yuvani ROCKS ( Episode 21)

vijay thinks i am sorry guyz but u all are going to be trapped very badly……he leaves and comes to the girlz and shows thumbs up….
vijay : hey beauties whats up ???
….the boyz are on call and are listening everything…….
swara : oh u come come…

suhani : what happened of tickets?
vijay : booked , tomorrow at 9:00 am….
amaya : vijay actually i wanted to ask something…
vijay : yup ask
amaya : actually now someone is not single anymore (pointing toward swara) so tomorrow is valentine and as i know sanskar he is not interested in these kinds of stuff….
(on otherside the phone is on speaker and laksh ,mantu ,yuvraj and sanskar are listening very carefully and on listening amaya’s statement about sanskar ,
laksh : look sanky all know very well that how much u r boring…see amaya is also saying this…
sanskar : lucky u know me na i cant fo these type of stuff
mantu and yuvi : will u both plzz keep quiet and listen ….
laksh keeps finger on his lips and all smiles seeing his cute expressions )
vijay : yeah i too felt like he is not made for these type of stuff , and our bubbly she is bprn with these things like valentine , dates ,flirting ,beating ….
swara : enough huh if he is not interested than what can i do ???
amaya : will u not celebrate this valentine??
suhani : so sad…

swara : who said i wont celebrate , i will…
suhani : but how sanskar will be here and u will be in udhaipur…
vijay : yeah how is it possible ?
swara acts and says : who said i will celebrate with sanskar ,if he is not interested than i will celebrate with my ex…
(all. boyz except vijayare shell shocked specially sanskar …he is sitting like a statue with his mouth wide open…yuvraj and mantu closes his mouth and says vijay was right ..)
amaya : ur ex…..amh..which one? as i know u have more than 10…..
suhani : amh if i suggest karan will be good…
vijay : yeah but he is in uk
swara : so rohit…
amaya : no he is cheap guy…
suhani : yeah i agree..
swara : what the use of ex then ….i think i should make another …..
vijay : u will find ur valentine in hospital …
swara : yup ,any doctor …
amaya : gud idea..
swara : if u say then i can find for u two also and vijay if u want i can find a lady doctor ,nurse or anyone else for u too….
amaya , suhani and vijay in union :no need we are fine….
vijay : by the way sanskar and laksh are so different na….
swara : yes and i am very happy that my ragini got laksh ,he is too sweet…
amaya : yes these two brothers are totally opposite…
( sanskar and lakah lool at each other)

vijay : but i havent understood mantu and yuvraj’ s personality..what do u think?
swara : yeat they are tough nuts…
amaya : what tough about mantu
a full of attitude ,proudy,arrogant guy and yuvraj …amh i cant say anything .what do u think honey and signs her to just say bad things about him and winks at her…..
suhani : amh he is also arrogant and like hitler …..
all girlz and vijay try hard to control their laughter while …….sanskar ,mantu ,laksh ,yuvraj are shocked….sanskar cuts the call and looks at boyzz who are in shock about their impression on them……and finally fly birds and vvijay burst out laughing seeing the call cut
vijay : poor boyz
amaya : what poor , its their punishment for teasing us…
swara : no yaar ,its too much ,sanskar would have felt bad na….
suhani : obviously he would have felt bad but they should have thought once before calling us by that names ….
amaya : yeah they saud we are princesses of ghost palace and mental asylum and now see they will be kings of fools…..
swara : vijay go and do ur remaining work…….and winks at him….
vijay :alright….

yums gums comes in….
amaya ,: dont u all have manners to knock first …
suhani : yup
mantu : we are mannerless too
yuvraj : add that too in list
swara smiles but hides it and acts serious….
suhani : one second what r u all talking about ??
yuvraj : ohh so dont u know ,someone said we are arrogant , proudy etc …
amaya : u heard our conversation..
mantu : yes ad what will u do ?
swara : we can do anything …
sanskar : yes like dating ur ex…
swara sees his expressions and couldnt control her laughter and starts laughing ,amaya and suhani sees towards swara with seriousness but they also starts laughing ….the boyz looks on shocked while vijay thinks to escape when amaya catches him ……
amaya : where r u going crime partner?
vijay : no where but going to complete my incomplete work ….
amaya : come back soon…

mantu : whats so funny …
amaya : u
yuvraj : what ?
suhani: wait u will get to know….
vijay comes
vijay : sorry but mobile’s battery got off and it couldnt get recorded..amaya : what ? but how?
suhani : i knew it …
swara : thats bad
suhani : dont worry i always have a backup plan and i know vijay very well thats why i kept my phone there also ….

flybirds smile as suhani goes and brings the phone …..fly birds laugh seeing the recording while vijjay tells them that it was all their plan to make them fool….yums gums get shocked……..
guyz. i will upload another part soon ….so dont worry

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