Yuvani – I am married to a stranger -Episode 1


Hi guys im shilpa back with an Ts.I know im back after a really really long time… dont think that i have forgotten yuvani.. I will never forget them… they were my most fav pairs….

I hope you guys like this ts.. I actually god this idea after seeing a short film.. only first shot will be like the film but the second art will be purely by imagination…. pls do comment and support..

A boy is shown trying the nuptial chain( mangal sutr ) around the brides neck.

He fills her hairline with kumkum..

They exchange garlands ..

They take the seven phere ..

And at last the pandith declares . Vivah sampurn hua..

And they both take blessings from the elder
The couple is revealed to be suhani and yuvraj
And their families gifted them a well furnished flat so they can live together without family interference..

Later at that night..

Suhani is sitting on the bed of the new flat waiting for Yuvraj.. .
All the guest had left and it was only yuvani in that flat . She is wearing the same lahanga she wore in the wedding but without a ghunghat .

Suhani’s point of view :.

god.. Im feeling scared .. i mean I have not even talked to him properly before marriage. What if he wants a physical relation now itself… How do I tell him that im not ready .. How can I give myself to him without even knowing him properly. ..
Wil he feel angry at me if i openly talk to him.

“Hey krishna ji … mujhe help kar dena… kaash yuvraj ji ek samajhdar insaan hoga ..” She prays .. ( hey lord krishna.. pls help me.. I wish if yuvraj ji is an understanding person.. )

end of pov

And she hears the creaking sound of the door opening..
Here enters our hero yuvraj..

He is looking dashing in a cream sherwani.

She slowly raised her head and looked at him..

” hi suhani.. u can go and change.. and … Ill be sleeping in th other room.. u can feel free and comfortable.. “he said..

Suddenly suhani remembers her mother telling her “beta .. if your husband doesn’t wanted sleep with you that means you have failed as a wife.. ”

She thinks.. ” why did he say that he wil sleep in the other room.. ??”

” suhani.. Suhani.. where are you lost..
And dont feel because Im sleeping in the other room.. I can u understand your feeling when you sleep with a stranger. And i will tell you one thing. I fell in love with you while I saw your photo itself . .. But i know that you do not have any feelings for me.. So i dont wanna get into a physical relation without both of us falling for each other. You will take time to adjust.. till then can we be friends. ? .”

He asks her forwarding his hands for a handshake ..

She was dumbstruck at first . But then she was relieved and happy to know how understanding yuvraj was..

She too forwarded hand and they had a handshake which marked the beginning of a new life for both of them..

” so suhani.. have a good night and sleep well.. Im leaving to the other room.. “ he said ..

” good night yuvraj ji.. ” suhani says..

” arre yaar .. now we are friends.. So what is the need of ji in my name.. call me yuvraj.. that sounds better. .. ” says he

” ok yuvraj ji. Oops . Sorry yuvraj. ” says suhani..

” k then. Call me if you need something .. Im in the other room.. ” he and left to the other room.

As soon as he leaves the room she goes and changes into a simple salwar

She takes her diary and writes
” I am married to a stranger .. ” with a black pen..

She sits and thinks about her parents and all for too long..

And then she doses off to sleep too late…..

The next morning..
Suhani i wakes up and looks at the clock…

” hey bhagwan.. Its 9 o clock.. how did even sleep for too much time… what will yuvraj think of me.. first day of marriage itself I slept for so long.. ” she thought and rushed into the toilet..

After some time she came out wearing a beautiful red sari..

She hurriedly put the sindoor and mangalsutr and ran to the kitchen

She was abt step in the kitchen when she saw yuvraj making a cup of coffee for himself..

After seeing hum there she suddenly remembers her mother words

” beta . If your husband works I. The kitchen that means you have failed as a wife. ”
She got tensed thinking abt this .

” good morning suhani “said yuvraj bringing her out of her trance. .

” uhnm. Good morning yuvraj. Why did you enter the kitchen… You could have woken me up right. ” said suhani

” arrey suhani . Chill its ok …. We are not in the eighteenth century that i get angry on you for waking up late or for making me enter the kitchen…… common I can understand how tired you were after yesterday’s functions.. ”
Said yuvraj..

” but yuv..Suhani started only to be interrupted by yuvraj..

” so wanna try a coffee made by your handSome husband ??? ” asked yuvraj with a cute smile on his lips and forwarding her a cup of coffee…

” hmm sure mr husband.. ” she said and took the cup in her hand..

She was very tensed about her married life.. But yuvraj was making it really easy for her..
He made her feel home…

She was skipping her coffee.. while he was busy staring her with love..
Little did she know that Even though he was a stranger to her she was never a stranger to him…

Pls do comment if interested..

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    It is nice to see you after a long time dear. episode is very sweet, Yuvani is as cute as ever, eagerly waiting for the next part,thank you

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    superb episode. update soon ASAP

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