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The episode starts with Rishi playing cricket with some boys. He send the photo to his mom Nayantara. She thinks Rishi is enjoying well. Ranjan tells her that Taruni came back in their life and it is matter of worry for her. Nayantara asks him not to doubt her. Ranjan says ok. Kavita tells that there is something and asks her not to worry. She will handle it. Mona says if there is anything for her to do then let her know. ok. Ashish comes to Dharmendra and says your son is alive. I wants to take revenge. He asks, how can the camera reached the crime scene and says YS is behind it. Dharmendra says, he don’t want a revenge, but his son back and has full faith that Anuj will come out clean. Mona calls Yudh and informs him about meeting Kavita. Anuj is in jail.

Kavita and Mona meet in a club. Kavita

tells her that she had a great time and asks her not to hesitate for anything. Jail inmates play cricket and start the fight. Mona sits in the car and about to leave. Abhay keeps his hand on her mouth. Mona tries to get herself free from his grip. Anuj watches the fight. Police controls the jail inmates. One of the jail inmates comes and says commissioner saheb greeted you. He slashed his neck making him die. Abhay does something to Mona and takes her photo. He asks her dead body to smile. Dharmendra gets a call informing him about Anuj’s death. He gets shocked and teary eyed. He asks, how and why? He cries taking Anuj’s name.

Doctor informs Dr. Mehra’s family that Dr. Mehra is dead. They cry.

Taruni is seeing the news and says News channel is after her Dad. He asks her to get real and says he is a successful builder and he must have done illegal work. Taruni says, her dad can’t do anything wrong. He asks her will the day come when you will trust me fully. Taruni says don’t know. Dr. Mehra’s son tells the Inspector that he took Ys’s name. His papa was scared and knows something would happened to him. Media takes his interview. Ashish tells Dharmendra that someone give him clue over phone to use him and looks at Dr. Mehra’s son. Kavita tells her boss that it was a baseless story and they need proofs. He shows her Dr. Mehra’s son interview. Kavita looks shocked.

Yudh and Nayantara are having dinner. Nayantara asks him about Taruni indirectly. Yudh says, she came to see me. Nayantara says, so many doctor are there in the city. Yudh says, he needs a trustable Doctor and he appointed Dr. Taruni inplace of Dr. Mehra. Nayantara asks him to tell her fully about his illness and asks why you are hiding.

Yudh says, he just wants the doctors not to take his advantage. He says, atleast they can’t fool them because of Taruni. Nayan sees him on TV and tells Yudh. Yudh sees the news. He sees Dr. Mehra’s son interview doubting him and gets shocked. Yudh gets angry and says Mona didn’t do anything. He calls Mona who is dead in her car. He says, she is untraceable. He says, he is lying and gets upset. He starts breathing fast. Nayan sees him. Rishi calls Nayan and asks about the news. Nayan asks him to return home. Yudh takes the phone and talks to Rishi. Rishi asks him to tell him what is happening as he saw the news. Yudh says, there was some misunderstanding with the media and asks him not to worry. Rishi tells about his work and says he is enjoying work. Yudh says, business is important for us and I have hopes on you. Rishi says ok and disconnects the call.

Gauri is seen having dinner with her family. Jeet tells them that Dr. Mehra is no more and his son give the statement against Yudh. Taruni says, she can’t believe. She says Yudh’s condition was really bad that day and he couldn’t kill him. Her boyfriend Ajju says may be he knows that you can treat him well. Taruni says, he is suffering from a serious disease and she is treating him because of the case files. Ajju says, we are making it more dramatic. Taruni goes to her room.

Nayan tells Yudh that he should have tell Rishi about his illness and they would have get him treated in US. Servant gives phone to Nayan. Taruni calls Nayan and asks about Yudh. She says, I heard about Dr. Mehra and that’s why called you. He shall not take stress. Nayan replies that she is still alive and asks her not to take tension. She disconnects the call. Gauri asks Taruni about YS’s illness.

Anand comes and asks Nayan about Yudh. He says he will talk to him. Nayan asks him about the news. Anand says, don’t know who is targetting Yudh. We have enemies, but don’t know who is behind all this. Yudh comes and asks Anand where is Mona. Anand says, her phone is not reachable. Yudh gets angry.

Anand tells Yudh that the lawyer who was seen with Rahul Mehra had filed the bail papers for Anuj Malik. Yudh says, what do you want to say that Lawyer is with Dharmendra Malik. He says that Anuj was killed in Jail and Dharmendra is very angry. Someone is using him. Yudh asks, who? and starts thinking. He says, the person who is playing this game waited for Dr. Mehra’s death and then brought Rahul in the front. Everyone will believe Rahul now. You are right Anand. The person who is behind this is very clever. Anand speaks to someone and he looks at the girl. He says, if he is Rahul’s friend then why she didn’t come to his house when Dr. Mehra died.

Anand asks him to keep an eye on her. The girl come to Rahul and asks him to give something. Anand comes there and sees the video. Anand shows the video to Dr. Mehra’s wife. Yudh tells her that Rahul was selling Dr. Mehra’s medicines in black. He tells that he was not having any enemity with Dr. Mehra. He was his friend. Dr. Mehra’s wife asks him will Rahul will be framed now. Anand says, we can show this video to everyone. Yudh says no and makes her trust him that he never had any enemity with Dr. Mehra. Anand asks Yudh, why did you promise Dr. Mehra’s wife that we will not give any proofs to the police. He says, New channel will ruin us. Taruni asks, why you are hiding this. She asks them to call the press conference and make Yudh’s illness known to public.

Taruni tells Ajju that she is helping Yudh in something. Ajju says, you will be pained and says you know what do I mean. Taruni says I know. Whenever I meet him. I feel he is very helpless. I wants to help him. No one can help him. Please try to understand. He says, what will happen if your trust breaks. Taruni says, her dad is not wrong. Ajju says, everyone has a secret life.

He says, he just wants to safeguard her from the future pain. She gets a call from Anand. She says, she will reach there in sometime. She tells Ajju that she is not a kid and don’t need his sympathy. She leaves. She takes an auto. Someone follows her and shoots at her rickshaw. Rickshaw turns over. Anand asks about Mona and says she is unreachable. Taruni gives the statement to the police. Auto driver gets killed. Taruni cries hugging Ajju. She tells the Inspector that she needs to go for urgent work. She tells Ajju that she needs to go to Shanti constructions for press conference. Ajju argues with her to come to the hospital. She says, she needs to go. She comes to Yudh’s office. Anand asks her to check so that they can start.

Yudh comes to give the press conference and asks for Mona. Anand says, her phone is not reachable still. Yudh says, he is reading the statement without showing it to Mona. Anand says, everything is fine. Yudh says, he called the press conference for some reason. He says, Dr. Mehra was his personal doctor and was treating him. He tells about the missing file which has some secrets. He says, we kept quiet and waited for the right time. He says, everything will be clear to you now. He starts sweating and tells the media that he is ill and………

Yudh says, new CEO will be……Taruni says, I can’t handle the business and don’t wany to try. Nayan cries accusing Taruni. Mona tells Anand that he had some sensitive information about her. Someone hugs Mona.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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