yuvaani (episode 1)


pratima looks at suhanis pic n cries yuvaani comes and sees her pic and says yuvaans mamma…
yuvani goes
dadi comes

suhanis pic flies out and falls at dadis feet
d-pratima suhanis gone wid her baby she will never comeback
p-but maaji
d-but wht pratima
p-maaji i think we should tell yuvaani about her mother
yuvaani is listening to their convo..she cries
d-pratima ure right but wht about yuvaanis twin?
p-maaji im sure suhani is taking care of him well
d-but pratima…yuvraj did wrong by snatching yuvaani from suhani..she never got her real mothers love
p-but maaji gauri
d-but pratima suhaani why was she kicked out of the house and why was her baby snatched from her?
p-yuvraj also needed his children
d-so u had to litteraly snatch yuvaani from her..its good suhani escaped wid her son..otherwise
p-maaji wht r u saying

d–yuvaani was not given herr mothers love..saumya only loves krishna because she was her real child
p-but suhani did wrong by getting sajan!
d-i know pratima..but im telling yuvraj to tell yuvaani..
(yuvaani hides and is crying)
pov-why?why?im telling yuvaan!i love u suhani birla…thx god u saved yuvaan
he is going out.yuvraj comes n stops her
yni-bye dad!
Yn-why did u do dis to yuvaan?why did u kick his mother out from dis house..not his but my mother also..dad I know everything…..i hate u
She runs crying

They all r shocked
All-yuvaani wait
But she goes
Yuvraj goes out too
Yuvaani asks for suhanis room no
She goes yu comes too..
She rings the bell while yu follows her
s-yuvaan open the door na
yuv-mama its yuvaani (shuts the door)
s-no wait
she opens the door and sees yuvaani bleeding n crying
s-yuv look what u did wht will her mom tell me now
yuv-sry mom!yuvaani wht happened
yni-aunty can I talk to yuv alone(still crying)
suhani goes
yuvaani tells him everything they both cry!

Suhani comes
S-yuvaani wheres ur mamma?i tell her sorry
y-aunty I don’t have a real mamma and I came to know the truth today my dad through her out wid my brother
s(cries)-don’t cry (hugs her)
yni-why r u crying mamma?
Yuvaani and yuvaan hug her
Yuv n yni-we love u mamma ,we don’t care if papa doesn’t love u
Suhani cries and hugs yuvaani and says my daughter
Yni-yes mamma,I heard dadi n bigdadi talking how my father did wrong wid u!
s-no ur father didn’t do wrong wid me I killed gauri and Krishna
both-no u didn’t
yni-im cmg to stay wid u n bring her stuff
s-no beta !u both go to ur father I don’t need ull
someone knocks /its yuvraj

yuv opens the door and says mama my hero
yni-not hero…betraying father yuvaan he is the one responsible for ur moms state..
suhanis is still crying at yuvraj goes to her and says suhani
s-yuvraj n hugs him
another knock-this time its gauri and Krishna
yu-u both alive how?
Yuv-gauri bua n hugs her
g-we both lived but after what u did wid suhani..and yuvaan we stayed wid suhaani and sharad ever since
k-ya and seeing u n saumya moving on..we decided for the best..and raised up yuvaan n golu
Everyone leaves except yu and s
(they hug)
Their children see them happy and hug them…
Birla house

d-who r u?
yni-dadi he is my bro n fake mamma I have a good news for u
saumya-fake mamma?who is he?
Yni-I know…I know…everything….n I got krishnas real father for her
Krishna(girl)-real father wht r u saying fake mamma
Big Krishna enters
And hugs him
They hug
d-krishna u alive?wheres gauri
g-right here!
Come yuvaan n krishana lets go we”ll be late to catch our flight back home …and bhavna di and sharad bhai will be waiting for us lets go and we have to pickup suhani
g-dare u say my name dadi all dis happened bez of u we were in that same hospital….thats why suhani n vyu don’t know about their other children

yni-even im coming wid u and Krishna and her mother is coming too.we don’t want to live wid big dadi n dadi
pratima cries

they leave

Credit to: Ria Mishra

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  1. super ya its interesting but it won’t happen in serial.they drag the story in serial

  2. Hey I really love your fanfiction but in next episode before writing can u please tell us who the initials stand for?? Who is y? Who is yuh? Who is yuv? Everyone please it’ll be more clear but keep writing I loved it and I want the real serial to go like this I hope directors get some idea from these fanfictions haha

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