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The episode starts with Yudh calling a press conference and giving a news that he is ill with Huntington’s disease and it is a rare disease. He says his doctor will inform about the disease via con call. Doctor explains about disease and its symptoms. Yudyh says with this illness, he won’t b e able to work like before and he did not want his employees and share holders to get panic. Dr. Mehra’s wife gives a statement that Yudh is not behind Dr. Mehra’s death and his son’s statement was wrong, Dr. Mehra was upset with his son for stealing banned drugs and selling it and to escape from that, he gave false statement.

Yudh appoints his daughter Taruni as a new CEO. Taruni is shocked to hear that. Her boyfriend who is between the reporters sadly leaves from there.


says Ranjan that Taruni snatched her son’s right, but she will not let that happen. She calls Rishi and informs about Taruni becoming CEO of company. Rishi says nothing will happen with that as they are the owners of company.

Taruni says Yudh that she is not okay with his decision. He says the company will run like before, but she will just be a new face of company. Taruni says she does not have time for his company as she has to take care of her hospital. Yudh says she promised Dr. Ganatra that she is her doctor until he finds a new specialist. She says she cannot run her business and says Anand and Mona are there for his help. Yudh says with a bit of experience, she will handle it. She says she is a doctor and wants to be a doctor forever. Yudh says when Gautam sir told me to leave civil engineering and start business, even he used to think the same. Taruni says you were not happy with your life then, but I am happy with my life and do not want to do business.

Anand meets Mona and asks if she is okay. She says is is ok, just a little groggy. They both get into a car, and Anand asks if Kapil is his jija/brother-in-law. She says yes and says she asked him to keep away from her sister as he trapped an underage girl in his school and management sacked him, she did not want her nephews to get a bad upbringing, so she asked Kapil to leave her sister and nephews. Now, he has come back and is possessing her laptop and phone which has sensitive information. Anand is shocked to hear that.

Kapil reaches home and meets his wife. She gets emotional seeing him. He tells her a fake story of his memory loss.

Mona reaches home and is shocked to see Kapil at home. Kapil hugs her and says he will threaten her daily if she opens her mouth.

Taruni asks Gauri why Yudh chose her as CEO. Ajju says he wants someone who has a clean image. Taruni says maybe dad wants someone who does not want to take advantage of him and be near him.

Yudh attends Dr. Mehra’s funeral. He sees Ashish there and asks what is he doing. He says he is attending Anuj Malik’s funeral. Yudh meets Dharmesh, gives his condolences and asks if he can do something for him. Dharmesh asks him to bear another child as his first one will not leave longer. Anand says Nikhil Pardesi is behind it.

Yudh gets a call from his Cindy that Taruni has come to meet him. He gets happy hearing that and asks her to make Taruni sit there and give her some files. Puppet says he will destroy Taruni along with him.

Rishi meets his friends cricket team and invites them for a party at his house. Naxalites hear that and inform their subordinates about it.

Taruni calls Dr. Ganatra and asks if Dr. Mehra was having Yudh’s another file. He says no. She says Gauri it is possible that Ajju is telling right that Yudh’s clean image is just his show off. Gauri says the Yudh which she knew would not do that, maybe he is compromising due to business pressure.

Nayan angrily asks Yudh if he wants to have food here or somewhere else and says her son is suffering in a village. Yudh says he took a right decision and asks her to serve food.

Rishi is busy partying with his cricket team. His manager asks him till when the party will last as he has to reach home. His friends take him out of house once manager goes and take him to a jungle. He gets lost in the jungle in darkness and his friends start searching him.

Yudh gets a call that Rishi is being kidnapped. He informs Nayan who starts crying, saying it is her fault. Taruni hears their conversatiion and tries to console Nayan. Nayan alleges her and says it is because of her, Yudh sent him to jungle and made her CEO. Yudh calls collector and informs about Rishi being kidnapped. He says he will reach there soon.

Anand is busy preparing food for his son. He gets a call from Yudh about kidnap. Ranjan’s wife informs him about Rishi’s kidnap. Anand’s son sets fire and starts enjoying. Preeti sees it and gets panicked, she scolds nurse for her mistake who says she went out informing Anand. Preeti vigorously cries holding her son.

Taruni asks Ranjan’s wife to console crying Nayan who asks her to relax and get her clothes packed. Nayan asks her to check Yudh instead. Taruni gives medicines to Nayan and informs Yudh about it. He says she has to come with him. She says Nayan will not like it. He says she is her doctor and should be with him. Taruni informs about it to her mother who permits her and asks her to keep informing.

Police interrogate Rishi’s cricket team. Yudh thanks collector for her help. Inspector informs collector that Rishi befriended with tribal children who made this plan. He says Yudh that they had planned it since a long time and they have to search the whole jungle.

Rishi whose hands and feet are tied asks naxalites to free him. Naxalite instead slaps him. She informs her subordinate about her location.

Localites meet Yudh and requests him to ask police to release their children. Yudh says it is police matter. Localities say they did not help naxalites, even then police arrested their kids. Once police come there, localities try to roughen them. Inspector asks them to calm down. He brings a mediator Gopal with him and let him meet Yudh and Anand.

Police start their interrogation with sniffer dogs. Inspector says he will interrogate adivasi kids again. Rishi asks naxalite why did they kidnap him. Lady naxalite says they need a share in his business. Rishi says he just came a few days ago and does not know anything about it, asks them to release him. Lady slaps him again.

Yudh asks Gopal if he is a negotiator and how will he help him. Gopal says he knows the area well and knows how to tackle it. Yudh says he will do his best to release his son. Gopal says he is thinking wrong and asks what he wants to do with adivasi kids. Anand says once Rishi is release, we will free them and in turn adivasis will help them. Gopal says they should not do that and use the situation in their favour as it is the best time to provoke adivasis against naxalities. Yudh says he does not have time for politics. Gopal says it is strategy, not politics. Anand takes Gopal with him saying he will listen to him as Yudh has to make important calls.

Precap: Manoj informs that naxalities are demanding 20 crores. Manju asks Mona if she is hiding something from her. Kapil sells Mona’s laptop to Dharmendra. Yudh says Manoj he can do anything for his son. Bomb blasts in mining area and Yudh informs it to collector.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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