Yuvani, a unique story, part 26

Yuvraj broke the hug; it was an awkward situation for both. Sharad and Saurab smirked seeing them hugging. Yuvraj said that friendly hug is ok, for their plan worked out and this is a big win. Saurab told them hug alone won’t do and only then Yuvani noticed them. Sharad asked them to join the party.

Five of them had a wonderful time on the terrace and the brothers others Yuvraj drank.

Saurab was  a bit over and Sharad led the other two back, leaving Yuvani alone there at the terrace. Suhani stopped Yuvraj, as she wanted to talk to him. She started to saw about relationship and love. She talked about how meet someone, how we start to like them, get close to them and then fall for them. But it is difficult explain ourselves that we are in love and even more difficult to explain this feelings to others. She said all these in a flow, with emotions and Yuvraj was moved by her words, as he thought she was talking about them. But she was talking about Soumya and Krishna, and when she mentioned their names, he was a bit surprised and turned upset. She found him upset but he didn’t tell her the reason, and I feel like he himself didn’t understood why he became upset, and then he left from there.

Everything was fine and happy, but, Saurab spoiled the whole. He, under the influence of alcohol, told Rags about their whole plan! Damn!!

Suhani was sleeping peacefully, she was unaware of their plan being exposed, and Pratima adored her. She looked so peaceful; they had a friendly Ma-beti talk, when that stupid woman called out for Pratima in anger.

She announced the marriage will happen that day and everyone was shocked hearing her. She asked Suhani to decorate the room?? So is too evil!! God, I hate her!

Poor Yuvani, there were so shocked and sad, it was painful to watch their face, and wari java was played again! (1 May 2015)


Yuvraj was sure that something major happened; they didn’t know how to stop all these non sense and were tensed. Suhani excused herself from there.

Rags told Saurab everything and he was shocked. He then went to Suhani and apologised to her. But she was ok with it, she calmed him saying that she is the best brother and comforted him saying that even if they were not successful, they tried to stop something wrong and it is a great thing, and believed all those happened, happened as it was her fate. Poor thing!

It was painful, to see Suhani decorating the room, oops. Yuvraj came there; he became sad seeing her and simply stood there. Snoopy came running and went to the bed. Suhani laughed seeing him, Yuvraj too. And then she saw him and their smile faded. They remised their first and Yuvraj apologised to Suhani for being rude on that day. She told him that Snoopy gave her company, but she was afraid of Snoopy then. He admired her doing all those, for accepting all those without any complaint and asked her how she manages everything. She smiles sadly and said that she is not able to manage everything; she meant their marriage and sat down. He felt like she was talking about stopping the marriage and assured her that even though his plan failed, he won’t get married. She nodded and said that even then their relation is… she couldn’t say anything more and cried.

Boys were so upset and were not getting any ideas, but Suhani came up with a plan. (2 May 2015)

Yuvraj brainwashed Soumya, tried to make her realise the truth and took her to temple. He took her to that temple where he got married to Krishna, they saw Krishna there, and he told the Pandit that he cancelled his marriage as he is still in love with Soumya. She was shocked to hear it and Yuvraj asked her to come back.

Suhani too tried to make her realise the truth and made her ready for the marriage. Soumya was upset and she didn’t know why! (4 May 2015)

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  1. Superb superb miss our ssel the most.. I really loved the brothers dance with Suhani.. All of them are adorable together with Pratima too??

    1. Yuvani

      Yeah, missing ssel,
      Thank you

  2. Super bahuth miss kartha hu yuvani ko….ajj bi hotstar me dehka tha hu yuvani ko…kash ajj bi wo hamara saath he thoo…

    1. Yuvani

      Same, missing them badly,
      Thank you

  3. ItsmePrabha

    that hug part is awesome..and dance with the brothers is fun…and yuvani scenes are always blissful..

    1. Yuvani

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