yuvani ROCKS ( Episode 6)

sorry guyzzz i didnt write ff for 2 days because of connection problem …i am really sorry for that now we will continue out story
RECAP some one calling suhani,suhani singing song on insistence of laksh and swara scolding someone on phone

suhani runs from there and swara and amaya shout HONEY STOP ….swara and amaya run behind suhani …suddenly swara stops and holds her head ..amaya holds her and asks are u alright??? everyone come there and ask swara to take rest ..they will take care of suhani ….swara holds amayas hand and says with teary eyed …..HONEY needs us ,,u go ,,i am fine …amaya goes ….ragini and radhika make swara sit and she cries …..sam comes and says ….U HAVE TO ENCOURAGE SUHANI AND U R CRYING…ragini gives swara medicine and asks everyone to go and sleep …everyone agrees …swara stops them and says we will play …..all look at her shocked and says WHAT????swara says u all go and sit and says she will just come ….ragini says but u r not well….swara says nothing is more important than HONEY ….nothing and leaves from there….amaya tries to console suhani who is crying vigorously….swara comes and says STOP IT HONEY …..amaya and suhani look at her…..swara starts scolding them and says he is gone…he is closed chapter of our lives and this is the present HONEY …..move on ….we all r together …..swara makes suhani understand and FLY BIRDS HAVE A GROUP HUG …..on the otherside. all r tensed …meanwhile swara comes and shouts lets play …..suhani and amaya also come with them ……they all sit and suhani with courage and confidence says …..so what r we going to play??? everyone smile seeing her …..radhika says TRUTH AND DARE …sam says awesome ….they all play

swara asks so how many gfs u have???
he says 0 but one girl was after me and she …..
ALL BOYZZ start laughing and says NAINA
swara says OHHH
mantu says i had no feelings for her but she proposed me infront of whole college
sam says THEN WHAT ??? MANTU says i made excuse and left but next dat i refused her
AMAYA says so sad…..
all laugh

yuvraj asks her abput the best prank she did???
suhani and swara laughs and suhani says
SWEETY now tell them what u have done
all say no
amaya says
as we all know swara is a flirt
swara hits her and she says OUCH ,it hurts …..swara says thats why i hit u ,sanskar ask then…..
amaya says

one day i told swara that one of our classmate (boy) likes u and as usual swara went to flirt …and when she went to that boy ….swara started talking ..and the boy was shocked and he left the place ….swara got confused and she drank alcohol instead of water and then we had to face drunk swara and u all know what she did…..swara says story finished nothing more ….plzzzzz plzzz and everyone started laughing
laksh says bhai u r gone …choose dare…all insists and he agrees ….
sam says okay then u have to dance ….laksh says dance…OMG …bhai …sam says but with swara u both look so cute ….everyone smile
they dance on the song
laksh says bhai …..sanskar says shocked and hits him
dev signs durga and twinkle sees this and says OHH someone is so impatient HAAN …okay u can spend time together but after out trip ….koyal says exactly …we all r friends here no one is gf ,bf ,lover,husband,wife etc etc ..raj and kunj says u all girls are same …..

swara says. DARE HAAN …suhani smiles ….neil whispers something in arjuns ear and he says awesome …..arjun says okay u have to imitate one of us ….
all. hoot for her …swara whispers something in suhanis ear and swara and amaya gets up ….suhani and swara bump into each other and suhani acts as yuvraj and says CANT U SEE??? they do the whole seen and twinkle says aweaome yaar
they all play till late night and then they all go to sleep
durga sees everyone sleeping and gets up and goes out ,ragini gets a message and she goes out ,radhika also goes out ,,all girlz get up and laughs saying we have. to teach them a lesson ……ragini meets laksh and they bump into dev and durga and the four days YOU… meanwhile rj and radhika also sees them and says u …the all laugh and meanwhile all the boyzz and girlzz come to them and say ohhh so u were sleeping naaa ……sanskar hits lucky and says have shame yaar …..all have a fun time

suhani ,radhika,durga and ragini gets up and says now we have to wake them up….suhani goes to wake up swara and checks her temp. and says she has high fever all say we have to do sumthing ….ragini and suhani goes to make breakfast ….meanwhile rj and yuvraj come there ….suhani sees them and says go rago,some one is waiting and they go out …yuvraj comes and says i dont know u , ur past ,actually i font know anything about u but i just want to say forget the past and learn from past …suhani smiles and says i also i dont know about u but i can say one thing that u have also gone through pain in past …they both look at each other ,,while amaya comes and says swara…suhani says what happened..


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  1. nice

    what happened to swara .?

    1. nothing serious…

  2. update nxt part soon… want to know who is n suhani past..
    in truth n dare game all rocked …

  3. Who z rj?? And ur story z very very nyc. Its very interesting. I just have no words to appreciate. But twinj durga Dev will go after some episodes . And I’m very sad for that. But plz tell me who z rj??? Z he yuvraj or arjun??? So confused.

  4. And truth and dare game was amazing. Suhani mantu sanskaar and amaya. It was just fabulous. How r u managing all these. Bcoz there r so many couples. But today u didn’t wrote about abhigya. They also came but u forgot. No issue but of u can then plz update little longer. Bcoz I’m waiting for ur ff eagerly. Till now I saw many ff but urs z d best.I’m having so mich fun while reading ur ff.

    1. i totally forgot abhigya ,,but i will write about tgem in next chapter and i will try to write early and thanks

  5. Fabulous. But plz unfold the past of suhani.n plz update next episode earlier

  6. Thats so sweet yaar…. story was awesome

  7. Awesome story waiting for next update

  8. Good luck newbie …. U really take it differently awesome …. Thank u …. Continue

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