Guys, the CVs didn’t show us YuvAni’s proper date.. So herez a one-shot ff related to that.. Hope u will like it..


It was 9 pm..The roads were empty.. No vehicle, no living being.. Just two people.. Yuvraj Birla and Suhani Bir…. Birla.. Of course, shez still a Birla.. We never had a divorce.. In fact, we married twice, so shez a double Birla.. Lol..
Should I be thankful my cutie pies for sending us on a date? And that too at the new restaurant which was a lil far away from the city.. I was driving and she was looking outside the window since the beginning of our journey.. There was absolute silence between us.. We had nothing to say.. And I wanted to talk to her..
I turned on the radio.. It played the song ‘kaise mujhe tum mil gayi’.. We looked at each other and recalled her birthday.. I changed the station.. There it played ‘aaj rapat jaye toh…..’ We recalled the day again when I had created artificial rains for her.. I again changed the station and it played ‘jaise mera tu’.. We recalled our dance..

She said in a very low voice- plz turn the radio off..
I nodded and turned it off..
And she again started to look out of the window..
I knew that the memories of our old days started to bother her, and me as well..
I said- can I ask u something?
She looked at me and replied- ya ask..
I asked- are u happy?
She seemed confused and asked- about what?
I said- I’m asking in general.. Not about anything in particular..
She answered- yes.. I’m happy.. My daughter calls me ‘mumma’ now..
I noticed a smile on her face..
I too smiled..
She continued- U must also be happy.. Now yuvaan calls u ‘papa’.. What else do u need in life.. U have ur kids, ur family, soum….
She stopped..
I said- its ok..
I thought- still something is missing in my life.. And nobody can fill that void!!

We reached the restaurant.. I told her to go inside, I would park the car and come.. She nodded and left..

As I entered, I saw there were many couples there, and the table at the centre was booked for us.. She was sitting and waiting for me.. I joined her..

I asked her- what will u have? Now plz dont say samosa..
She smiled and replied- just a coffee..
I ordered two coffees.. The waiter left..
We were quiet.. She took out her phone and it beeped..
I thought- that photographer must have texted her.. At home, he always hangs around my wife and son, and now he wants to spoil our date..
I looked at her.. She was smiling reading the msg..
I grinned..
A waiter passed by and suddenly slipped.. And juice fell on her saree..

I got up and shouted- cant u see and walk? I will get u thrown out of the hotel and will also make sure that u dont get any other job..
The waiter apologised to both of us.. Suhani asked him to leave and said that he wont lose his job.. He thanked her and left..

I sat down and said- suhani how could…..
She interrupted- its ok yuvraj.. Humans make mistakes.. I’ll just come..
She went to the washroom to clean..
I waited for her.. My eyes fell on her phone..
I thought- should I? No.. Its wrong..
But I took it.. It was bhawana’s msg.. She had sent our family pic; yuvraj birla’s family pic..
Looking at the pic, I wished if I too could have a family life like sharad..
I kept her phone back..

She came.. And then the waiter too.. We had our coffee.. I noticed her looking at somebody.. I turned to see.. There was a cute couple with a baby boy and a baby girl, probably 2 or 3 years.. They looked so happy and complete.. Perfect family picture..
We looked at each other.. Then she looked away..

I asked her- shall I order something more for u?
She said- no..
And left from there.. I had seen a teardrop in her eye.. Probably I knew why it was there..

Her words echoed in my mind, “Now yuvaan calls u papa.. What else do u need in life?”
I said to myself- I need u suhani.. Yuvraj’s family is incomplete without u.. I wish I could have seen my champ growing up.. I wish we could have grown up our kids together..
I went out to look for her.. She was standing alone in a corner, deeply lost in thoughts..
I went to her and called out her name.. She wiped her tears and turned towards me..
I asked- are u alright?
She nodded and said- I wana go home..
I looked on.. I didn’t wana leave without sorting things between us..
It started thundering.. And then it rained heavily..
I said- I will take out the car..
I left..

After sometime, I came back and told her about the tyre puncture..
She asked- what shall we do now?
We were completely wet..
We went inside and asked the manager if we could get a mechanic nearby..
He said that we would get one in the morning..
I asked him- where shall we stay for the night?
He said- we have 10 rooms in our restaurant, but right now we have only one.. The rest are already taken..
I looked at her and then asked for the keys..
We left from there..

As we entered the room, she asked angrily- how can we stay in one room?
I too replied angrily- its just about one night.. Soumya has spent 6 years……….
I stopped.. She looked at me.. I looked away..
She asked- what do u think of me??
I said normally- I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean that.. U sleep on the bed.. I will sit on the chair..
She walked towards the window..

I said- I know what u’r thinking.. I know both of us have missed the real happiness of our life, which can never be compensated for.. But if u will support me, we can make the rest of our life the best of our life..
She turned to me and asked- what do u wana say yuvraj??
I finally said- I want my family back.. My kids and… And their mom..

She was kinda shocked..
She said- what?? What did u just say? U know very well yuvraj that things have become so complicated in our relation that this lifetime may fall short to sort them out.. And I have already moved on my life..
I grinned and grabbed her arms tightly and asked- oh really? Then why didn’t u remarry till now?
She replied- just coz I didn’t want to.. But u.. Why didn’t u marry soumya instead of pretending to be married?
I burst out- coz I couldn’t give ur place to her.. Or to anybody else..
She got rid of my hold and shouted- even I didn’t marry for the same reason..

Then there was silence for two minutes.. Winds blew and it continued to rain.. We were looking into each others’ eyes..

She broke the trance and said- look, we will be getting married in a few days.. But it will be better for us if we don’t expect anything from each other.. Neither we will have any rights over each other nor we will be answerable to each other for anything.. In a room, two strangers will be living together..

She turned back.. I was broken to hear those words from her.. I didn’t wish to get into a meaningless marriage.. She was complicating things all the more..
I fumed and turned her towards me and asked- what the hell is ur problem?
She shouted angrily- soumya and Krishna..
Her eyes were teary.. I understood she wanted the same, but she was ready to sacrifice her happiness for them..
I wiped her tears and said- I promise, nothing will go wrong with them.. They will stay with us..
She nodded and we hugged each other tightly with tears in our eyes and smile on our lips.. We could feel the warmth of being in each others’ arms and could hear each others’ breathe..

After sometime, we broke the hug.. She was about to say something and I put my finger on her lips.. I lifted her in my arms and laid her on the bed.. And I got on top of her.. She blushed and closed her eyes.. I smiled and kissed her eyes, her cheek and her lips.. She ran her fingers through my back and then messed my hair.. Our noses touched..
She said- I hate ur long nose.. Thousands of reasons get accumulated here and u get angry on me..
I raised my eyebrows..
I kissed her ear and whispered- I love u suhani..
And I put my ear on top of her lips, waiting for her reply..
She smiled and replied- I love u too.. Sambhav..
I asked- what???????
She said- Sam is calling..
I saw her phone vibrating and turned it off..
I frowned and said- don’t take his name again..
She teased me saying- why? Are u jealous of him?
I kissed her neck and said- why will I be jealous of him?? He should be jealous of me coz u belong to me..
She pulled me towards her and said- I love u too.. Sadu Kumar..
I smiled and we continued for the rest of the night, and quenched our thirst that we had for each other since years..
(Their clothes are lying on the floor and the lights go off.. They are covered with a white blanket..)

Next morning, as I opened my eyes, I found a slight smile on her face like before.. And I was the reason behind it.. I too smiled..
I whispered into her ear- good morning..
She got up and realised where she was..
I said- I think we should get ready and leave now..
She nodded..
I went to the bathroom and changed, and went out of the room.. I was waiting for her.. I was very happy..

She came out.. We cleared the dues and stepped out of the restaurant..
I opened the door of my vintage car for her..
She thanked me smiling and got in.. I too got in..
She asked- yuvraj, the tyre was punctured na??
I smiled and replied- oh really? I didn’t know..
She understood that I had lied to her and said- u’r too clever..
She side-hugged me and we started our journey to home..

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  1. there are no words to explain about ur os.if this was happend in serial. that will be best thing ever happend in yuvani life.we are really missing this.ur writting style is quite unique and awazing.

  2. is this a one episode ff you should really write a real ff based on this coz its amazing

    1. NAPSHa J

      Yes dear.. Its a one epi ff..

  3. Ur os is amazing… there is no words to say .if this happened in serial it will be more interesting see.u know napsha sis ur ff tere hoon na laga hoon i think is first ff i read and i like it very much and make a habbit to read ffs.finally ur just amazing….

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank u sooo much dear.. Glad that u still remember about my very first ff.. πŸ™‚

  4. Really great Napsha,,,,,,,just loved this one,,,,, <3 πŸ˜€

  5. really nice Napsha.. me nd my frnds were really excited abt ur ff.. i suggest thm ti read ur ff link nd share thm aftr tat … thy asking abut nxt chapter dest to meet.. pls update regularly.. v adict ur writting…ff..congrats..!!

  6. Napsha dear I am speechless……… after the hug scene, I kept blushing……. this os is just amazing……. Ego, love, anger, jealousy, frustration, desire, romance, emotions- all in one……… its a masterpiece…………

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  10. Oops.. Napsha J*

  11. Aqsxxh

    This was wayyyyyy better than the serial! I loved it to the next galaxy and back! that’s how the epi shouldve been! πŸ™‚ AMAZING! Clever Yuvi! πŸ˜‰

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thanks aqsxxh.. U reached the next galaxy.. Wow.. πŸ˜€

  12. NAPSHa J

    A big thanks to all of u for ur wonderful reviews.. I have read all of them.. They made me happy.. πŸ™‚

  13. standing ovation for u napsha. keep it up.

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thanks yuvanian.. πŸ™‚

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