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yuvaani and ishra-the taste of our love episode 3
yuvaani n yuvaan are in the camp.yuvani and yuvaan r in one room.they both are writing letters to their unknown parent and when they finish their convo starts..they dial their parents but forget to end the call
yu-yuvaan ,yni-yuvani,yuv- yuvraj,s-suhani,d-dadi,sh-sharad,sa-saurabh
yu-yuvaani who r u writing this to
yni-first u say na?
yu-to my dad
yni-im writing to my mom
yu-u don’t stay with both your parents?
yni-no!u also na
yu-ya.i really wish to live with both of them
yni-i got an idea.i really like lets ask our parents to marry
yu-its not that easy my mom only loves my dad.she said she will never marry.
yni-okay i got an idea lets call them and ask first ur mom
suhani cuts the call
they call her again(the phone is o speaker
s-hi beta
yu-hi mom
yni-hi suhani aunty
(yuvraj gets shocked hearing her name)
s-hi yuvani
yu-mamma will u marry?
s-wht no never
yu-why mamma?
s-bec i luv only ur dad
yni-okay aunty tell us his name
s-why beta?
yni-aunty bec i and yuvaan want u 2 marry my dad
s-i cant marry im aldready married
yni-then let us fix your marrige
s-no beta !its okay bye!
the call ends
raman,ruhi n pihu have come to lucknow for some work
they r in a mall
adi and his gf aliya are fighting(aliya has a twin annika they are look alikes)
al-but adi i cant have 2 mils and no fil.
a-but i love both my moms very dearly.
al-so u mean
a-ya.for u ,u are doubting my moms.they are the best in the world. and if u love my dad so much go away.i know u want only raman bhallas fame.but get this aliya i hate him.he snatched both my moms happiness
al-so u want to break up haan?
a-ya aliya
al-so then annika
a-what annika
al-u will
a-ya i will she atleast respects shagun mamma and ishima and she hates raman bhalla .she is perfect but i told her to wait for u?who u?the one who wants raman bhallas fame
(raman,pihu and ruhi are listening to dis)
r-raman ,ru-ruhi
r-who wants my fame
adi and aliya get shocked seeing him and turn to go
al-adi,lets break up go and love my sis ill go for shravan
adi and aliya hug and go in separate directions
annika comes there
an-adi are u done thinking
a-ya.annika i luv u
an-but aliya di
an-that fatty
they laugh
a-he was my brother tho
an-oh sorry but was?
a-ya..because nothing i hate him now.and ishima said break all relations with iyer family because of paati.and shagun mamma said to break relations with everyone exept her,manoj uncle and ishima.
an-sorry adi,now i have to go home
r-adi beta wait!
a-for whom u?
r-for ruhi and pihu!
r-ruhi is alive and pihu is the baby
a-the baby who ishima saved her life and got taunted by you and boths families.we don’t need u and manoj uncle is giving me and ishima good support.bye
ru-adi bhaiya wait!
a-u alive?well i hate u
p-pls adi bhaiya
a-only for u pihu!come to my home everyone would be glad to see u!ruhi u can come 2 but u cant reveal ure identity and raman bhalla stay away from us
episode ends


  1. Nice dr….

  2. NiCe but please extend more Yuvani part

  3. jasmine Rahul

    suhani refused 2 marry without knowing that its yuvraaj.adi n his gf aaliya fight over his 2 moms n he broke up n went 2 his twin she really better than alia?adi met raman n ruhi but hate them 4 what raman did 2 ishita.but y does he hate ruhi?bcz in her name raman deserted ishita?waiting 4 ishita meeting ruhi n pihu

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice one……

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