YuvAni TS – Laal Ishq (Shot-1)

Hi guys.. Its me, Napsha..
My exams are getting over soon.. 🙂
Yesterday I watched YuvAni’s scene of ‘Laal ishq’ epi and then couldn’t help writing.. ;p

Herez an two-shot on YuvAni for all YuvAni fans.. Hope u will like it..


After that awesome hug…


She turned to leave..
I called her name again.. She turned towards me..

(Bgm plays…….)

Jab tak tujhe pyar se
Beinteha main bhar na doon
Jab tak main duaaon sa
Sau dafa tujhe padh na loon

Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Mere saath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Woh oh o.. (x4)

I walked towards her and took out a bracelet from my pocket.. She looked at it and then we looked straight into each others’ eyes.. I took her hand and made her wear it..
She touched it and said- thanks.. But what was the need for………
I put my finger on her lips.. She looked down..
I said- every winner deserves something..
We smiled..
She asked- u really think I can win it?
I replied- suhani.. U will win it..
She looked sideways with shy..
I coughed and said- wherez my treat?
Su- tell me.. What do u wana have?
I replied frowning- not samosas..
We laughed..
I said- actually suhani…. I wanted to………tell u that…..

Just then, her phone rang.. That lawyer called her..
She said- yes rohan ji.. I’m coming in five mins..
I grinned.. I wished dadi hadn’t called him here..

Tum aa gaye baazuon mein mere
Sau sawere liye
Sau sawere liye
Haan baadalon se utaara gaya
Tumko mere liye
Sirf mere liye

Jab tak meri ungliyan
Tere baalon se kuch keh na le
Jab tak teri lehar mein
Khwaahishein meri beh na le

Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Mere sath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Woh oh o.. (x4)

I saw she was about to trip over Snoopy’s ball.. I called out her name loudly, held her wrist and pulled her towards me.. She screamed in fear and hugged me tight.. I too hugged her back.. Having her that close to me made my heart race.. She slowly broke the hug, and probably I knew why!!

She looked down, moved her hands away and slowly moved a step back..
She asked- u were saying something..
I replied- I need time to talk about it.. I will see u during break time..
She nodded smiling..

She turned around and left.. I watched her as she walked away.. I smiled.. My eyes fell on snoopy who was smiling looking at me.. It seemed like he was teasing me.. I walked towards him, knelt down and hugged him.. I recalled hugging suhani a few minutes ago and smiled..

I was driving.. Sharad was with me..
Sh- what happened guru? U seem thoughtful.. N u’r smiling..
Me- nothing sharad..
I smiled..
Sh- guru.. Whom do u think will be Miss Allahabad?
I replied instantly without thinking- Suhani……

We looked at each other.. His eyes were wide open..
I looked away..
Sh- I’ll show u a video..
He played it on his phone.. I was shocked..

After sometime….
Rohan and suhani reach the venue..
Su- thanks rohan ji..
Ro- mother India.. If u win, I want treat..
Su- okk sure.. Anything..
She walks inside.. Rohan takes out a ring from his pocket and looks at suhani through it.. Yuv and sh just enter.. They see him staring at the ring.. They look back to see but don’t find anyone.. They leave..

Su is in the green room.. She recalls the hug and all and smiles..
She says to herself- has yuv started to love me? Or its just his friendship?
She recalls the drunk scene and then the shower scene.. And then recalls yuv telling her that he couldn’t remember anything..
Her smile disappears..
Suddenly there’s a knock at the door.. She runs towards the door, opens it and says- yuvr…….
But nobody is there.. She checks left and right.. And a staff comes, hands over a bouquet to her and leaves before she asks him anything..

She touches the flowers and thinks who could have sent it.. She finds a letter in between the flowers.. She reads it-
“Meet me during the break.. I need to talk to u about something important.. Very important.. Don’t forget”

She looks at herself in the mirror and says- what does yuvraj want to talk about?

The competition begins.. One after the other, four rounds are held and su wins two.. There’s a tie.. Dadi and rags-men get irked..
Its announced that the winner will be the one who wins the fifth round.. Its to be held after the break..

Su looks at yuv and smiles.. He too smiles back.. Ro too smiles seeing her.. Everyone walk out of the auditorium for refreshment..

Soumya hugs suhani and says- I know u will win.. Not the other girl..
Yuv comes out and sees her.. Su too sees him.. Soumya breaks the hug and excuses herself as her phone rings..


I walked towards her.. She intertwined her finger.. It seemed she was kinda nervous..

I said- so.. Miss Allahabad..
She looked down with shy..
I placed my hands on her shoulders and said- suhani..
She looked at me..
I continued- actually I……. Shall we have coffee n talk?
She nodded smiling.. I forwarded my hand.. She looked at it.. And gave hers with hesitation..

I took coffee for both of us from the coffee machine.. And served her one..
She took it and thanked me..
Su- what will people think?
The chief guest is serving a contestant..?
I said with a slight smile- nope.. Not an ordinary contestant suhani.. But today’s winner..
We had an eye-lock..

Suddenly Ro appeared there..
I grinned seeing him..
He asked her- wherez my treat?
Su- treat? Rohan ji, the competition is not yet over..
Ro- but I know u will win.. And by the way, I need to talk to u about something very urgently..
Su- rohan ji… I……

She took me to a corner and said- yuvraj.. U wait for me outside.. I’ll talk to rohan ji and come..
I was hurt.. I no longer held that special place in her life.. I was just her friend.. I wasn’t her priority anymore..
I said in a soft voice- I’m sorry..

Suhani looked on.. I gave her a look and then stared daggers at that lawyer..
Su- yuvraj.. Listen to me..
I walked out of the venue..

I was sitting near the beach, hugging my knees.. I recalled some of my happy moments with her; those days when she used to make me feel like I was her everything..
I heard some footsteps.. I turned around to see..
It was sharad.. He sat beside me and placed his hand over my shoulder..

He asked- guru.. Did u talk to bhabhi?
I said- shez busy with her new friend.. So she has no time for me.. Shez not the same suhani.. She doesn’t love me anymore..
Sh- are u out of ur mind guru? Do u really doubt her love for u? All of us know very well that she loves u a lot.. Only u.. Ask ur heart.. It also knows..

I looked at him.. He nodded..
He said- u are upset coz u feel she avoided u.. But if she will really get over u, u won’t be able to live..
I looked at him..
He said- go ahead guru.. Its high time..
Saying that, he left..

PRECAP: Yuvi’s confession..

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