YuvAni OS ‘ Hamari Pyaari Kahani’

Hey guys, Muniya here, with my second os on YuvAni. This is a Diwali treat to all YuvAni fans from me. I know I m toooo late for Diwali celebration… I tried to post it before but some mishap occurred in my personal life, due to which I couldn’t finish writing the story and I became late.

Still hope u guys will like it and will once again enjoy the happy mood of Diwali.

Thanks a lot for all the special comments that u guys gave to my first YuvAni os. It made me smile and feel so Happy.

*So here starts the story*

Suhani comes to know the truth that Yuvraaj didn’t want to marry her and he was forced to do so. He would love Saumya and wanted to marry her. But her papa forced him to marry her under the pressure of not approving his Bank Loan.

Suhani was heartbroken and she left BH. Yuvraaj and Pankaj searched for her whereabouts but returned empty hands.

Yuvraaj comes back home at night, without any news of Suhani. He was tensed and miserable. He couldn’t understand what to do now, where to find her.

Yuvraaj was thinking all these when entering the house and faced a raged Pratima. She was looking at him with uncontrollable anger. Yuvraaj sees that and slowly approaches her and holds her hand.

Yuvraaj: Maa…Suhani..

Before he could complete his words, Pratima took off her hand from his hold and said in a raged tone

Pratima: Jab meri beti ko waapis layega, tab aake mujhse baat karna…usse pehle nahi.

Saying that, she left from there. Yuvraaj tried to stop him but with no result. He stands there helplessly. Sharad comes to him and hugs him to console.

After sometime Yuvraaj goes to his room. He looks around the room and feels an emptiness in the room as well as in his heart. Every corner of the room was filled with so many beautiful memories of Suhani.

Yuvraaj can see her beautiful smile when he looks at her while she is drying her hair in front of the mirror, her cute antics at his lecture on hygiene and cleanliness. He can hear her laughter while playing with Snoopy and running around the room. He remembers her sparkling eyes during their cute eyelocks. A little curve spreads on his lips.

All the moments they passed together goes on his mind and makes him more weak. He sits on the bed. Tears forms in his eyes looking at the pillow wall on the bed.

Snoopy comes to the room and sits beside him. He was also missing Suhani but tries to console Yuvraaj in his own manner. Yuvraaj understands that and pats his head.

Time passes

Yuvraaj lies down on the bed being tired of whole day running here and there searching for Suhani. But there was no trace of sleep in his eyes. He was tossing and turning on the bed thinking what to do next and how.

Several times he looks at the empty side of the bed and imagines Suhani sleeping there peacefully. He smiles thinking it’s true but soon his smile vanishes knowing it’s not true.

He gets up and goes to drink water when a piece of paper, which was kept on the side table caught his sight. The paper was flattering in the wind, from under the photo frame of Suhani.

Yuvraaj takes it out and opens to see it was a letter for him, from Suhani.

The words which Suhani inscribed for him in the letter, pierced his heart as he starts to read it.

Hum jaa rahe hai…hamesha ke liye…tumse, tumhari zindagi se aur tumhari khushiyon se bohut door…
Bas tumse ek aakhri request hai…plz.. humein dhoondne ki koshis mat karna…kyun ki…agar hum phir se mile toh main tumse nazrein nahi mila paungi…I m too much ashamed to meet ur eyes…aakhir meri wajah se tumhari zindagi kharab ho gayi…I m sorry.
But Yuvraaj…believe me one last time…If I knew that u love Saumya and papa forced u to marry me… I swear I would never let it happen.
I always wanted u to smile, to be happy in life but didn’t know that I m the one to make u unhappy…I m the one to spoil ur happiness… I m really sorry.
Ur friendship is the most precious thing to me…All the moments I spent with u are the best moments of my life…I m only taking those good memories of u with me…and sorry for the bitter moments which I filled in ur life…I know I m being selfish in this matter…but I can’t help it…Hope u won’t mind.
Hamara wo dupatta hum saath le jaa rahe hai…so that u don’t ever get back to those bitter memories again…
Hum apni purani duniya mein waapis jaa rahe hai… I can’t see my loved ones in any more problems bcz of me.
My heartiest wishes for ur new life. I know, Somu will fill every gap of ur life with lots of Love, happiness and hopes.
Maa ka khayal rakhna.

Yuvraaj sits there lifeless. His blank gaze was stuck at the letter. A long trail of salty water runs down his left cheek as he finished reading the letter. He feels as if Suhani’s voice is echoing in the room, uttering the words of the letter.
He turned and took Suhani’s photo from the table and stared at it. Suhani was smiling in the photo. Yuvraaj smiled a bit looking at Suhani’s smiling face and said
Yuvraaj: U know what Suhani…u r the craziest person in the world…u leave ur loved ones bcz u can’t see them in trouble bcz of u…but u know what…by leaving them, u only put them in more trouble…we all love u Suhani…I love u…and how can u think that I’ll start my new life with Saumya??…
Time passes in its own way. Yuvraaj keeps on saying his heart while looking at Suhani’s photo.

Next morning

Yuvraaj wakes up after a very less sleep from last night. He got up and gets ready. He was much relieved but not fully. Sharad comes to him and Yuvraaj tells everything about Suhani’s letter.

Sharad: What? Bhavi left letter for u?

Yuvraaj: Yes…but she has asked me not to search for her…cz she thinks she won’t be able to meet eyes with me…but Sharad…how can I do that??…I hv to search her…otherwise Maa will never forgive me…and more than that…I can’t leave without her…cz…I..I..

Sharad: What happen Guru??

Yuvraaj: Sharad..I..I love Suhani…and I can’t leave without her.

Sharad becomes way too much happy by Yuvraaj’s love confession for Suhani. He excitedly hugs him.

Sharad: What? Guru…do u really love Suhani bhavi??…You really do?

Yuvraaj smiles and hugs him back

Yuvraaj: Yes..Sharad…I love Suhani…I love her.

They break apart and Yuvraaj turns pale.

Yuvraaj: But Sharad…how will I find her??…I don’t know where she has gone??

Sharad: Yes…But we hv try our best.

Yuvraaj: But there is no way…

Yuvraaj goes to sit on the bed and again takes out the letter and starts to read. Sharad sits beside him and glances over the letter.

Sharad: Ek minute…what has Bhavi written here??…that…hum apni purani duniya mein wapis jaa rahe hai…what does she mean by that??

Yuvraaj looks at him and gets thinking.

Sharad: Purani duniya..means her maternal home…but she is not there…than??

They look at each other and try to get the clue.

Sharad: Guru…we don’t know much about her old life…but there is someone..who knows everything.

Yuvraaj looks at him. Sharad first hesitates to say but finally says

Sharad: Its Saumya.

Yuvraaj becomes angry.

Yuvraaja: And why do u think she’ll help us to find Suhani?

Sharad was about to say something but before that someone from doorstep speaks up

Person: Cz she is my best friend…and I know her far more better than u.

Yuvraaj and Sharad turns to see Saumya and Krishna standing there. Saumya said that.

Yuvraaj: U…why r u here ??

Saumya and Krishna enters the room.

Saumya: Cz I can’t lose my best friend for my wrong deeds.

Yuvraaj and Sharad looks at her shocked.

Saumya: Haan…Yuvraaj…I want my Suhani back…I know I hv done wrong with her and I hv to apologize her for everything.

She starts crying. Pratima, Dadi, Rags, Menka, Saurabh all come there hearing noise and was shocked to see Saumya. Saumya looks at them and goes to Pratima. She holds her hand.

Saumya: Auntie…plz forgive me…I know I m not worthy of anyone’s forgiveness…but plz..auntie…

She couldn’t complete and breaks down crying. Pratima melts a bit seeing her guilt. She puts her hand on her. Saumya hugs her and cries more. Pratima hugs her back.
Yuvraaj and Sharad look at eachother and Sharad signs him. Yuvraaj nods and slowly goes to Pratima.

Yuvraaj: Maa…

Pratima breaks the hug and looks at him.

Yuvraaj: Maa…I promise…I’ll bring back ur daughter very soon.

Pratima smiles in between her tears and nods. Yuvraaj gets happy and hugs her.

Dadi: Yuvraaj…tum ye galat kar rahe ho….no need to bring that girl back in this house.

Yuvraaj and Pratima breaks the hug.

Yuvraaj: Dadi…now I hv decided what I hv to do and I must do that.

Dadi fiumes and leaves from there with Rags and Menka.

Pratima, Yuvraaj Sharad all others smile thinking that Suhani will be back soon. But still were tensed about where to find her. Yuvraaj and Sharad tells them all about the letter.

Yuvraaj: Saumya…can u say what may Suhani mean by old life??

Saumya: Puraani duniya??

Saumya gets thinking.

Pratima: Its ok Saumya…take ur time and try to get it…till then we’ll also do something.

Saumya nods and She leaves with Krishna.

After two days

Saumya calls Yuvraaj.

Saumya: Hello Yuvraaj…I think I got something.

Yuvraaj: Really…plz tell me.

Saumya: Acually u know…before our marriage…we would go to old age home to meet old uncle and aunties…and they all would love us…specially Suhani…and u may remember they all came to BH also as Suhani invited them…they r part of old life…and even Suhani had wish to join there officially…So I think…we should once check there…may be we get some info…

Yuvraaj was so happy to get a glimpse of light to get Suhani back.

Yuvraaj: Thank u Saumya…thank u so much…I’ll go there tomorrow morning.

Saumya: Yuvraaj…plz don’t thank me…and plz inform me if u get to know anything.

Yuvraaj: Yea..sure.

He cuts the call and was too much happy. He tells Sharad and Pratima.

Next morning

Yuvraaj goes to the old age home. He was not sure what to ask but goes to the reception.

Yuvraaj: Can I meet the In charge?

Receptionist allows him and Yuvraaj goes inside.

Yuvraa: Hello Sir…actually I need some help.

In Charge: Yes…tell me how can I help u?

Yuvraaj: I need some information about someone…I mean if she is here…her name is Suhani Birla…is anyone here by this name?

In Charge: One sec…let me check.

He checks for sometime.

In Charge: Suhani Birla?…No…actually not Suhani Birla…But someone named Suhani Shrivastav works here…she has joined few days ago.

Yuvraaj was shocked to know that Suhani didn’t use his name.

Yuvraaj: Yes…she is only…Is she work here?…I mean..can I meet her?

In Charge: Actually…she has joined at Delhi…there is a branch of an orphanage of our organization.

Yuvraaj was disappointed.

Yuraaj: Ok…so can u plz give me the address?

In Charge: Yea…sure.

Yuvraaj takes the address and leaves.

He goes back to BH and tells everyone all the happenings and decides to leave for Delhi next morning.

Next morning
They all, except Dadi, Rags and Menka, leave for Delhi and reaches the orphanage. Saumya and Krishna also accompany them.

It was a beautiful place with children’s giggling noise. Children were playing here and there in the garden. They all go to the children while Yuvraaj goes to the office. He was both happy and tensed.

Yuvraaj enters the office and talks with the person In Charge. He was informed that Suhani was in classroom, taking class.

Yuvraaj was way too much happy to know that Suhani is here, near him and he’ll be able to see her soon. He tells everybody and they all got happy and asks Yuvraaj to go first. Yuvraaj nods and leaves smilingly.
The clerk assist him to the direction of the classroom where Suhani was. He was feeling happy like anything. They go through a long corridor and the clerk shows him the room and leaves.

Yuvraaj got tensed and happy at the same time as he could hear Suhani’s voice while teaching something to the children. He breathes deeply and slowly goes to the doorstep and looks inside the room, tensed and was shocked. Yuvraaj’s eyes got stuck in the sight in front of his eyes. It was the most beautiful sight ever, he thought.

Suhani, Yes, Suhani was there. She was trying to draw something in the blackboard but it was not being correct and her beautiful and naughty students were laughing at their teacher’s disability and their teacher was making cute antics that were making them more laugh. The room was echoing with their laughter. It was such a mirthful atmosphere in the class room.
Yuvraaj’s eyes were beaming with the tear being overjoyed to see Suhani’s smile after these days. He stands there for sometime to compose himself and knocks on the door.

Yuvraaj: May I come in Mam?

Suhani turns to the door with a broad smile on her face and was stunned. Her smile vanishes as soon as her eyes falls on the face of the person standing at the door. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She didn’t know if this was true or if she was daydreaming.

A smiles spreads on Yuvraaj’s lips. He looks at Suhani’s shocked face. They hv a teary eyelock until the bell rings that bring them to sense and Suhani turns around. She understands that Yuvraaj is standing in front of her in real, not in her dream. She asks the kids to leave as it was their break time. The children happily leaves from there.

Suhani couldn’t understand what should she do and felt awkward. Yuvraaj understands that. He goes to her and was about to hold her hand when Suhani moves from there. Yuvraaj becomes hurt.

Yuvraaj: Suhani…

Suhani: Yuvraaj…I asked u not to find me…I also told u the reason…and still u r here…

Suhani’s voice was heavy in attempt to stop her tears. Yuvraaj smiles and again goes near her.

Yuvraaj: I came here to fulfill ur wish only.

Suhani looks at him, confused. Yuvraaj smiles more broadly seeing the cuteness of her confused face.

Yuvraaj: Arre…don’t u remember…u only wished me to live my life happily…and u know right…that I can never be so happy with anyone except u…so I must had to come.

Suhani was stunned by his reply. Yuvraaj smiles and takes her hand in his. Suhani trembles.

Yuvraaj: U wished me to start my new life with Love and new hope…and how can I fill my life with Love…without u?

Suhani: Yuvraaj…

Suhani couldn’t control the tears to flow down her cheeks and turns to the other side and wipes her tears.

Yuvraaj: And by the way…tumse ek badla bhi toh lena tha.

Suhani was again confused.

Yuvraaj: U remember…u said sorry for being selfish in taking away all good memories and filling my life with bad memories…but I didn’t accept ur sorry…and now as a punishment for this…u hv to fill my life with good moments…and u can’t run away from this.

Suhani had no words to reply. She breathlessly listens to Yuvraaj. Her tears again disobeyed her control over them and spills out from her eyes and now Yuvraaj wipes them. He lifts her chin and she looks at him with tearful eyes. They again had a beautiful eyelock.

Yuvraaj couldn’t control himself anymore and says those three words which Suhani wanted to hear from him and now he was also dying to say to her.

Yuvraaj: I Love You Suhani…

Suhani felt like being on top of the world to hear the words from Yuvraaj. Fresh tears of joy rolled down her cheeks. Yuvraaj smiles.

Yuvraaj: Yes Suhani…I Love You…I Love You a lot…I can’t live without u.

Suhani: I Love u too Yuvraaj..

Suhani smiles in between her tears and hugs him. Yuvraaj also hugs her back immediately. Both felt their desired happiness and pleasure in eachothers arms. They spend a long time in the same position. They break the hug and look at eachother happily and smile. But Suhani became tensed.

Suhani: But Yuvraaj…Somu…

Yuvraaj smiles and says

Yuvraaj: I won’t say anything…u only ask her.

Suhani: What do u mean?

Suhani was confused. Yuvraaj turns her to the door and she was shocked to see her whole family, her dear ones standing there with smiles on their faces. She was stunned to the core when Pratima comes to her. Suhani hugs her. One by one all comes to her and hugs her. Saumya comes at last. She was not looking at Suhani.

Saumya: Suhani…I hv no words to apologize…but plz…if u can…plz forgive me.

Suhani felt bad for her and looks at Yuvraaj. He smiles and nods. Suhani smiles and goes to Saumya and holds her hands.

Suhani: Somu…

Saumya got happy to hear Suhani calling her Somu. She couldn’t control herself and cries and hugs her. Suhani also hugs her back. Both cry and wash out all their pains and guilt through their tears. When they break the hug, they had genuine beautiful smile on their faces and it was enough to rebound their true friendship. All smile to see them.

Next day

It was the day of Diwali, the day of lights.

YuvAni comes back with family in the morning. They very quickly arrange everything for Diwali.

In the evening they all complete Puja and Aarti and goes out in the lawn. They lit up Diya and candles. The house was dazzling with lights and was echoing with joy and laughter of happiness. They all spend a great family time in joyful mood. YuvAni creates some beautiful and magical moments of their life for the lifetime.

At night

Suhani was going to the room when suddenly Yuvraaj pulls her from behind the pillar. Suhani was shocked. Yuvraaj asks her to keep quiet and pulls her with him to the terrace. They come to the terrace and Yuvraaj brings a packet of Chinese lanterns. Suhani got happy.

Suhani: Wow…Yuvraaj…tumhe yaad tha…I thought u forgot.

Yuvraaj: How can I forget this Suhani…

They light up the lanterns and leaves it to fly in the sky. They smile. They side hug eachother and spend a beautiful moment while looking at the flying lantern.

YuvAni comes to their room. They were so happy. Suhani was about to go to washroom to change but Yuvraaj pulls her into him. They hv a beautiful eyelock. Yuvraaj pulls her more closer to himself by her waist and comes near her lips. Suhani feels shy. She tries to stop him but with no result. Yuvraaj softly kisses her lips. Suhani shivers feeling his lips on hers.

YuvAni consummate their marriage wholeheartedly with Love and starts a new chapter of their life in eachother’s warm and protecting embrace.

The dazzling Diwali night fades away after making their lives filled with the light of Love and a beautiful morning awaits them in the rays of the rising sun.


So guys, That’s it. I know it’s a long one…I really couldn’t stop…Hope u like it.

Awaiting ur precious comments that will really make me happy and make my day.

Keep smiling….

Thank u so much.

With Love

Yours Muniya (Moumita)


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  1. So nice os. Please update os of Kriyam please missing ur os of Kriyam so much. I read ur every os I loved ur os so much. Please try to update Kriyam os as early as possible.

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  7. Muniya

    Thank u so much Dear…
    So happy to know that u like it…
    Yea…sure…i’ll post the kriyyam os very soon…

  8. Fatmi

    While reading I become emotional As I love them Yuvani..It seems that I’m watching Suhani si ek ladki again…Thank u Muniya for giving us a nice story of our lovable pair Yuvani…Really u again refresh the the memory….I want more story abt them from u dear….Thanx a lot…sotti ami emotional hoye gechi khub e 🙁

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