YuvAni Three-Shots – THE SCARY NIGHT (Shot-3)

YuvAni Three-Shots – THE SCARY NIGHT (Shot-3)


We called pa bhaiya and told him about the bomb.. He was shocked.. He told us to handle sambhav and he would get the bomb diffused asap..

On the way, we were shocked to see the farmhouse badly burnt and destroyed.. I got out of the car.. After two mins, yuv too got out.. We couldn’t understand what was happening.. My phone beeped.. It was sambhav’s msg..

I read it- this is just a trailer.. If u try to be oversmart, then u know what I can do.. U will lose ur son forever, and I’ll also kill anyone who comes with u..
I was scared.. I couldn’t put his life at risk..
I said- yuvraj.. U go back home..
Yuv- what?? Are u mad?
I said- pa bhaiya told that sambhav is at home..
Yuv- what?? Then let’s go..
I denied.. We had an argument.. Accidentally, he saw the msg on my phone.. He looked at me.. I asked him to leave.. He denied and said he would hide somewhere and keep an eye on the scene but won’t let me go alone to meet sambhav.. Time was running out, so I had to agree..

We were waiting for sambhav.. Yuvraj hid behind a tree.. I was standing in front of the swamp.. I got scared when I saw a crocodile in the swamp.. My phone rang.. It was sambhav.. Yuv asked me to pick up the call.. I did.. And sambhav disconnected the call.. I heard some noise, like something being thrown into the swamp from distance..

We heard police siren.. We were shocked.. Who could have called the police? Yuvraj came out..
Police jeep stopped and the cops came to us.. They said that they got a mysterious call and they were told about the bomb.. I looked at yuvraj..
Cop 1: we need to check the message u received..
I showed him the message..

We were waiting for sambhav.. He didn’t come..
Yuv- its possible that he is planning something against us, something dangerous..
Cop 1: but how to find him out?
Yuv- u can get the location of his number traced..
The cop made a call and asked to trace sambhav’s current location.. We got to know that his number couldn’t be traced at that time as his phone was probably switched off; but his last location was the same place where we were waiting for him.. The cops started searching for him..

Cop 1: I think any one of u is the reason behind sambhav going missing..
I looked on and recalled hitting on his head..
Yuv replied- excuse me Inspector.. I called u here, and u are doubting us?
I asked angrily- u did it? How could u? If sambhav gets to know, he will kill u and yuvan.. Then what will I do……


Suhani grabbed my collar angrily and cried.. My phone rang.. It was sharad.. He told me that the bomb had been diffused.. We were relieved..
I said- inspector, we are leaving.. If u find sambhav, please let us know..
He nodded.. I gave him my card and we headed towards the car..

I asked her- so.. What’s next?
Suh- sorry?
I said- I mean….what will u do now?
She replied- I’ll go home, hug yuvan, and take him…………
She stopped.. She was thinking exactly what I had asked her..
She started heading towards the car again.. I held her hand.. She turned and looked at me..

I said- I know our lives have become a mess.. Now I wana sort them.. I want peace..
Suh- but….why are u telling this to me?
I replied- coz I can’t do that alone.. I need u for that.. Only u can make my house a home once again..
She continued to stare at me.. Her eyes were wet..
I slowly cupped her face and said- no more tears suhani.. Now I wana live my life to the fullest with u and our kids.. Will u give one more chance to ur HDBB?
She nodded smiling and messed my hair slowly, as if for the first time.. I too smiled..
Tears were flowing down her cheeks.. She hugged me..
Suh- I’m sorry yuvraj..
I hugged her back and said- I’m sorry suhani..
I said (in mind)- I’m sorry suhani, for scaring u, but it was necessary!!


When yuvraj reached the farmhouse, he was shocked to see suhani in that pathetic condition.. He also saw sambhav there, who was already dead.. He carried suhani in his arms and took her to the car.. He walked back to the farmhouse.. He stared at sambhav and even though he didn’t want to, he could imagine suhani trying to protect himself from sambhav.. His anger reached its peak..
He shouted- sambhav.. I won’t let suhani suffer coz of u once again.. Shez not a murderer.. She did right.. And now, I’ll end ur chapter..

He went to a room to get a bedsheet, and fumed seeing the decorations.. He took the bedsheet and wrapped it around Sam’s body.. He made him lay on the back seat of the car.. He was aware of the swamp where there was a crocodile.. He drove towards the swamp.. He took the bedsheet off and threw the body in the swamp which was eaten up by the crocodile..

After dropping suhani home, he went back to the farmhouse and threw the bedsheet inside.. He found sambhav’s phone.. He picked it up and burnt the farmhouse completely to ensure that no evidence could be found which could prove suhani guilty..

*****FB ENDS*****

I didn’t wana hide the truth from her.. In fact, when I was about to tell her, she said with guilt that she had murdered sambhav.. That made me feel that she could even confess it infront of the police out of guilt.. So, it was necessary to prove to her that she didn’t kill sambhav.. I had to sent her those threatening msgs to make her believe that sambhav was alive.. And at last, I threw his phone in the swamp (guys I hope u remember suhani turning to see what was thrown in the swamp)..

We broke the hug.. I wiped her tears..
Suh- yuvraj.. If sambhav comes back……
I said- he won’t.. He is dead.. I saw his jacket in the swamp, which means he was eaten up by the crocodile..
She thought for a while, and said- he deserved that.. He has been punished for his deeds..
I was happy to see that she didn’t shed a single tear for him..

She asked- by the way, why didn’t u tell the police about it?
I said- leave it suhani.. Promise me that even u won’t say anything to the police..
She promised me..
We decided to forget all those things and move ahead in life..

Few days later…..
At police station..
Cop 1- days have passed but we haven’t got any clue about sambhav.. Even the farmhouse was badly burnt..
Cop 2- don’t mind sir, but there is a possibility that he has been eaten up by the crocodile.. It has been indicated by the last location of his number.. After that day, he never turned it on..
Commissioner- its possible.. do one thing.. Show him dead and close the file!!

********THE END********

Guys I hope u enjoyed it.. And I’m sure that none of u could have even imagined about the climax.. 😉

Awaiting ur comments.. 🙂

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  1. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome….shot..nice ending….

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear..

  2. wow amazing no words to say………..i like it very much and yuvi planning is super thank for giving a wonderful episode …………..waiting for u other ff plz come soon with new ff

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear.. I’ll try to be back asap..

  3. Exactly..i didnt imagine in this way the story ends…hats off to ur creation…awesome plot…yuvraj did a splendid job ….now yuvraj is a real hero…ur truly a fabulous writer…fans require writers like u dear…ssel would have been amazing if this was the script written by the writers

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks a lottt dear..

  4. wow superb ending..really di u r ri8 we cant imagine for this ending.. superb shot.. kaash aisa kuch show me dekhate to aaj ssel kuch or hota or may be end bhi ni hota.. waiting for ur new ff…. plz come back soon.

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear.. I’ll start it soon..

  5. Amazing epi.i loved yuvraj.he proved it ki wo suhani ka hero h

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear..

  6. Nice one Kaash hamare CVS aise kuch soch Liya hota….

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear..

  7. Ofcourse napsha dear.its soooooooo suprising i like it very much.sambhav deserves that.but it ended soon.like rvery time no waords tosay sis.ur writing skills are beyond any appreciation luv u.pls be back soon

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks a lot sis.. I’ll try to be back asap.. luv u too..

  8. Sach sochahi nahi thi story ka climax yahi hogaaa..super amazing……plzzz come back soonnn new ff ke saath….

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear.. I’ll be back soon..

  9. amazing ending u shud hav been 1 of the writers for ssel.. these cvs shud learn frm u

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear..

  10. Superb..What an ending..Never imagined this sort of ending..Too good..Loved it..U r the best napsha di..

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks a lot sis..

  11. Wonderful episode and u r such an amazing writer I like yuvraj a lot in this update

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear..

  12. Yuvani

    Amazingly superb…..Surprising ad wonderful ending..wish it ended in a similar way in ssel….Thank you dear…………

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear 🙂

  13. Muniya

    Wow Napsha… this is called happy ending..amazing..loved it to the core… this was needed in real show..

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear..

  14. Fidato

    So ..The scary night..End with a beautiful morning..I guess.. really loved..It.. yaar.. and the twist was superb….

    1. NAPSHa J

      exactly.. beautiful morning after the scary night.. thanks dear..

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