YuvAni Three-Shots – THE SCARY NIGHT (Shot-1)

Hi guys.. This is Napsha..
First of all, a big thanks to all my readers who have read my ffs and supported me all the way.. Love you all guys..

I was clearing the drafts on my phone when I came across this three-shots, the first shot of which was written by me last year.. So I wana share it with u, and if u like it, I’ll write the remaining two shots.. So let me know through ur comments..

YuvAni Three-Shots – THE SCARY NIGHT (Shot-1)


It was raining heavily.. We were on the way to the farmhouse which he had purchased a few days ago.. It was his birthday.. Being his wife, I couldn’t deny to go with him.. He was driving and I was just looking out of the window and thinking why was he taking me there..
He asked me- why didn’t u put on that red saree? Or that blue one?
I looked at him..
He said- ok ok.. This kurti is also nice, but……
I looked out of the window again…

We reached the farmhouse.. We went inside..
He said- close ur eyes.. There is a surprise for u..
I obeyed..
He opened the door of a room and asked me to open my eyes.. I was in a state of shock seeing the room decorated like a honeymoon suite!!

I looked at him angrily.. He smiled..
I clenched my fists and asked boldly- What the hell is this?
He replied- u didn’t like it? I thought u will love it.. After all, u’r my wife..
I said pointing finger at him- Sambhav.. Don’t forget that we married for yuvaan.. I had already told u that there can be nothing more than friendship between us..
He held my wrist and stared at me.. I looked into his eyes.. He twisted it tighter.. I asked him to leave.. He threw my hand angrily.. He told me how he had put a bomb in yuvan’s watch..

For the first time ever, I felt like sambhav was someone I never knew.. I cried.. I begged him not to involve yuvan in it.. He dragged me inside and threw me.. I fell on the floor.. I turned towards him.. I hadn’t even got up when he knelt down and grabbed my face tightly.. I had never seen that sambhav before!!

He shouted- I’m ur husband suhani.. I’ve got all rights on ur body, on our soul, on ur life.. I’ve the right to touch u.. Only me.. No other man, especially Yuvraj Birla..
My face was smeared with tears..
He continued- its 10 now.. U have just two hours.. Either u make ur mind, or I’ll have to kill ur son!!
I was shocked..
I asked in between my sobs- don’t u have a heart? How could u even think of killing the child who calls u ‘papa’?
He replied angrily- he is not my son.. He is yuvraj’s son, his blood.. I hate yuvan and yuvani because they unite u and yuvraj.. But don’t worry.. When we will have our child, I will love him a lot..
Saying that, he left, leaving me speechless!!

That was the moment when I got to know the real Sambhav.. He had nothing to do with yuvan.. He only wanted to make physical relation with me.. I slapped myself for trusting him blindly.. Yuvan was in danger only because of me.. Yuvraj was heartbroken because of me.. Once again, I felt that I was a bad judge of a person..
I had just two hours to decide what to do..

Yuvraj!! I knew he would come up to take me out of this hell without a second thought if he was aware of what I was going through.. But what would I say? I felt like I had betrayed him by marrying someone else and I deserved this present state of mine..

The chain of my thoughts broke when it thundered all of a sudden.. I realised I had to do something immediately.. I got up and sambhav entered the room..
Sam- suhani.. Talk to pratima aunty.. She was worried for u, so she called up..
I looked at him.. He gave me that threatening look..


Maa’s phone was on loudspeaker.. They had a typical mother-daughter conversation..
But what caught my attention was her voice.. The way she was talking to maa, she seemed fearful.. I coughed, due to which she got to know that I was around maa..
She told maa that she wanted to talk to me.. Maa looked at me, trying to read my eyes.. I took the phone and she left..

I said- hello..
Suh said- Move on yuvraj.. Don’t wait for me; I may never come home!!
Her words took the hell out of me.. Before I could ask or say anything, she hung up..
I kept thinking what her words meant.. Did she really ask me to move on? Or she meant something else?


As sambhav told, I asked yuvraj to move on; but in my way.. I wasn’t sure if he understood what I actually wanted to say.. Sambhav left saying time was running out.. I was internally furious but couldn’t do anything as my hands were tied.. I cried.. Yuvraj was my last hope, and if he didn’t come then………? Even then it was fine; at least he would be safe..

I walked towards the door.. I slowly lowered the handle and opened the door carefully.. I stepped out of the room.. He was sitting on the sofa and was busy with his phone.. He looked very happy.. He had no regret, guilt or shame at what he had done and what he was going to do.. My blood boiled..

I slowly walked towards him thinking I would grab his neck and kill him..
Suddenly he said- I can see ur reflection on my phone, suhani..
He turned around and walked towards me angrily shouting- how dare you suhani? If u’r smart, I’m smarter..
I said stepping back- stop there sambhav.. Don’t u dare come near me..
He shot back- what will u do? Tell me..

He grabbed my arms and said violently- now u will see the real sambhav..
He pulled down my sleeves, tearing them.. I looked there.. I was taken aback.. He was a devil.. Infact, devil would be ashamed of itself if the word was used for sambhav!!


  1. Bhargavi

    So scary!!!..even today i think that blo*dy episode would not have telecasted!! They would have changed the storyline…anyways im hoping for yuvraj to come n save his love

    • NAPSHa J

      NAPSHa J


      exactly dear.. as far as I remember, I had written this a few days after that non-sense episode was telecasted.. in my ff, u can be sure that nothing would go wrong with suhani and there will be a happy ending..

  2. suvarna

    oh my god ………in the serial one of the worst episode alteast now i want to see our hero yuvi how to save her meanwhile his love …..update next part soon

  3. Muniya


    |Registered Member

    Hi, Napsha…i m basically a Kriyyam fan…but YuvAni is irreplacable..
    I hv read all ur other ffs…those are so good..however i didn’t comment…but this one compelled me to comment…it is really scary…and yes i agree that it was the worst scene ever…Sambhav is such a disgusting character…hate him to the core.
    I hope nothing like that will happen here…Yuvraaj must save Suhani…right?
    Hope to see u soon…

    • NAPSHa J

      NAPSHa J


      thanks dear..
      yes, u’r right.. YuvAni are irreplaceable.. and sambhav, he is the worst villain..
      here things will take a turn.. I won’t say anything.. let it be a complete turn of events.. stay tuned..

  4. A.Tejaswi

    Superb epi..Scary one though..Waiting for the Prince Charming to come and save his princess..

  5. radha

    Napsha u dont even have any need to ask whether the ff is good or not.whwnever i read ur ff if u would have directed atleast one episode of ur ff on yuvani it was like amazing.just reding ur ffs any one can become yuvani fan even though they dont know about ssel.coming to episode dear its beyond words.i will give u 100percent best writer award bcz in ur ffs everything is just perfect.in this shot also everything is very nice.hope yuvi reaches on time to save suhani.pls pls pls pls pls post nxt epi asap dear.

  6. zahnab

    Amazing..no words..
    I m sure hamara yuvi ayengiii hum ye dehkna chathithi ssel me lekin hame kuch nahi milaa…lekin apne hamara wish pura kiya ye ff me thank you…..

  7. Khyati

    😱 OMG what a horrible episode it was wait lemme search in my dictionary the correct word for ur appreciation as it was such a amazing episode really u write so well yaar from where u get such ideas anyway coming back to episode it was amazing that Shambhav is just horrible person I just hate him and poor suhani who had to suffer but Hope so that our hero yuvraj will come for his rescue as they can’t be separated waiting for the next

  8. Fidato


    |Registered Member

    Hi…I’m a typical Kriyam fan…So I never read any Yuvani ffs… except the competition OS… But.. Accidentally read this… It’s just amazing… I have no words…that your writing skills..Are killing.. very scary… Episode.. eagerly to wait..For YuvRaj…

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