YuvAni OS: Emptiness

Hello everyone.. This is Napsha..
Here is a one-shot on YuvAni.. Hope u will like it..

YuvAni OS: Emptiness


Losing someone is painful.. But losing her was like dying..

My single cup of tea tasted like tears.. In sixty-three years, I had never had one without her.. In sixty-three years, I was never alone.. She was gone, my beloved wife; gone to the heavens in which she used to believe..

“It would be alright” She said to me when we knew all was over.. My wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about a year ago.. From then on, we knew how hard life would be.. We made promises of laughing the rest of our lives away and somehow, we did..

“I want to apologize now for the things I would do later..” She said.

“You don’t have to. You never have to..” I said as she looked at me hurtfully.

“Please forgive me if I forget where I put my things and where I was..”

“No.. Stop!!”

“Forgive me if I am giving you a hard time..”


“I’m sorry if I forget everything..”

And I didn’t say anything..

“I’ll try my best,” she choked on a sob, “to not forget your name!!”

Tears started to flow..

It all began with little things like words and then on to forgetting if she had made me dinner.. All seemed hard at first but then the rhythm fell in and we swept up from there.. Over the past few weeks, we had revisited all the times we had spent together..

We would wake up every morning and write down what we would do that day.. In morning breath, hazy vision and bad handwriting, we would scribble down errands for the both of us.. I would wake up first and prepare something for us while she yelled at me for thinking of her as weak.. I made her laugh and then she slowly returned to her bed..

And now to think back without her feels like a punishment.. Everyday seems like a drag now.. I wonder if she would appear from behind the curtains and smile at me.. I picture her at the door, standing there and just staring at me with her ocean eyes.. I sleep on her side of the bed, hoping to feel the same warmth again..

The final few days were glum.. Those were the only days in which I felt completely lost.. They were filled with a silent chaos.. She would walk around, trying to remember what she was doing and then come back crying to me and then forget why she was crying.. And then I would tell her that everything was alright, when I knew it was not.. Those days, somehow I knew that the end was near and soon I would lose the only thing that mattered in my life.. I had a fear of losing everything that I was.. I never once, in all that time, regretted helping her.. Never did I ever think of it all as a ‘burden’ or duty of sort.. I did all out of the love we had in between us in all these years..

Sometimes at night, I would wake up and wonder what life would be without her..

The empty counters and the empty chair next to mine, the silent house is deafening.. It seemed all too painful.. As I stood in our tiny garden, I remembered her intense dislike for daisies and how it reminded her of funerals.. Funny, most of the people brought the same for her.. The funeral was held in the early hours of morning.. People came, shared a sympathetic pat on the shoulder and then left.. It had been hours since the last guest left but I was still standing there.. I wanted to be the last one to see her go.. I wanted to be the only one to be there when she was finally leaving forever..

And there I stood, as the rain poured in a drizzle, still keeping the promises we had made to never let go!!


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  1. Muniya

    What was that Napsha…U brought me to tears..
    Wonderful piece of writing…Loved it from my Heart…
    Really..U r true YuvAni fan…else it wouldn’t be possible to think such a concept on YuvAni…
    Fantastic…Loved it whole.
    I can actually watch the whole scene in front of my eyes…It created a trance…and will last long.
    Love u dear…

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you so much dear for ur long review.. I always wanted to write a YuvAni OS on this concept, and finally I did it.. And yeah, I’m an ardent fan of YuvAni..

      1. NAPSHa J

        Luv you too dear..

  2. Yuvani

    It is something that words can’t explain, it took time for me to come out of the story, I really got involved in it, Thank you dear

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you so much dear..

  3. dear Napsha…it is an amazing piece.. actually when you mentioned Alzheimer’s i got remembered of a bilingual movie ‘o kadhal kanmani’ and trust me, i just imagined yuvani to be prakash raj and leela samson in that movie..you made me emotional yaar ..you are just awesome..keep writing such marvelous pieces..take care

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you so much dear.. I haven’t even heard the name of that movie.. hehe..

      1. its a tamil and telugu movie dear..

      2. NAPSHa J

        oh..ok.. actually I watch only Hindi movies..

      3. actually its been remade in hindi too.. the movie name is ‘ok jaanu’..

      4. NAPSHa J

        Oh.. I haven’t watched it..

  4. Right now I am crying and getting emotional after reading this so give me some time i will comment later on this

    1. NAPSHa J

      ok dear.. I’ll wait.. 😀

  5. Prabha r u saying about OK bangaram movie in Telugu

    1. yeah i am saying about that movie..

  6. U made me cry… Love it.. Excellent writer…☺☺

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you so much dear..

  7. Napsha excellent one not able to control tears flowing out……

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you so much dear..

  8. Wooo…sach thum sab ko rulathiya u r amazing….

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you so much dear..

  9. Please tell me what is sadhu meaning in hindhi i have watched all ssel episodes but don’t know meaning of sadhu which is important word in yuvani life

    1. NAPSHa J

      u mean sadu na? it means angry man.. yuvi is always angry na, so.. 😀

  10. Yuvani_saraj


    1. NAPSHa J

      thank you dear..

  11. Thank u even though it is not related to article but u have cleared my doubt?

    1. NAPSHa J

      my pleasure dear.. 🙂 feel free to ask anything..

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