yuvani ROCKS ( Episode 7)


truth and dare game,swasan dance,swaras fever
amaya comes and sats honey…suhani says what???amaya says swara fainted…suhani rushes to swara and asks her if she is alright?? swara says honey i will be okay when i will take medicine..u all go and enjoy..plzz dont cancel ur plan….suhani says enough of ur drama everyone will go except me i will stay with u and thats final…swara says but…amaya says i have important work i will meet u in evening u all go and enjoy …pragya says no how can we ??suhani says pragya …dont worry we r alright…sanskar says lucky sum one should be here with girlzz i will stay u all go….amaya says so i will leave..mantu thinks this girl is crazy …first she shows so much concern for her partners and then leaves them and goes …suhani says take care …and return soon..its not safe..amaya says honey i will manage …amaya leaves and mantu follows her and stops her and says where r u going???amaya says its none of ur buisiness….mantu says tell me …

amaya says swara is in this state because of that rahul….mantu says rahul??? amaya says in our past suhani loved a boy rahul…he became swaras brother and protected her always like a bro…honey and swara were very close with him and i hated that…one day honey came to know his reality that he molested some girl name kavita …she was totally broken ..next day he proposed honey …i was angry so i left from there …honey rejected him and this hurted his ego ….he forced her to accept him …swara was shocked about the reality of her so called bro …when he came and put knife at her neck …swara screamed and rahul asked honey to accept the proposal …my honey was not so weak and she again refused ……at that rahul tried to hurt swara while some boyzz came and rescued them …..when i came to know about all that my honey and bubbly were totally broken …honey lost her love and bubbly lost her bro and now he came back and i know for what ??mantu says for revenge ….

amaya says yeah …yuvraj hears all this and is shocked ….amaya says i am gping to meet him..mantu says its not safe ..amaya says my life has no value infront of honey and bubbly…mantu says u r not going alone i will come wid u …amaya says but..mantu says enough tell me the place and amaya tells him the place and they both leave ….they comes to a deserted area …a man claps and says i knew u will come ..i knew it…they both turns and look at him ..he is none other than rahul…rahul comes to them and says i knew it that ur bubbly will take stress and she will fall ill and honey ….amaya shouts her name is suhani …he says ok suhani will take care of her and u as usual wont be able to see them in pain and u will come to me and see u came but i did not expected that u will also bring ur boyfriend …amaya says whats ur problem and what u want from us ..why u came back in our lives ????

suhani gives swara medicine and swara makes faces and auhani says noo compromise u have to take it ..i called ur doctor and he asked me strictlly to give u these medicines..swara says u have to pay for it… sanskar says dont worry we will pay u but first take medicine and get well soon ,,u r looking like patient..swara says what???patient??and takes the medicine quickly….suhani laughs and says u r the first guy that can handle this NAUTANKI …swara says now….sanskar gives her choc and she happily takes it….

all other are worried for swara and laksh says dont worry guyzz sanky is there so we dont need to worry…abhi says yeah ,,,obviously ,,,but where is mantu?? neil call him and he picks it up and says neil u all go and enjoy ..i will meet u at home …and dont worry everything is fine and ends the call…..kunj says yuvraj is also not here arjun says he said he is bzy ….radhika says what type of picnic is it all are bzy….sam says dont worry ur rj is here na ….radhika hits her and ragini laughs ….twinkle says so ragini why r u laughing …our turn will also come bcz ur laksh ji is here naa..all laugh…ragini blushes….pragya says ohh some one is blushing haan …ragini says u tooo….koyal says dont worry pragya ur rockstar abhi is also here…pragya says sp what??? i am not his wife here ..i am ur friend naa….durga says yeah….and koyal ur raj is also here so why r u teasing her…koyal says yeah i know he is and he wilk alwayzz…all say ohhhhh….koyal says but ur dev ji is also here na durga …all laugh and have fun

rahul says i need revenge ….amaya says dont try to be smart mr.rahul ….go away from our lives or else u will see worst of us …rahul comes close to amaya and mantu pushes him ….rahul punches mantu and amaya shouts mantu …..they both fight ….rahul hits amaya and she falls down ….rahul picks up a big stone and was about to hit amaya when yuvraj comes and holds him..they both fight and mantu gets up …they fight with him and he runs saying i will come back and i will make ypur and ur so called friends life hell…….and leaves mantu runs to amaya and makes her stand ..yuvraj asks r u fine ..amaya says yeah but u will not tell anything to honey ..they both agree ..mantu asks yuvraj how he came here and yuvraj tells them that he heard their convo….so i decided to come…they all go and reach home ..amaya says u two go and change …..they both complies ..amaya changes and comes to swara and sees sanskar standing and says so love stories are being cooked here ..sanskar looks at her and trio burst into laughter ….mantu and yuvraj come there and asks swara how is she??

swara says not fine …they r giving me medicine…all laugh..sanskar questions them both and they try to lie but sanskar asks them to say the truth …amaya gets nervous and thinks swara should not know about this and says u all boyzz go amd talk outside the room…all agree while swara says sweety r u hiding something?? amaya says u think i can …both smile…mantu and yuvraj tell sanskar everything and he gets shocked……they all come in room and suhani comes and says here is ur soup…swara says nooo plzz dont u asked me to eat medicine which i did but now this soup nooo… sanskar takes soup from suhanis hand and comes to swara and says in her ear …if u finish it quickly then i have a surprise for u…swra says what but why??sanskar says first finish it and gives the bowl to suhani and she makes her eat…
swara says what is the surprise …

sanskar says we all are going …swara says where??? sanskar says where your sister and my bro is …..swara screams in excitement…she jumps and hugs sanskar..all are shocked ……all start coughing and swara realizes what she has done and holds her ear like childs and says sorry …that was in excitement i swear i did not had any intention of flirting..all laughs while sanskar and swara have an eyelock ………

Credit to: newbie

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