YuvAni SS: Trapped!!!! (Shot- 7)

Happy Sunday YuvAnians.. 🙂 This is Napsha.. Here is the next shot.. Hope you will like it..

YuvAni SS: Trapped (Shot- 7)


One month later at Birla House……
I was in the kitchen with Gauri, preparing the breakfast.. Maa came to us.. “Gauri, is the breakfast ready?” She asked.. “Yes maa, its almost……” I said.. “I haven’t asked you.. I’m talking to my daughter..” She interrupted scolding me with hatred in her eyes.. I looked down..

Later, I was in my room.. My phone rang.. It was Soumya..
“Hi Suhani, how are you?”
“I’m fine.. What about you and Krishna?”
“Even we are good.. We are getting engaged very soon.. So I called to tell you guys to be prepared.. Once the date is finalised, I’ll let you know.. No excuses..”
“Ya sure, we will come..”
“By the way, Suhani, did dadi and pratima aunty forgive you?”
“No Soumya.. They are still angry with me.. Their anger is justified.. But I’m trying my best to prove myself and win their trust back..”
“That’s good.. And Yuvraj, is he taking care of you?”
“More than anyone on earth.. Because of him, my parents forgave me.. You know, after coming to London, today I stepped out of our room for the first time.. He didn’t let me do anything till now and asked me to rest..”
“Nice to know that he cares for you so much.. Do you love him?”

I thought for a while, and recalled the moments we had spent together.. “I don’t know Soumya, but I know one thing- I can live without breathing, but not without Yuvraj..” I answered.. “Congrats sister.. You are in love.. But, till when will you continue like this? I think both of you should start a new life, as husband and wife.. Don’t you want to have your own lil family?” She said.. I changed the topic.. We talked for sometime.. Yuvraj came to the room..
“Yuvraj, are you free?”
“Do you need something?”
“No, actually I was thinking if we could go for a walk in the forest, like before..”
He smiled and agreed..

We were on the way.. It was hardly ten minutes we had started the drive when he stopped the car.. He was quiet.. “What happened?” I asked.. “Nothing.. You want strawberry flavour, right?” He asked pointing towards an icecream tricycle.. I was glad that he remembered my taste.. “Yes, I love strawberry..” I replied with excitement..
“Ok, go and get it.. I’ll park the car..”
I opened the door of the car when he stopped me..
“Suhani, it will be very embarassing if you will go to the shop and say that you want strawberry flavour..”
“Shop? Which shop?”
He pointed towards the chemist shop which was behind the tricycle…. I got him.. I looked at him.. He was laughing like anything.. Seeing him so happy after a long time and being the reason behind it was a pleasure.. I watched him closely, and then clicked his pictures in his camera as well as my phone.. “I thought you will break my teeth..” He said while laughing.. “Shall I do the honors now?” I asked showing a punch.. He pretended to get scared.. We laughed and left..

We were walking in the forest.. “You know Yuvraj, when I was held captive by Sambhav, I missed our walks a lot..” I said.. “Did you miss me?” He questioned.. I nodded.. “Even I missed you a lot..” He said.. We looked at each other.. “Even after whatever I had done with you?” I asked.. “Yes.. I don’t know why, but I missed you a lot..” He replied.. We enjoyed our walk together and he clicked pictures of both of us.. We were tired.. We sat down for sometime.. I looked at him and tried to read him.. Soumya’s words echoed into my mind.. But the problem was that I wasn’t sure if he too felt the same way for me.. He looked at me and smiled.. I smiled back..

“Whatever I said in the car, I hope I didn’t embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable.. It was just for fun, to lift up your mood..”
“I know it was for fun, but it was too shameless of you..”
“I know, Miss Strawberry..” He said and winked.. I slapped his arm..
“Yuvraj, how did you know that I was upset?”
“I just read your face..”

At night..
I dressed for bed.. My eyes fell on the sofa.. Yuvraj used to sleep on it.. “To start a new life with Yuvraj, first I need to throw you out of our room..” I said staring at it.. I poured a glass of juice on it.. After sometime, Yuvraj came..
“What the hell? Where will I sleep?”
“Sorry Yuvraj, by mistake juice fell on your mini-bed.. I mean, your sofa..”
“Its ok, I’ll sleep on the floor..”

“Do one thing, you sleep on the bed.. I’ll sleep on the floor..” I said.. I knew he wouldn’t let me sleep on the floor.. But he agreed.. “What??” I asked.. “As you wish..” He replied.. I nodded and turned to leave.. He held my wrist and pulled me closer.. My hand landed on his chest.. We had an eye-lock..
“Do you want to say something?”
“Ya, actually I’m scared if there is a cockroach, or a rat..”
“So, what can be done?”
“If you don’t mind, can we share the bed?”
He looked startled.. I knew he hadn’t expected that kind of a solution from me..
“Why are you staring at me like this?”
“Suhani, are you sure?”
“Yes..” I said.. “Don’t worry.. Neither my husband nor your wife will know about it..” I added.. He smiled.. I smiled back.. We wished each other goodnight.. I went to sleep..


“Your husband and my wife know everything Suhani..” I thought.. I smiled recalling hearing her words and seeing her pouring the juice on my ‘mini-bed’.. She was attempting to make a new beginning.. I looked at her.. She was sleeping.. I laid beside her and turned off the lights..

Over the time, I had started to develop feelings for her which I hadn’t ever felt for any girl.. It wasn’t just crush or mere liking or infatuation.. It was something much beyond these things and much more powerful.. They couldn’t be reversed.. But I never tried to show it to her because I didn’t know what was on her mind.. But now that I know it, its time for action..

PRECAP: Last epi.. Confession, romance, etc..

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    Super duper epi………Loved Yuvani…….both are damn cute…..A bit sad that it is gonna end, still looking forward for the ext one I am sure that you will rock it.
    Thank you

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  2. Wooo amazing episode……muje wo sofa wala scene accha laga use bi accha thab laga wo yuvi ne dehka…bt sad he ethani jaldi kyu end kartha he…..plzzz yuvani ajj bi app sab ke wajase hamara saath he plzzz new ff ke saath wapas zaroor ana

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    superb…excited for next episode…

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    Amazingly super and cute epi..sad that it going to end..phir bhi will be waiting for the next..

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