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The episode starts with inspector informing Mona that Ms. Smriti’s last call was to you. She says line was not clear. He says you spoke to her for 60 seconds. She says I was trying to speak, but line was not clear. He says Smriti is missing since last night after you spoke to her and asks how does you know her. She says she came for a college sponsorship and called to thank me. She had called office number, and once I got a message, I called her back. He shows Smriti’s phone and says I got it from your car and asks to tell the truth. Mona asks if she can speak to Smriti’s father.

Kapil gives Mona’s laptop to Dharmesh and Ashish, gets his price and leaves. Ashish says his BP rises when he sees this man’s face.

Anand calls detective and asks if he got any

info about Mona. He says even he is searching her, her phone is not reachable. Anand thinks she must be in trouble. Yudh informs Anand that situation is out of control as home minister has asked for an enquiry. Anand asks about Dabra. Yudh says he has asked him to hide out. Rishi’s secretary calls Yudh and informs that police came in search of Dabra. He says he will send Anand to handle them.

Ajju says Gauri that Taruni may get into a problem if she stays with Yudh and asks Gauri to call back she gets a call from Taruni.

Nayan calls Ranjan and says she has a good business plan with which even he can benefit. Ranjan informs Rishi about the security business and says he can hire many people from his father’s constituency. Rishi says if you know everything, then why are you informing me about this. Ranjan says we can build a good plan and discuss it with Yudh. Rishi says Yudh won’t agree to it. Ranjan says if the business establishes, he can get out of Yudh’s business. Rishi says he should be an actor and says if Nayan wrote and gave him to tell recite this plan.

Mona apologizes Smriti’s father for her mistake of not informing about Smriti and informs about Kapil coming back. Inspector asks where is he now. Mona goes to her home, sees him in room and informs inspector that he is at home. She then calls Debu and Rishab to her room, gives them chocolate, locks them in her room. Inspector comes and asks Manju where is Kapil Singh. She asks what is the matter. He says he raped a minor girl. Kapil tries to run from there, but police catches him and drags them with them. Kapil goes saying he is innocent. Manju asks Mona to do something. She hears kids sound from room and asks if she called police and then slaps Mona.

Gauri’s husband sees her tensed and says everyhing will be alright. Gauri says she knows yudh won’t let Taruni in any problem, but Yudh’s world is different, construction, business, it is a dangerous world and she is very afraid. He says he is enquiring Gautam Dev and Yudh may be involved with him. Gauri says that means Taruni should get out this soon.

Inspector informs home minister that Dabra is missing. Minister says we have to find Dabra soon to gain confidence from adivasis.

Taruni informs yudh that burn specialist has told girl is out of danger and operation is successfull. She informs the same to girl’s father. Father thanks Taruni and Yudh for their help. Yudh says it happens with parents and says anger makes things worse, all is well when end is well. Inspector comes and asks Taruni to come with him for bomb blast investigation as she is company’s CEO. Yudh says he is owner of the company and to question him, but inspector does not listen to him and take her with him. Rishi’s secretary informs him about Taruni’s arrest. Inspector asks Taruni where has she hidden Dabra. Taruni says she saw him last in police station, so he must know about Dabra. She gets a call from Gauri and informs her that police has arrested her for enquiry as she is a company CEO. She gets tensed and gives phone to Ajju, but phone switches off after battery drain. Gauri informs about it to her husband who also gets tensed. Rishi calls Ankit and asks how is he. Ankit says he was trying to meet him and asks if the kidnapping drama was stage one. Rishi says it was real and he spent 36 hours in jungle. Ankit says he knows it was a drama as he knows from childhood. Rishi says him go to hell and says he suffered a lot by nalaxite which he can’t understand. Ankit asks him to write a script about it. Rishi angrily cuts his call.

Manju says Mona that Kapil cannot do this and says she is jealous that she is married, so she is trying to ruin her marriage. Mona gets shattered hearing that and goes out of house. Manju asks her father to find a good lawyer.

Anand informs Yudh that lawyer is on the way. Yudh says without charges being filed, he cannot help us. Anand asks if he should talk to home minister. Yudh says he is the one behind it. Anand says he will try to compromise with him. yudh asks not to do that. Anand gets Mona’s call who informs him someothing.

Nayan searches Rishi at home, but is nowhere found. She calls him and his phone is also not reachable.

Manju’s lawyer checks at police station and informs that Smriti is still missing and police arrest on Mona’s statement and Kapil can be released if Mona takes back her statement.

Nayan is tensed about Rishi missing. Maid gives Rishi’s bag and says taxi driver gave it saying rishi left it in his car and he dropped him at airport. Nayan says he went back.

Mona’s father requests her to take back her statement. Mona says girl is still missing and Kapil must have murdered him by now. Father says may be girl was behind Kapil. Mona is shocked to hear that from his father.

Yudh says why did not we anticipate rival’s move and Taruni is suffering because of our mistakes. He gets a call and asks Anand to check. Lady says state intelligence has a memo that ALIF naxalites are behind bomb blast. He asks who is she. She cuts the call without saying anything. Anand informs about it to Yudh and says home minister must be having this info, but he is taking out grudge against us. Yudh asks him to get that memo.

Anand meets intelligence officer and requests him to give him a memo copy. Officer says he cannot give it. Anand asks then what info he can give him. He says he can inform that a memo has been sent to home ministry office.

Anand then meets lady who called him at a temple and says his man will give her kids poison and wants memo. She says where it is. Anand asks his man to get the papers. Yudh checks memo paper and asks Anand to give it to press. Anand says we should not fall into politics and just threaten home minister. Rishi reaches there and says dad is telling truth, we should stop home minister at once and says he wants to run the company like Yudh wants and says we have to be courageous and fight the naxalites and make our workers courageous. Yudh calls Nayan and informs that Rishi is with him. Nayan asks him to let him be there and not to send him back.

Police van drops Taruni back. Yudh and Rishi think Anand must have sent memo to news channels. Yudh calls Anand and informs about Taruni reaching home back after the memo news release. Anand says he did not yet give it to news channels and released Taruni when minister got news about memo leakout. He says he will stop the news from being aired. Yudh says Taruni and Rishi that we should go back home. Rishi says he will stay back and asks them both to go. Anand informs that news is already aired on news channels.

Yudh and Taruni reach their homes. Yudh says Nayan that Rishi has become responsible now. He go to sleep peacefully.

Precap: Rishi’s friend informs that mine blast was a conspiracy. Inspector arrests Anand. Ashish says Kapil should be charged with kidnapping. Rishi informs Yudh that he wants to invesitage their company’s bomb blast. Police bring Anand to a jungle for an encounter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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