Yuvani can’t be separated – OS

Hi guys I am Gayathri. This is an OS . Its the continuation of the show after Suhani saying Pratima that she is going back.
Suhani… Yuvaan, let’s go come on beta.
Yuvaan.. Mumma r v really going back
Suhani… ha beta
Yuvaan and Suhani says everyone bye. They r on the way to their house.

After 1 hour they left in Birla house sharad gets a call.
I am coming.
Ok .

Yuvraj asks what happened. He says I am coming.
Yuvraaj is confused.

Sharad reaches Hospital. He finds yuvaan is front of ICU.
Yuvaan sees him and hugs.
Mamu my Mumma
Kuch nahi hoga tumhare Mumma ko.
Doctor comes out he says patient is still unconscious. If she doesn’t gain consciousness now she slip into coma.
Yuvaan says that while on there way he saw ice cream parlour. He went with driver to buy icecream. When he turned to see suhani she was struck by lorry. People be out her here. Sharad says not to worry yuvaan.
After some hours shared calls yuvraj and said to send all his luggage to city hospital yuvraj says ok
After sometime yuvraj comes to hospital He saw yuvaan. Yuvaan comes tomyuvraj and hugs him
Yuvraj… how come u here
Uncle my Mumma is here only.
Shared come there and narrates the matter. Yuvraj is shattered. He goes to Suhani. She is sleeping. He says sorry.

Days passed
Suhani became normal. She gained consciousness. She is surprised to see whole birla family. He greets everybody.
She sees Krishna
She call her near to her and says Beta don’t cry. I am all right see. And kisses her forehead.
She call yuvani near to her. She talks to her. Yuvani then suddenly calls her Mumma.
Suhani is shocked she asks her to say again.
Yuvani.. Mumma.
Suhani …meri bachi
They hugs and cries
All gets emotional.
She asks where is soumya.
Saurab tells about soumya
Soumya knows about Suhani.
She comes to meet Suhani in an auto.
She Mets with an accident and dies.
Fb end.
Suhani is shattered
Krishna cries
Suhani hugs Krishna and cries.

Yuvaan comes there. Suhani controls her tears.
Yuvaan.. Mumma r u fine.
Suhani. Ha my bacha
Yuvraj comes there. All goes out.
Yuvraj says I am Sorry Suhani
Suhani smiles and spreAd her arms signalling him to hug her.
They talk

Suhani time has come to say yuvaan about his papa.
Yuvaan comes inside and hugs Suhani
Suhani yuvaan do u want to know who’s ur papa.
Yuan nods in yes
Suhani say Yuvraaj uncle is ur papa.
Yuvaan turns to yuvraj. They smile and hug each other. Everyone com inside.
Krishna says yuvani u r so lucky. U have Mumma papa both but I .
Suhani interrupts who said u don’t have Mumma papa. From today I am ur Mumma and yuvraj is ur papa
Krishna Sachi
Suhani muchi
All smile.
Suhani comes home.
All r happy. Suhani calls Krishna and says Beta can I change ur name.
Krishna agrees
So from today u r Yamini. I always wanted to my daughter’s name Yamini. All agrees to this
Suhani calls all children to sleep.
Yuvani says Mumma call us pet names know.
Ok says Suhani
So from today yuvaan pet name is yuv
Yuvaani pet name is yuvi
Yamini pet name is yami ok.
All agrees kids sleep
At that time Yuvraaj comes and side hug Suhani
Suhani and yuvraj together says happy family

The end
Sorry 4 my grammatical mistake thank u for reading my boring os.luv u

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