YuvAni SS: Trapped!!!! (Shot- 5)

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YuvAni SS: Trapped (Shot-5)


I went to my room and closed the door.. I leaned against it, and slowly slipped down.. I couldn’t understand what to do.. My phone beeped.. I read the message, “A surprise is awaiting you.. Be prepared..” I smiled.. My eyes fell on my reflection in the mirror, and it made me recall the worst things I had been through.. It was time to sleep.. I dressed for bed.. As usual, I took his pic, hugged it and slept..

Next morning, I woke up and went to see if Yuvraj was still sleeping.. But I found him coming back from somewhere.. “Where had you been early morning? At least you should have told me before leaving..” I scolded him.. “Did you tell me before leaving?” He shot back with attitude..


I was checking my mails when I heard Suhani screaming.. I rushed towards the kitchen.. The corner of her jacket had caught fire.. I tried to extinguish it, but when I failed, I took it off her and threw it away.. She panicked and hugged me.. I pacified her.. “Suhani, you are safe now.. Don’t worry..” I said.. We broke the hug.. My eyes fell on her arms which were bare as she was wearing a sleeveless top.. There were marks of some wounds.. She caught me staring.. “Few days back, I met with an accident..” She said and left from there..


The doorbell rang.. There she was, Soumya.. We hugged each other.. I was seeing her after a month.. “I like this surprise..” I said smiling.. She smiled back.. I didn’t know that the surprise would be followed by a shock.. Yuvraj came out of his room.. As Soumya saw him, she asked him sweetly, “Yuvraj, you here?” “Do you know each other?” I questioned.. “She is my fiancee..” Yuvraj replied, as if he wanted me to know it.. I looked at Soumya.. “He is the one about whom I wanted to tell you.. I hope that we get to know everything about each other before we get married..” She said.. She was very happy.. I congratulated both of them by shaking hands.. “Yuvraj is a very nice guy, Soumya.. You will be very happy with him.. Don’t ever cheat on him like his wife..” I said.. Yuvraj looked at me.. We had a painful eye-lock.. He left with Soumya..


I was sitting with Soumya..
“How come you in Mumbai?”
“Actually, last month, while leaving for London, I had asked Suhani to manage the new deal I was working on.. I had explained her everything about it..”
“Oh.. But, how do you know her?”
“Don’t ask about that dreadful night.. I was driving.. My phone rang.. I took the call, and didn’t know when did she come in front of my car.. I got out to see.. She was badly injured and was murmuring, “they will kill me!!” again and again.. I took her to the hospital, where I got to know that she was……”
“She was…..?? She was what?? And who wanted to kill her?”
“She was suffering from brain tumor..” She replied crying..

I was frozen.. I didn’t know what to say after that..
“Does she know about it?”
“No.. She doesn’t.. I brought her here as its outside the city.. She would be safe here..”
“Is this your house? And, did you inform her husband?”
“Ya, this is my house.. By the way, did she herself tell you about her marriage?”
“No.. Is her husband here?”
“I don’t know.. Actually I didn’t think she would tell you about her broken marriage..”
“Broken marriage?? What happened?”
“Even I don’t know much.. But for her tumor, I tried to contact the best brain surgeons, but couldn’t.. Can you please help me?”
“Ya sure!!”

I was moving to and fro.. After trying for hours, I fixed an appointment with a surgeon.. He assured me that the operation would be successful.. I took a sigh of relief.. BUT…… there were some questions in my mind- why didn’t Suhani tell me that it wasn’t her own house? why did her marriage with Sambhav break? where was he?

At night, I went to her room.. I was at the door.. She was sitting on the bed and talking to his photo.. “Just once, tell me that you have forgiven me, so that I can die peacefully.. I know, death can take me away anytime.. Just fulfil my last wish.. Please..” She said crying and hugged the photo.. I was shocked.. She was aware of her disease.. Didn’t she wish to live anymore without Sambhav?

I made up my mind to ask her to speak up the truth that night, even if forcibly!!

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  1. Yuvani

    Interesting episode, too much to be revealed, looks like Suhani was talking to Yuvraj’s photo,
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    OMG..too much suspense…will be waiting for the next..

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  4. Wooo intersting…. muje lagtha he suhani wo pic dehktha he wo yuvi ka he…..plzze jaldiii upload karoo wait nahi hotha

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      Thank you Zahnab.. 🙂 stay tuned to more..

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