note:this ff is after the leap in both the shows,where the lead pairs are seperated because of misunderstandings created by dadi and nidhi respectively.but in yhm only the lead pairs are seperated and ruhi and pihu live with raman ,adi,shagun and manoj and their daughter with ishita.

in ssel yuvraj has yuvaani and suhani has yuvaan and yuvraj and saumya are not together because krishna(her husband)is alive and they live happily and only gauri had been belived to be died but is alive shocked to know about suhaani,so she never returns home and she lives with saumya and krishna in usa.so in ssel and yhm the lead couples are living alone.unlike in the show with mani and saumya.raman and yuvraj live in allahabad and suhani and ishita live in luknow .they don’t know each other but their friendship will be mentioned later in this ff.in both the unitings the children will play an important role.the lead couples love each other dearly and miss each other but never confess.so let me give u an intro in ssel-suhani is blamed for gauris death and she goes into labour and delivers 2 babies but dadi forces the nurse to tell suhani one baby has died.so suhani and yuvraj never no about their other baby and there is no hatred between them and then the show takes a leap.and in yhm(this is my version)ishita is blamed for ruhis and pihus death and she leaves the house with adi and shagun.ruhi and pihu are saved by abhishek.ruhi is in shock knowing about her ishima ,adi bhaiya and shagun mamma.their family broke.a leap here as well with shagun and manoj having a baby daughter and adi living happily with his moms.

Credit to: yuvaani and ishra fan

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  1. Nice…intro…looking frwd for ur ff..

    1. yuvaani and ishra fan

      thx u so much i have updated the second part it will be uploaded soon

    1. yuvaani and ishra fan

      thx u so much

  2. jasmine Rahul

    i duno much about suhani’s show.But from here I realized that Yuvaani r separated due to mu created by dadi.How can dadi be so cruel snatching d baby from her?Why Suhani is away if Yuvraj does’nt hate her?Ishita with Shanoj,adi,n their daughter.wow!glad that ruhi n pihu r saved by Abhishek.Waiting 4 the characters’ meet.Loved how u joined 2 shows which had leap.
    How many parts r u planning 4 this ff?

  3. Its really interesting…

  4. yuvaani and ishra fan

    thx u so much

  5. yuvaani and ishra fan

    hi….i have updated the 2nd part it will be uploaded soon

  6. Nice yaar…….Really Interesting…………

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