right.. I maintain distance from u.. Coz we are friends.. And I don’t wana cross the line of our friendship..

He slowly walked towards me.. I slowly lifted up my face and looked at him.. He was already staring at me.. The distance between us continued to vanish with every step he walked towards me, but still I felt his heart was beyond my reach!!

We were standing less than an inch apart.. I couldn’t get what was he upto.. Cold winds started to blow..
I said stammering- yuv…..yuvraj…. U wanted to…..talk to me about something……
He suddenly grabbed me by my waist and pulled me closer..

PRECAP: Yuvi’s confession and some YuvAni moments..

Guys I hope all of u enjoyed it.. Ur reviews are awaited.. 🙂

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      even I wanted yuvi to know about it.. was desperate to see his reaction after that.. but our CVS.. horrible..

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