Yuvani, a unique story, part 6

Suhani and Pratima convo while Suhani preparing food was nice. She was preparing food with so much love!!

Soumya spoiled her plan, poor thing. Yuvraj not waking Suhani up seeing her sleeping was cute; I mean the way he looked at her. The convo between Yuvraj and Soumya at night is one of Yuvraj Soumya convo I liked. Because, Yuvraj wasn’t paying attention to Soumya! He was busy enjoying the food his wife prepared. Yuvraj has eyes only for Suhani, it was evident from that convo, for he was not bothered about their past, he took all very lightly, she was his infatuation, but Suhani is his love, that is the reason he was not uncomfortable on her presence, which he was, before. Yuvraj saying about Suhani was cute. (6 Jan, 2015)
The next day convo brothers’ convo was good; all four of them look very good together. Yuvani convo after that was sweet, the way he woke her up, his fake anger, her being upset. Loved it when he said that she look sadu, and to bring a lovely smile, wow, cute! Their convo on cleverness was cute, teasing each other, he holding her hand and making her apologise, it was such a nice scene.

And then Bhavna asked Suhani to express her love. (7 Jan 2015)
Suhani trying to express her feeling was nice, poor thing, she got very nervous, and messed up the whole thing. It was funny.

Saurab is right, in Birla house, only Yuvraj calls for wife with love. Yuvraj’s reply when that old hag told him that 2015 will be good unlike 2014 was superb. For her said that 2104 was not bad, everything turned fine by the end, he said all these seeing his wife!! Love was visible in his eyes.

Suhani Bhavna convo was nice, then Yuvraj teased Suhani on samosa, he said that she loves samosas more than him! Loved the way she replied, she gave it back, and left eating samosas. Sweet!!
Shrad and Snoopy, love you both, you keep Yuvani untied. (8 Jan 2015)
Yuvani dancing on har tarah, song was nice. They way they looked at each other, love were in the air, their eye lock, wow! They look damn cute! All thanks to our cupid!
The next Yuvani Bhavna scene was nice, without knowing what he did, Yuvraj confessed his love to Suhani, as Bhavna said, he told I love you in ulta manner. If he could understand his feelings! It would take real time, because he never believed that he will love her. (9 Jan 2015)

Poor Yuvani, they were shocked after Soumya’s confession, Yuvraj was shocked to the hell, and Suhani was upset beyond limits. Poor thing, she was so scared. The way she held in hand in sleep, she is very afraid to leave him. God, I was so scared thinking what will happen when the truth will come in front. She would be completely broken!! Yuvraj tried to remove her hand, but when she said him to not leave her; he couldn’t take off her hands! That was nice. (10 Jan 2015)

The next convo, where Yuvani found the other upset, was nice. Yuvraj couldn’t tell her the reason behind his worry and Suhani told Yuvraj about Soumya’s diverse, God, he was done! Only then the reality struck him, he got angry on her, and she, poor thing, cried. His situation is very tough; he had to deal with a lot. It was nice to see him apologising.

Yuvraj Sharad convo was something, Yuvraj was already full of thoughts, and Sharad remained him of Suhani, her love and faith in him. God, it in a way increased his tension. But love you both!
Yuvraj avoiding Soumya was nice; he showed his anger on Suhani. As Pratima once said, he expresses his feeling to the person who he loves. But why on earth Soumya expressed her anger on Suhani? Suhani just don’t deserve it!

Suhani Sharad convo was nice, and when she said that she can’t even think being away from Yuvraj, both were equally scared. And Sharad told her that till he is with her, nothing of that sort will happen, wow! You are the best brother; in fact you are the only one, including Yuvraj, who stood by her side always! (13 Jan 2015)
The, ancestral bangles, Yuvraj making Suhani wear them was cute, loved it, he did it with so much love! All thanks to Sharad, he changed it to Suhani’s size! (14 Jan, 2015)
Loved the way Yuvraj confronted Soumya, Soumya you idiot, you are misunderstanding his silence, he is silent not because he loves you, but because he is himself unaware of his true feelings, the feelings he has for Suhani. He loves her damn it.

Soumya tried to spoil the movie, cheapo, Suhani did it to cheer her up and she! What can be said about her, I don’t know! Because she completely lost her mind, how can she do all these with Suhani? Prying her husband, cheapster.
Who are you to question Yuvraj?? Anyway thanks for igniting him, in a way you helped Suhani, for Yuvraj took her on a date!

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