YuvAni Three-Shots – THE SCARY NIGHT (Shot-2)

YuvAni Three-Shots – THE SCARY NIGHT (Shot-2)

SUHANI’S POV contd…..

He said- arey suhani.. Don’t cry.. See, how hot u look with wet hair……
I fumed.. He continued with his nonsense.. I looked around when I saw yuvraj standing at the door.. He didn’t move..

Yuv said- c’mon suhani.. Slap this b*st*rd.. Show him that women are no less than men.. Go ahead suhani.. I’m with u.. If u have faith in me, u won’t let me down..
Saying that, he disappeared.. I looked at sambhav who tried to get closer to me.. Yuv’s words echoed in my ears.. I slapped hard on his face and he fell down.. He looked at me angrily.. I stared at him.. He got up.. I picked up the vase and hit hard on his head.. He held his head tightly and fell down.. Probably he died on the spot but I wasn’t sure.. I had no regrets for what I had done.. But yes, I was s lil scared as I didn’t know what to do next.. I took up his phone and dialled yuvraj’s number.. I had to tell him to get the bomb diffused asap..

Yuvraj picked up the call and the phone turned off.. I threw it out of anger.. I walked out of the farmhouse.. I saw the car.. I realised I had to take out the keys from sambhav’s pocket if I wanted to leave from there..

I went inside once again.. Sambhav’s body was still as it was.. It took me few secs to move a step forward.. I was scared that he might wake up.. I somehow dared to put my hand in his pocket.. The keys weren’t there.. I cleared my throat.. I took out the keys from the other pocket of his jeans.. I turned around to leave..

Suddenly the power went off.. It was completely dark.. I screamed out of fear, closed my ears and shut my ears.. I inhaled and exhaled.. I slowly opened my eyes and looked back at sambhav.. He couldn’t be seen.. Infact, nothing could be seen.. I ran to get out of that farmhouse and ended up hitting my forehead with a pillar.. I fell down..

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a car.. I looked to my right.. Yuvraj was driving..
Seeing him, I took a sigh of relief.. His jacket was wrapped around me.. I felt a lil embarrassed thinking yuvraj knew what sambhav tried to do with me.. He looked at me and asked me if I was fine.. I nodded and looked out of the window..


I watched her continuously from the corner of my eye.. She didn’t seem to be fine.. Nobody at her place could be fine at that time..
She was silent.. I continued driving..
I said- so now u will punish me by not looking at me ever again..
She looked at me and said- I’m sorry yuvraj.. But I’ve nothing to say..
I said- suhani, whatever happened wasn’t ur fault..
She asked- how did u get to know about our location?
I replied- I got sambhav’s no.’s location tracked, as I could feel something was wrong..


I said- I killed him.. I’ve murdered sambhav..
Yuv asked- what?? His body wasn’t there at the farmhouse!!
I was shocked to hear that.. Was sambhav alive??
I recalled his tortures at the farmhouse and the bomb..
I told yuvraj about the bomb.. He too was taken aback.. He said that we would get the bomb diffused early morning..
I asked- morning? Sambhav has its remote.. He can press the button anytime..
He replied- yes, I know.. But I’m sure, he will contact u tomorrow and threaten u.. U relax.. I promise u, nothing will happen to yuvan..
I had faith in him.. He won’t let anything happen to yuvan..

He stopped the car in front of my house.. It was still raining.. I was about to get out of the car when I felt the presence of the mangalsutra around my neck.. I immediately got out, took it off and threw it on the road..
I was also about to wipe away the sindoor when yuvraj said- suhani, stop..
I looked at him.. He walked towards me and made me look at my reflection in the rear mirror of the car.. The sindoor was already washed away by the rains..

I thanked him for everything.. He gave me my phone saying he found it at the farmhouse.. I thanked him once again.. We wished each other goodnight and he left..
I was alone.. Mummy and papa were out of town..
I had just changed when yuvraj called.. He asked me to check if the doors and windows were locked properly.. I checked them.. He asked me to call him if I needed anything..

I couldn’t sleep all night thinking where was sambhav and what would be his next move!!

Next morning…..
I opened my eyes hearing the doorbell.. I went to open it.. It was yuvraj.. I let him in.. I asked him about yuvan.. He said yuvan was fine, and that we needed to go to get the bomb diffused asap.. I nodded..

I got ready and we started to leave.. I checked my phone..
There was a msg from sambhav- meet me after two hours near the swamp which is at some distance from the farmhouse.. Come alone, else I’ll kill ur son..

I shuddered.. My phone fell down.. Yuvraj asked me the matter.. I cried.. He picked up the phone and read the msg.. He too was shocked..


I looked at her.. She was crying..
I said- I can understand what u’r going through.. Yuvan is my son too.. I promise, nothing will happen to him..
She looked at me and rested her face on my chest.. I caressed her hair and pacified her..
I said- I’m the reason behind ur tears.. I’m sorry..
She said- its all my fault yuvraj.. I’m sorry!!

Suhani waits for sambhav.. Yuvraj hides behind a tree.. They get shocked hearing the police siren.

Awaiting ur comments.. πŸ™‚


  1. Yuvani


    |Registered Member

    This episode is beyond words……….Full of Yuvani…..Loved it to the core,….you are amazing dear………

  2. Bhargavi

    Awesome shot!!..it has lot of suspense im thankful ki nothing happened to suhani..yuvraaj turned to be a real hero unlike getting hit on head everytym. ..waiting for last part

  3. radha

    Wow napsha actually we are awaoting to comment on ur ff.such a fantastic episode.its fantastic.perfectly written.thats y we luv u very much sis.anyway pls post nxt epi also

  4. A.Tejaswi

    I am short of words to describe how beautifully u have written..U have showed us what we wanted to see in ssel..Thank you so much napsha di..

  5. Muniya


    |Registered Member

    Amazing epi…this was needed in the real show…but we were not that lucky…
    It’s ok…U are here to give what we want…
    Come soon dear…

  6. anshi

    i m speechless.. u r truly amazing writer di.. u did it wht we want to see in the show.. thanks to u di
    waiting for happy ending.. update asap

  7. Fidato


    |Registered Member

    Wow… that was relieving…. Really ssel can show like this… but..If they didn’t show then.. Sayyam won’t come…πŸ˜‰ Sorry no offense yuvani fans…. Eagerly waiting for next…

      • Fidato


        |Registered Member

        Yeah… That’s right…But they needed a strong reason for his come back.. with revenge… Vengeance…To avenge his father’s death…. But …We always wanted our hero to save our heroin..From villain… from every situation…

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