Yuvani, a unique story, part 7


Yuvraj took Suhani on a date because Soumya ignited him. His feelings were half- half. Half of him wanted to prove himself as a good husband to Soumya, but the other half, it was his true feelings for his wife. Suhani is as cute as ever, her plans for the day were nice.

It was very cute to see him having kulfi, wow, to keep his promise. She was so happy, and her asking for rain, it was cute. The cutest thing was how he made her enjoy it, first by playing song and then by using the wiper water, he made the feel of rain, and enjoying it with her.
She arranged the room so beautifully. I don’t think he understood the meaning of what he told her, when he said that s=he did ll these to make her happy, well he rouse higher in her eyes.

Then he removed the pillows, he did it out of anger, to prove himself, but it affected both of them very much. Suhani was shocked and tensed, it was sudden for her, she turned to the other side, and for him too it was quick, he wasn’t ready. For the first time he was taking initiative, but it was not from his heart, but out of his quest to prove himself. That was why he was shocked when she turned suddenly and her face fell on his hand. Only then he realised what he did, and it was too much for him. And she, poor thing, she was stunned by his behaviour.

Their next convo was amazing, the way she covered him with shall. Loved her when he asked her won’t she question him. She told him that she trust him, and where there is trust, there is no question, wow, she love and trust him more than anything, she told him that she is ready to wait for him till the end. He realised the depth of her love! (16 Jan 2015)
Yuvraj’s plan to talk with Soumya was flopped, but in that process he had a fight with Sharad. Suhani understood about it because of their rude ways, loved her way of making them patch up, she locked them in the store room. (17 Jan 2015)

Friends are friends, you can get angry, and that is the maximum, fights never last between friends, and Yuvraj-Sharad proved it again. Sharad is the only one with whom Yuvraj could share everything, he was with him from the beginning, their convo was nice.
Loved it when Pratima indirectly taunted Soumya by getting angry on Suhani, well didn’t like it seeing Suhani sad, but Soumya deserved it. (19 Jan 2015)

Suhani is vey innocent, loved her talk with Snoopy, poor thing she was very afraid, loved the nest Yuvani Sharad convo, were Yuvraj and Sharad teased Suhani. It was nice.
Yuvraj teaching Suhani make laddoo was so romantic, loved it!! Yuvani is damn cute. (20 Jan 2015)
The next Yuvani nok-jok was cute, Suhani referring Yuvraj as Saduraj! Loved Yuvraj when he taunted Soumya for entering his room, she is so shameless! His attitude was superb and loved it when he chooses the Kurti Suhani selected for him, instead of the one Soumya chose. (21 Jan 2015)
Suhani’s laddoo, loved Yuvraj-Sharad convo. Yuvraj felt very odd, when others teased him hearing Suhani, that it was he who taught her making it, that too with love!
Love you Yuvraj, for being rude with Soumya, kite flying was nice, the brothers had fun there, and those devils, I just hate them.

Suhani was still not that dear to Yuvraj, that is why Pratima had to compel him to help Suhani, he didn’t do it in her saying, and also to send him to store room, where she locked him along with Sharad, Suhani had to use Pratima’s name. But it was nice to see them flying the kite together. ( 22 Jan 2015)

Soumya, that cheapo, she cut Yuvani’s kite, and Yuvraj, man he is so sweet. He went up to get her kite, wow, cute!! Loved their convo afterwards, where he said that how can he let the kite go when it was her favourite Big B in it. Sweet Yuvraj, and he even said Big B’s lines!!
That whole Yuvani part was cute.

Suhani is so nice, when she say that it was Soumya who cut the kite, she blamed herself for making Soumya do it. Poor thing, she only sees good in others and think good about others. Loved her character, but felt sad because she was being cheated by the person who she loves and trusts, without her knowledge, her friend had become her enemy. Poor thing! (23 Jan 2015)

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  1. this part was awesome n i luv tat date bw yuvani a lot.. the whole epi was touching..

  2. So nicely portrayed feels like watching the series again

  3. Superb….

  4. lovely..reading this i am missing YUVANI badly….😢😢

    1. Yuvani

      I too am missing Yuvani so badly,
      Thank you

  5. Superb…. Thanks a lot for writing Di.. U r truly helping us get back into our yuvani memories

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