yuvani ROCKS ( Episode 8)



rahuls mystery unfolded,,amaya and mantu meet rahul,,mantu,yuvraj fight with rahul,,,all others bonding ,,,swara and sanskarz eyelock
suhani says but swara is not fine….sanskar says dont worry she is ill because of stress ….suhani agrees and they all plan to surprise them …..all go for boating…arjun,radhika,abhi,pragya,koyal,raj are in one boat while laksh ,ragini,sam,neil,dev,durga,twinkle,kunj are in one boat …they all enjoy …..sanskar asks them where r they ??? rj replies him that they r going to a hotel and swasan,yuvani and manya reach there and sees them….they all go there and says surprise ..all get shocked ….
arjun asks them how they r here??yuvraj tells them that we wanted to surprise u…they all have a good time and amaya says by the way who has tatoo???rj shows his tatoo and its R all tease them…swara says jiju why u dont have it ??? ragini laughs and says because tatoo hurts ……sanskar says yeah we know it hurts but my bro is very brave …yuvraj says yeah he is very strong …he is just afraid of injections ..all laugh ..amaya says to yuvraj hey ,,,u also have a tatoo…mantu says noo he hasnt ….amaya asks gim to show…twinkle asks amaya not to force him…yuvraj says its okay and he shows ….its heart with S …suhani sees blood on his hand and asks him about it …amaya gets tensed and tries to lie ..suhani says sweery y r u lying …tell me clearly ….mantu says actually amaya got hurt …and she fainted ….so we tried to wake her up its her bloid…suhani gets shocked and scolds amaya……kunj says now lets go we will have fun..all agree they leave ..swara gets up and feels weak ..suhani and sanskar holds her and she smiles …….and says i got so lovely friends….they leave .

.they come to a garden …..yuvraj goes aside and suhani goes to him and asks what hpnd??? yuvraj looks at her and says nothing..suhani says its ok if u r not comfortable to share it with me ..i will send sanskar because he is a very caring and u will telll him ..yuvraj stops her and says no..let him enjoy ..i dont want him to get upsat because of me..suhani keeps her hand on his shoulder and says enjoy and forget past …both smile
abhi and pragya fight ….abhi says :u r so bad
pragya says :yes i am

abhi says :lady mogambo
pragya says hey dont call me that
abhi says i will call u mogambo ,mogambo ,mogambo
pragya says ok say it i dont care ,,u chipku
abhi says i am not chipku and they start their verbal fight ,twinkle and kunj comes …they try to solve the matter but they also start fighting
twinkle says all boyzz are same cheapsters
kunj says hey boyzz alwayz rocks and u r nothing with out boyzz
twinkle says its ur misunderstanding ,u r totally wrong,
kunj say ohh so miss .alwayz wrong is correct today wow
durga and dev comes and tries to calm them but fails
durga says boyzz are good they r our inspiration our power

dev says yes and girlzz are alwayzz correct,ther are caring ,sweet and strong
abhi ,pragya ,twinkle ,kunj clap and says u both are MAHAAN but we are not …the 4 start fighting again ….durga and dev says its not in our hands now and leaves
swara is sitting on bench ,sanskar comes and gives her water and swara says thanks ….sanskar then gives her medicine ….swara says noo plzz ..sanskar says swara …swara says u all r bad …u dont care for me…sanskar says of course we care for u thats why we want u to recover soon and u have to take these medicines….swara eats medicine and asks ..sanskar why u take care of me so much…sanskar says because u r my bhabhi sis…swara says nothing more…sanskar gets tensed and says my friend…swara says ok ..stop sweating ..i was just teasing u
arjun and radhika are sitting on a bench and rj holds her hand ….radhika says rj u r not going to change naa…rj says no…because u loved this rj naa…radhika says yess ,,,but …..rj says but what ??? radhika laughs and says u were. looking so cute …rj says u r also not going to change ..they laugh

ragini says laksh how many girlfriends u had ?? laksh says more than 50 …ragini says what and laksh says but my first and true love is u MISS RAGINI …they smile
amaya smiles seeing the flowers….mantu comes to her and she says thanks …mantu says for what ?? amaya says for everything …mantu smiles and says i thought that FLY BIRDS have no words like sorry and thanks in tgeir dictionary and laughs ..amaya says i also thought that some one can never laugh but look at u …u r changing in my company ….mantu saystes madam like an obedient student and they laugh

koyal comes tp raj and blindfolds him …raj says mt sweetheart…koyal says u again recognized ..u cheater …raj holds her and says i love to be cheater …koyal says ohh some one is in good mood ….she pushes him and runs..raj smiles ..
sorry for the late and short update guyzz actually i am a little bzy now a days but i will try my best …and thanks for ur comments

Credit to: newbie

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  1. U rocked again dear. Today’s episode was fabulous. The best part was twinj and abhigya fighting. Dev gurgle making tha understand. It’s so cute moments of the best couples. I’m speechless to say. But ur writing skills z really very good. Swasan moment was the best moment. Keep it up dear. Hats off to ir writing skills and ur ff. Nyc.

  2. nice…..
    abhigya fight n twinj fight devga to console them but fails was best part…
    sanskar caring for swara was nice..

  3. I loved manya and teunj fight and s not to forget abhigya….

  4. Tell me from where I can get its video
    I will be so glad watching it

  5. Hey yuvraj ko bhi koyi past hai kya????
    But seriously u r amazing yar.I love the episode. Feeling like it is really happening.

  6. Thank u sooooooo much …. One suggestion dear for solving this rahul problem let durga and Dev take part coz they r best in solving or getting justice to anyone’s problem …..

  7. Hi guys pls help me…how to update a ff

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