Iimagination of YUVANI meeting after leap episode..

Guys I knw all are expecting yuvraj to back soon….in ssel. For those who missing our prince and princess for just satisfaction this ek episode of yuvani.. I DON’T HAVE IDEA OF CVS PLAN OF YUVANI MEETING.. forgetting all other characters its only focus on yuvani ! hope u like this.

In goa, morning…yuvan and Krishna rushing to home riding their cycle..krishna and yuvan argue who tel first to suhani yuvraj coming to here from jail.. both of them very much excited to see him after a long time..they reach home.. suhani cleans home and talking herself if yuvraj see this he ll scold me..[she imagines yuvraj s here “suhani don’t u have any sense why r u not cleaning properly, things were shattered here and there, I am sure u did not teach our kids about cleanliness, u teach your bad habits only..he makes face.”] imagination ends she smiles.
Krishna and yuvan reach home and see suhani smile and thy together told ,

mummaaaa…..aaj pappaaa… bfre they complete suhani told I knw yuvraj come. Yuvan and Krishna face turned funny…but yuvan got idea to cheat suhani…

yuvan: par mumma, pappa told he will go to meet dadi first, so aaj pappa nahi aayge. Krishna opens her mouth and wonders how nice yuvan told lie.. suhani turns towards wall and get sad. yuvan smiles at Krishna and told her silently ab mumma got surpirz. Both laugh in their room window. One car came to their house. Yuvan see yuvraj getdown from the car..he runs to hall..
krishna: hold yuvan hand don’t go. Pappa first see mumma.. they stop at the hall door..
yuvan : haan Krishna tum shai bola.. mumma pappa milgi phele..

yuvraj( finally reach to see my family..after a long time. Wen I entered inside I saw one girl wearing blue colur salwar left her hair open, having one flower petal plate in her hand..but I cant see her face but I realize she s my love suhani. Shall I call her or I should I hug her from back as I did before will she get happy or uncomfortable.. I don’t know wat her reaction.. I slowly walking towards her she adjust her hair behind ears..i reached near her..she also about to turn as she feels someone behind her..)suhani takes flower petal plate and turns.

Suhani(am getting sad, wen yuvan told yuvraj aaj nahi aayegi.. I must pacifie myself, yuvraj always dadi ki ladla.. am next in his life. I cant take dadi place in yuvraj life.. y am getting angry as I knw this well.. it ok suhani leave it,. I will wait for him my last breath.. no one take his place in my life… phele bhi me use se pyar karti thi aur hamesa pyar karti rah ho….. I feel yuvraj near to me now.. wat he do wen he come.. will he hug me from behind or he behave like stranger because of wat are all happened in our past I don’t knw… wen I taught about these I took the plate and turn)

Suhani turns and collide with yuvraj. Yuvraj hold her by her waist as he hold her before.. yuvan and Krishna sees them happy.. yuvan turns fan toward them and flower petals flow on air and showers on them. Krishna turn radio,which plays the song “ TERE SANG YAARA….KUSH RANG BAHARA….TO RAAT DEEWANI …. MAIN ZARD SITARA…… O KARAM KHUDHAYA HI… TUJHE MUJHE MILAYA HI….”

Yuvraj(she collide with me, I cant expect this would happen.. many years passed abhi tak suhani did not learn to walk properly. Jab jab suhani fall I will hold her yeh aadat padchuki hi mere. I feel like young man, I forget am a father of 2 kids they were grownup now.. I wish this moment to continue will this clock and world should stop now itself. I want to live by seeing her eyes only.. her big big eyes itself told how much she loves me and longing for me.. but I get disturbed by some voices…I make her stand properly..)

Suhani(I collide with the man standing behind me. I just closed my eyes because I am scared. Wen I open my eyes I see my love holding me as like before.. I cant imagine its true or not.. I wish it to be true but yuvan says…chodo it must be true or dream I ll enjoy this moment. I deeply see his eyes.. his eyes show me, am his world.. he also longing for me as I longing for him.. I want to live my remaing life by seeing his sadu face only..he also know how much I love and miss his sadu nature.. I got disturbed by pratima and yuvan laughing..)

Yuvraj make me stand properly.. we cant believe our eyes.. we heard the song which plays….. “TERA MERA MILNA DASTOOR HI… TERE HONE SE MUJHME NOOR HI.. MAIN HOON SOONA SA EK AASMAN MEHTAAB TU…” we see each other we both speechless..and look at each other with emptiness.
Pratima: yuvraj…jjjj!! Yuvraj: maa….(he hugs her and get teary eyed.)
Krishna and yuvan comes there calling PAAPPAAA!!! and hug yuvraj form back.. yuvraj gets happy to see them.. yuvraj kissed yuvan and Krishna… yuvan asks y u not reacting anything seeing mumma… Krishna says the same..

Yuvraj and suhani in heart (kya patio me yuvan we talk by our eyes which u people cant understand.. by our eyes how much we love each other and missing each other.. I cant comout from this feeling..)
Krishna: dadduu.. I want to u and suhani aunty reaction after a long time..it will b surprz for her but u both cheated us.. pratima ask we give them time to talk..suhani cant getout from this surprz.. yuvan: mumma kaisa laga mera surprise? App ko pasand hi na…
Suhani: hug yuvan, bhoat pasand hi.. acha tum muje bekwof bandiya… she pulls his ears.

Yuvraj: suhaniiiii…. Leave him.. tum muje pato, wen u walk properly..u always ditch me..u broke this beautiful plate… saying this yuvraj fold his arm in his chest and make fun on her…yuvan Krishna pratima and yuvraj smile on her.. suhani: yuvraj kab tum muje teasing karna band karogi.. u always make fun on me.. tume muje se sada this plate ki fikar hi…kya.. pratima ask them to talk they were left from there. Suhani : no maa…yuvraj back to us there s lot of time to talk… yuvraj looks suhani with puppy look :-0

Its evening, yuvraj walks in beach, suhani comes there to talk with him.. yuvraj see the light waves and close his eyes..his hair was flow in air…he feel the fresh breez after a long bad years passed.. he prays this happiness to be continue… suhani comes and about to put her hand on yuvi shoulder..
Yuvraj: suhani, I feel lik am reborn, afterall I got my family back… mera suhani mera yuvan mera Krishna mera yuvani mera maa….dadi all..mera hi no one take this from me…and I wont alow….

Suhani: yuvraj how u knw am standing behind u..?
Yuvraj: I know suhani u must come to me…. and I don’t want to talk about past.. I want live this moment with my family.. forget all happened..
Suhani: yuvraj I know u bear much because of me.. I did mistake of left u… here after I wont do this mistake again..i promise u.. u r perfect pappa, perfect son,,grandson for dadi.. but am not perfect for u yuvraj.. I always do only mistak I care for others not for u… u always help me from all evils… but I cant do anything gud in return. Yuvraj put his finger on her lips..suhani stop talking..

Yuvraj : yes am perfect for all suhani.. but wat about perfect pati? U do all except this am not perfect pati… yuvraj makes suhani faces him…he hold her shoulder with care.. they get teary eyed..
Suhani: yuvraj aisa nahi hi.. am not perfect for u.. u are perfect pati I did mistake and took wrong decision..tat would lead like this…do u know how much I bear without u…. I don’t want to look back yuvraj.. tum muje kabhi nahi chodgi na…promise karo…yuvraj
Yuvraj: nahi.. phele tum muje promise karo tum muje chod kar nahi jaogi..

Suhani: thik hain … I promise u hereafter I wont leave u…. I want to live with my happy family.
Yuvraj: ok I also promise u.. I wont get angry on u… I ll b there for u anytime…. I wont let anything happen to u and my kids… u are all my world… without u am empty..am not complete… u teach me how to love without u also…. I live my life with your memories.. I love u suhani… I love u…. I do love u… suhani get teary eyed and hug him… yuvraj close his eyes and hug her back…with love!!
pratima and yuvan Krishna see them.. Krishna gets yuvani dadi rags lata there..

yuvani goes and hug yuvraj suhani neck form back and..krishna and yuvan also joins with them. Pratima ask rags to took pic. Yuvani hugs yuvraj suhani neck standing back , Krishna hold suhani neck and yuvan hold yuvraj neck… yuvraj put his hand on suhani..suhani rest her head on yuvraj …… pic taken of happy family.. after some days…. Yuvan bring photo frame all seeing…

pratima says , yuvan ko pappa mila, yuvani ko mumma and pappa mila, Krishna ko maa mila… suhani smiles seeing this pic. Yuvraj suhani sees the pic and suhani says its happy family…
yuvraj: no its happy family of “YUVRAJ BIRLA FAMILY.” Am ready to face aane wala kal with u suhani… thank u for come into my life..
The end……..

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  1. Shilpa-Saraj

    Suhani yuvraj birla…. Lov ur name itself…
    Loved it dude… I wish it happens in the same way in the serial too.. Pls do keep writing.. Eagerly waiting for more ffs and os from u…

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u di… am also adicted to ur ff..in tellyupdates page..

  2. awsome …………its is amazing epi .i feeled very happy while reading this .i wish cvs also make yuvani to meet soon.its is really a happy family .

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u fr ur cmnd frnd… its mean lot to me.. as am new to this page..its my first ff..

  3. Nithu

    Loved your named…n evn your ff…

  4. ek toh aisa serial mila jisme kuch khushi k pal dilkhaye.Good going


    Wow. This was absolutely stunningly amaxing. You are a great writer. I hope to see other ffs and one shots from you dear.. xx

  6. Aqsxxh

    Wow, thanks for the beautiful writing it finally made me take my mind off the horrid serial… I am disappointed with Yuvani, Rags and Dadi, but i am loving the other characters… I love the fact that u brought back our favourite couple and made us all relive the amazing moments x Please keep writing dear x

  7. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    Thank u frnds… i inspired from u all.. i read ur ff n ths page…nd waiting to read also…. AFANFICWRITER and Aqsxxh…

  8. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    Thank u frnds… i inspired from u all.. i read ur ff n ths page…nd waiting to read also…. AFANFICWRITER and Aqsxxh… thank u fr taking time and read ths.

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