Yuvani, a unique story, part 19

Yuvani reached home happily, but the case was different their at Birla house. Dadi was there ready with divorce notice. Luckily Saurab came in time and they didn’t have to sign on the original one. But Soumya, what a girl she is, stupid, she was angry with Suhani for not signing he divorce paper, how can she be?

Suhani was unaware of the fake papers and she was forced to sign it then and there, it was sad to see her, poor thing, she was broken!

Yuvraj and Saurab explained about the fake papers to Pratima, and calmed her down. Suhani too heard and was relieved. Yuvraj was determined to make Soumya realise the fact, wow!!

The next morning Anuj told everyone about adarshnari competition, and Dadi told Suhani that she can’t participate, but loved Suhani’s reply, she made it clear that she is eligible to participate in the competition. And it turned out to be a part of Yuvraj’s plan, of which Suhani was unaware but still managed everything nicely. Loved it when he said that Suhani would always get to know about the things! Cute it was. (17 April 2015)

Ragini, Soumya and Menka have become completely arrogant, it was evident from the convo they had with ladies who came with stuffs for the competition, what do they think of themselves? God knows, I mean they found their ignorance as their plus pints, fools. Loved Suhani there, she was superb, germ for   person, the ways she answered them was nice.

And at night, as usual Suhani came out to the lawn, but was surprised to see Yuvraj there, he was waiting for her and questioned her about why her coming there at every night, and she said that the she like the peaceful atmosphere and the clear water which makes her feel that everything is perfect and right and he supplemented it by saying that it is like her. Where she said that she was like that but not now and hence used to come there, to become like the old herself. He told her that she is still the same, only situation changed.

Then she asked about Dadi’s interest in the competition and he told her that Dadi’s ego is very important for her and she want to prove the world that Birlas are the best, and this time she wanted to prove that Soumya is better than Suhani, hence in a way the competition was between Suhani and her.

Suhani was a bit worried about the competition and Yuvraj calmed her saying that she is fit for it, she hoped to meet his expectation and he told her that she is perfect herself, and it is he who has to improve so that he don’t give her a chance to blame him, wow!! His just love her yar.

Next day, they reached the site, Pratima and Dadi was confident that they would win it this time, and then the contestants were called up on the stage. They were greeted by the same ladies who came to them the previous day. They, the judges were testing their contestants’ and they were highly disappointed by everyone other than Suhani, Suhani impressed them and hence they awarded her an extra point. It was pleasant scene, to see Yuvraj applauding for her.

Then the competition began, and as Yuvraj expected, Soumya exchanged her box with Suhani, it was not and exchange, she was, in a way trying to get Suhani’s box forcefully, even though the judges stopped her, Suhani was ok with exchanging the box and hence took the box which Soumya took.

It turned out to be lucky as it had the lucky pearl in it, and Suhani gained one more point. Soumya was burning in jealousy and was not able to concentrate on her box, and Ragini made it much more difficult for her, all she could do was to make the thread normal, which was spoiled by Ragini. Suhani made a beautiful show piece out of the vegetables she got; it was wonderful and very innovative. And there was Soumya, she was not able to do anything was blaming Suhani, I just don’t know how, she had gone completely blind!

Judges and Pratima pointed out this to Soumya, in a way there were making Soumya realise the truth of her life, it was exactly what she was doing with her life, first she ran away from the marriage, and made Suhani in it, and now when the life she got turned out to be bad, she came back again and started to blame Suhani, she felt like Suhani steeled her fate, when she herself ran away from it. Idiot.

Judges liked Suhani’s show piece, the competition was going in the way Yuvraj wanted and he knew that Dadi would do anything to make Soumya win, so he went for some work.  (18 April 2015)


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