Yuvani reunion _ ep 1


Hey guys im Shilpa known to most of u here as Saraj… guys.. this is my first Ff … so if there are any mistakes pls pardon me… AND GUYS DONT FORGET TO COMMENT

The theme is the time when suhani plans ti run away with yuvan.. and yuvraj stops her…

So lets start our story…

The next morning in Bh..
Soumya along with ragini bhabhi are thinking of ways to send suhani out of BH… suddenly yuvani , krishna , yuvan and golu come and ask them whether they can go out and play.. suhani comes..
Suh : bacho n .. dont go out at this time.. its not safe..
Yuvan: munma pls.. hame jane do…
Yuvani… ha aunty… pls. Allow us na…
Soumya : suhani …let them go .. even im a mother… even i know wat is gud and bad for them…
Suh : ok children.. go but be careful … dont go to the road…
Children (chorus) ok ….

All the children run outside..

After sometime.. suhani was staring lovingly at the chidren..at the same time she was cursing het fate.. that she cant be a mom to her own child…
Suddenly the ball with which the children were playing goes into the road… krishna runs behind the ball…. suhani sees a truck coming dat way..
Suh : (screamin) krishna stop…..
She runs and pushes krishna aside…

All the bh members hear a crashing sound of a truck and a loud scream…

Precap : all the family standing outside the Icu .. the children are crying..

Credit to: Saraj (shilpa)

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  1. Nice. Update next episode as soon as possible..

    1. Thank u..Sure pooja dear….ill update next part as soon as possible…

  2. Very nice epi Shilpa post next part as soon as possible and update a lengthy one

    1. Thanks.. i made it shor as it was my first one.. any ways tye next oje wioo be more longer.

  3. plz lengthy it … I just like it… Poor Suhani!

    1. Thnks ruby… il) kake it lengthy im the next epi…

  4. OMG! Its sooo good! Saraj/Shipla! Please make it longer! 😀

    1. Thanks.. aqsxxh… ill make it longer in the next epi…

      1. Yaaayy TYSM SARAJ MEANS A LOT 😀

  5. Next epi fast and lengthy plzzzz

    1. Sure.. napsha..

  6. Please do continue. I know you’ll do a great job.

    1. Thnk u ????????

  7. write lengthy.suprb episode.

    1. Sure.. thnk u ci…

  8. It’s awsome mole

    1. Thnk u chechi….

  9. Nyce saraj….

    1. Thnks.. nithu…

  10. Superb episode I loved it….

  11. Thnk u aparna….

  12. Nice episode… Just try to write long one…?

  13. am waiting fr ur next updates yarr..

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