Yuvani, a unique story, part 5

Then the Christmas celebrations!
Soumya, well she crossed her limits before itself, so nothing to say about her, but for fight for the chit, for the gift was cheap again. Loved the way Yuvraj smiled when Suhani told her that Yuvraj is hers alone! (27 dec 2014)

Suhani and Pratima’s conversation after Suhani came back from market was nice. Where she excitedly showed her the gift she bought for Yuvraj and then Pratima becoming emotional. The next Yuvraj Sharad convo too, were he referred her as virus; love was visible in his words and face!
The next Yuvani scene was nice, were he helped her arranging the Christmas tree, and then the bell, she kissed him, wow!! His expression was worth watching.

Then the party, Suhani’s gift to Sharad was awesome, made over ever cool guy senti, such a cute brother and sister, proved that blood is relation not the only thing which is worth and strong! They way Yuvani laughed seeing Menka irritating Anuj was cute, it simply showed the how comfortable and happy they are with each other. They are made for each other. (29 dec 2014)
Loved Yuvani’s convo after the party, Suhani came searching for him, him feeling good seeing her, asking her to sit and then their nok-jok, he smiling at her ways, then he became emotional, thinking of his dad. But our Sadu kumar is afraid, afraid of speaking out his misery, but don’t worry, one day your love will be so strong that you will speak your heart out to her, it is just the beginning.

Soumya proved how arrogant she was, she could have accepted the gift Ramesh brought for her, love you Suhani, for taking it. You are so sweet.
Yuvraj’s gift for Pratima was nice, and then the brothers hugged their mother, sweet!! Hate you Soumya, for spoiling Suhani’s gift! You are evil. But Suhani shared her miseries with Soumya!! Love you Sharad, the way you care for them.(30 dec 2014)

Poor Suhani, she was very sad, she couldn’t find such a sweater again, Yuvraj came to cheer her up with samosas, sweet!! Loved the Yuvani convo, as she said, for the first time he called Suhani Birla, challenged her, it was such a lovely scene.
Suhani, you are very innovative, they way you made the sweater fine was super. Poor thing, she could not sleep. (31 dec 2014)

It was a pleasure to see Yuvraj wearing that sweater, the next day, loved the dining hall convo, well apart from that four devils.
Then the party for evening, Suhani was working hard with Sharad and Ramesh, and when Pratima asked her to take rest, she said that she is fine seeing Yuvraj happy, and is happy that everything is fine between them cutie.

Menka’s stupid plan, it was nice to see it back firing, she is joker. Yuvraj asking Suhani to laugh was nice, they are adorable together. (1 jan 2015)
Loved the way Yuvraj introduced Suhani to his friends, Soumya tried to act smart, alas, it didn’t work. For Suhani is much better, her innocent talk is enough to gain people’s heart. Aryan calling Yuvraj lucky was nice, of course he is lucky! Yuvraj saying that Suhani speak less, it was funny.

Aryan naming the fish as Yuvani was cute, and then Suhani made fun of Yuvraj’s nose.
Yuvani’s talk with the fishes was cute, and then the way he stared at her, when she was reading, it was so lovely!!
Then, Snoopy came in; the way she sent him away, cute, Yuvraj said Snoopy to got Suhani virus!
Yuvraj then teased Suhani on food, cute, the way they ran through the room, then the convo near the wall, poor Yuvraj, it was awkward for him. (2 jan 2015)
Again Soumya’s try to act smart flopped, but one fish got into the wash basin, poor Suhani and Sharad, they had to wait for time near the pipe to get it back. Thank god it was safe. Snoopy, as always helped them. Pratima was right, what Soumya did was wrong.

The next Yuvani scene was nice, Yuvraj teasing Suhani seeing mud on her, but she lied to him. She pouring water on him, he closing the door, and then opening it suddenly. She fell on him, and held her. Their eye lock was nice. (3 jan 2015)

Suhani is so straight forward and innocent, that she blindly believed Soumya. It was nice tat Yuvraj came to know the truth. Yuvraj was angry on Suhani because she hid thing from him, but again, he didn’t understand what it means. Why he want her to share things with him.
Dadi, you devil, he didn’t scold Soumya because he treated her as a guest, and he always scold Suhani because she is his. He has rights on her. And that is love.
The next Yuvani convo was nice, Yuvraj trying to make Suhani confess, then scolding her for hiding, and then he stayed angry. The way she cheered him was cute, and when she asked him whom he is gonna scold, the way he replied was lovely. He told her that he will scold her because she is his wife. Wow Yuvraj.

Suhani asking him for dinner was nice, and then he dressed her wound then their talk on Snoppy was nice. Cute! (5 jan 2015)

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