YuvAni SS: Trapped!!!! (Shot- 1)

Happy Sunday YuvAnians.. 🙂 This is Napsha, back with another short story on YuvAni.. It will have 4-5 shots.. Hope you will like it..

YuvAni SS: Trapped (Shot-1)

“Mom, I like Suhani.. I’m ready to marry her if she too gives her consent..” Yuvraj said shyly.. Both the families were very happy, but Suhani wasn’t.. She didn’t want to marry him because she was already in a relationship.. When Suhani was asked, she couldn’t understand what to say as she had never said ‘no’ to her parents.. Moreover, she knew that her family will never accept the guy she loved.. They assumed her silence to be shyness or nervousness and gave consent on her behalf.. They got engaged that day itself.. Panditji told that there was an auspicious day for the wedding after a week, and then none for two years.. The wedding was finalised after a week.. Suhani was getting mad..

At night, she talked to Bhawana, her sister who disliked the guy she was in love with because he was a street fighter having illegal contacts all over, a dangerous corrupt to follow.. He had scratch marks and wounds from fighting on the streets.. She warned Suhani not to hurt anyone by doing anything wrong and asked her to forget him..

Preparations went on.. A day before her marriage, Suhani sneaked out of the house to meet her secret lover, Sambhav.. They were talking about the marriage arranged for her by her parents in the Audi car far away from eyes that may know them; talking about the future and dream they wish to have together..

“I’m planning something, to get far away from this town..” Sambhav spoke.. “But I’m getting married..” Suhani said scared.. “I know.. I’m asking you to run away with me when I prepare everything to run away from this town and people.. It will just be me and you and everyone we know..” Sambhav blasted..

Suhani felt butterflies in her stomach, but not the good ones.. She was arranged to get married to a good person.. Suhani was 24 and her future husband Yuvraj Birla was just 26.. Sambhav was 30, his parents were unknown and his background was a mist in the clouds..

Sambhav parked the car near her home but just good enough for no one to see.. She went upstairs and locked her room.. She spoke to Sambhav all night, planning her escape before getting married to Yuvraj, to mysteriously leave with him.. Her relatives, her cousins, came to see her get married and the day of marriage was just a day away..

Suhani got a text from Sambhav, “Marry him and stay with him for a few days.. Or cancel the wedding if you can.. I’ll be back when everything is prepared for us when we run away..”

Suhani couldn’t understand what to do.. It was already too late to call off the wedding..

The day went fast.. YuvAni got married.. Suhani’s father cried as his daughter had left him to a good man.. Suhani’s family allowed to go to any holiday they want, but she didn’t want to go anywhere.. She wanted to stay at home.. Both the groom and the bride were from rich backgrounds.. They had a 6 rooms house to live in together..

Suhani didn’t want to wait but she forced herself for the sake of her future.. She felt she was badly trapped between what she wanted and what happened.. She definitely had it in her mind that she wasn’t going to sleep with him..

It was night time.. Suhani was on the bed.. She was nervous.. “What will Yuvraj do with me tonight? If he….. No.. I won’t let him touch me.. I’ll make some excuse.. I won’t let a stranger do anything he likes with me just because we have married each other..” She thought.. She went to the bathroom to change.. Yuvraj entered the room and locked it from inside.. He saw her coming out of the bathroom.. She had already changed.. She was in a pretty red nightgown.. He smiled at her.. She didn’t smile back.. “Suhani, I want to say something..” Yuvraj said.. “Can we talk tomorrow? Right now I’m too tired.. Good night..” Suhani replied and went to sleep on the sofa.. “You sleep on the bed.. I’ll sleep on the sofa..” Yuvraj said.. Suhani nodded.. She was surprised seeing this side of her husband.. Yuvraj too went to change and then laid on the sofa.. The lights turned off..

PRECAP: Suhani starts liking Yuvraj..

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