Yuvani, a unique story, part 28

Dadi questioned Yuvani’s marriage and started to back bite about Suhani. She tells them, that it was all Suhani’s plan, so that she can stay there at Birla house. But Mrs. Birla, just because you are so, and the dils you chose too are likewise, it doesn’t mean that everyone else is like that, and certainly not Suhani. She values relation, not luxuries, like you lot!

Suhani came out with her luggage, ad told everyone that she is leaving the house for ever. She says that by getting kriya married, they corrected on mistake and now she is correcting the mistake her dad did, by going away from the house. Pratima tried to atop her and she said that she don’t want Yuvraj to suffer for her Dad’s mistake and also that the house isn’t hers. She says that she tried to make the house hers but failed. Pratima told her that it is not true and tried to stop her from leaving. She replied saying that she is leaving as Yuvraj doesn’t love her and she doesn’t want to burden him. She considers herself lucky to get him, but she feels like her being in his life is a burden for him as he doesn’t love her.

Yuvraj was quite all the while because he was numb by shock. Everything was fine for him till the morning, he felt like everything got right again, but now, all of a sudden, Suhani decided to leave. He never thought of such day, never saw it coming and hence was not in a position to react.

Suhani started to leave with heavy heart and Sharad went to Yuvraj, he asked him to stop her, for he knows that only Yuvraj could stop her. Yuvraj calls out her name, and her shawl got stuck. She turned back hopefully, for she felt that it was he who held her shawl. She was leaving the house because she wanted to lead him a happy life, a normal life with the person whom he loves, but deep down she wanted to stay with him, he is her first love, her husband.

She turned upset when she understood that it wasn’t he who held her shawl. He became shocked seeing her expression. They looked down and saw the shawl in Snoopy’s mouth. Suhani got emotional, and she requested Snoopy to let her go. He let her unwillingly.

Suhani tried to go again and this time Yuvraj stopped her by holding her wrist. She turned back and he asked her not to go. He said it very painfully, he wanted her to stay back and he tried to put all his emotion in those words, but that was the maximum he could say. She was almost crying by then and asked him if he loves her. At that moment, such a straight question was too much for him, and he was shocked. But from her point of view, it was the perfect question, for she is a woman of self esteem and a person with golden heart. She won’t stay in a loveless relation and won’t make him suffer.

Yuvraj was numb by her question and let go off her hand. She turned more upset and left the house with a heavy heart. And he stood there, total numb. Pratima broke down and Sharad found it hard to console her.

Suhani was on her way, she looked the pearl he gifted her and thought of her beautiful moments with him, she was upset. The driver stopped the car as it had some works and told her that it would take some time, she went to the nearby tea stall, and started to cry. He catches her tear ad she looked at him, he smiled. She too smiled seeing him, and the next second he vanished. She got sad and sat down, but saw him sitting next to her, he was drinking tea and reading news paper. She kept looking at him and he through gestures asked her to drink the tea. She watched him; the driver told her that the car is ready and started to walk. She turned back and he was not there.

This one scene showed the depth of her feeling, how much she loves him, how much she wants him in her life, and what is he for her! Poor thing, she loves him beyond limits.

Yuvraj came to room and saw the pillow wall. He turns upset seeing it and recalled her, his moments with her. He was very upset and called out her name, He did it with his whole heart and it had his pain, hence it reached her, for she felt like someone called her and woke up.

She reached her home by then and got down from the car. She found the house locked and waited for her parents.

Pratima cries thinking of Suhani leaving and blamed herself for letting her leave, Sharad tried to console her. Anuj, Saurab, who were unaware of all those happened, came to them happily and told them that they got gifts for everyone. They asked for Suhani and Pratima cried again. Sharad tells them about her leaving the house and her reason behind this step. They turned upset and Saurab was upset with Pratima, for letting her leave. Pratima promises to bring her back and the boys hug her.

Lata and Punkaj come home happily. Lata was so happy and Punkaj took her for an outing and Punkaj told her that it was Yuvraj’s idea. They were happy as they felt like everything is fine in Suhani’s life and hence were completely shocked when they saw Suhani there.

Suhani told them everything and Punkaj blamed himself. Lata disagreed saying that even though Yuvani’s marriage was a forced, a mistake from Punkaj, it is not the case now. She feels like Yuvraj loves her, because only for her Yuvraj had gone against his Dadi. Suhani was sure that all he did was out of friendship and not love and told her parents the same. She can’t be blamed, for he kept telling her that they are best of friends and she believed it, that it is friendship, which was between them.

Yuvraj was jogging and was upset. He came to halt and saw ice cream and kulfi stalls. He recalled Suhani having them and smiles, then turned upset again, for she left the house. Sharad held his shoulder. He questioned for not stopping Suhani. Yuvraj said that he was numb by shock, for he felt like everything was fine and then all of a sudden, after too many hurdles, their elation was coming to a track, becoming normal, and then, as such she walked away. He knew that she didn’t leave his side, that she would be there if he needs her. Sharad asked him to call her back and he couldn’t, for he doesn’t have an answer for her question.

Sharad told him that he loves her, he quoted his actions, but Yuvraj disagrees, because he was sure that if he married Soumya, his life would have been ruined and Suhani stopped it. So he didn’t want to take a decision suddenly. He was in total confusion, because there was a time he felt like he loves Soumya, but he knows that now he doesn’t, so he was not ready to take a decision under emotions. He was confused thinking about relations.

The problem is that he was thinking with his brain, but this is not a brain thing, it is about feeling and is  a heart thing, all he had to do was to just to listen to his heat, but..

Sharad promised him that he will get him out of this mess. The best cupid he is!!

Soumya apologised to Lata for whatever she did with Suhani and became shocked when she saw her at home. Soumya blamed herself for all those, for spoiling Suhani’s life. Suhani consoled her saying that she didn’t come back because of her and thanked her, for by her means, she got to know the truth of her marriage.

Soumya tells her that she feels like Yuvraj loves her, as he tried to stop his marriage with her and always supported her. Pratima, who came in there, also agrees with her. Lata, Pratima and Soumya tire to convince her, but Suhani was not ready. She saw sure that Yuvraj doesn’t love her, she quoted asking him, and Lata told her that everyone won’t be able to express their feelings explicitly. Suhani disagreed with it for she firmly believes that it is friendship in his mind.

Punkaj comes in and tells them about the financial problem Birla are facing now. Suhani thought for a while and understood it was Saxena who is behind all these.

Meanwhile the Birla family were shocked seeing the court notice, and their accounts were blocked, they contacted lawyer and tried contacting Saxena. And Suhani thought right, it was he who was behind all these.

Suhani got angry on Saxena and got determined o punish him, she mention “us”, others smile hearing her, for they all know, how much she tries to consider herself away from Birla family she won’t , because she loved them all by heart and they are her family. Soumya told Pratima that only Suhani can clear the mess and Pratima wondered why she would do it as she broke all her ties with them.

Suhani didn’t say anything, she was in dilemma, she can’t let Birla’s suffer, she wanted to help them but she felt like she can’t or don’t have a relation with them officially.



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