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The episode starts with Yudh being taken in an ambulance with oxygen mask on and Anand by his side. He is short of breath and asks Anand where is Taruni. Anand says she is fine and is in another ambulance. Yudh goes unconscious while murmuring Taruni’s name.

Nayan is having dinner with Rishi and Ranjan. She calls Yudh, but he does not pick his call. Ranjan asks her to request Yudh and get him some work. She says she will with a condition that he should not meet Rishi. Rishi interrupts, but she stops him by saying mama/Ranjan’s days are gone now.

Yudh gets well after an injection and asks Anand about Taruni. He says she is fine and asks how did he know about the building disaster beforehand. Yudh says a person informed him yesterday night. Anand asks how did he know that Taruni

was in that hospital. He says she met him yesterday and asks where is she now. Anand says she is in next floor and takes him to meet her. Yudh sees Gauri there who says Taruni was lucky that you were there to save her and this hospital is also good. He asks her not to worry about bill. She says she will not, but when Taruni wakes up, she would like to shift to a govt hospital from here. He requests not to do that. She asks him to convince Taruni and her dad, Jeet. Jeet comes there and informs that he got a bed for Taruni in govt hospital. Yudh requests him not to take taruni from this hospital, but Jeet says a govt worker cannot afford this costly hospital. Yudh sadly moves from there with Anand.

Yudh meets commissioner who checks report and says there was no fire eruption or any other natural calamity in the hospital. Yudh asks how can such a strong building fall. Commissioner says as he said maybe structural damage and says he will ask for an enquiry and let panel decide the matter.

Mona wakes in the morning with Anand’s call who informs her that there is a big story being published. Contractor sees Anand in a park and asks how is he. Anand shows him news about hospital building collapse and reporter telling it was because of structural damage and builder’s fault. Contractor says it was not structural fault, someone made it collapsed purposefully, though not him. Anand says it must be his son then.

A man greets Mona happy birthday and gives her a packet saying it has evidence how hospital collapsed and runs from there. Mona tries to follow him, but he flees in his car.

Nayan wakes up in the morning and sees Yudh reading paper. She asks when did he come and where was he whole night, how did he get head injury, says his legs must have stiffened. He says he had been to hospital and fell down. She asks what happened, tell the truth. He says general hospital which we built collapsed. She asks why did not he inform her, she would have sent Rishi. He says they must have been busy partying with mama. She says he is my brother and says she was thinking to let Rishi handle mining work. He says it is good, he will go and work outside now with responsibility. She asks who will ask her if he goes. She says he is there. She says you have many people to take care of, why will you think about me. Yudh says he wants to tell her something, but stops when he gets a call.

Anand hurriedly enters Yudh’s office and sees Yudh and Mona watching hospital collapse’s evidence CD. He asks who is this person who is helping us. Yudh says he does not know and asks Mona to call press conference as he wants the whole world to see this CD. Anand says we already have a lot of enemies and should not increase more. He suggests him to give this CD to contractor, who in turn will help him and become his friend. Yudh says he cannot someone let his and his company’s name tarnish.

Anand informs Mona that he hired sketch artist to draw helper’s sketch and asks her to give description. Yudh starts press conference, tells them that hospital bilding collapsed because of explosiona and not because of structural damage. He asks Mona to play the video. He then sees a clown sitting on teh chair and laughing. He hand starts shaking involuntarily and goes from there asking Anant to handle it. He sees the same clown asking him to sit and finish conference.

Somone takes video clip of Rishi enjoying with a girl in a night club and sends it to contractor’s son. Son sees it and says no matter whatever circus Yudh does, he cannot win. Contractor asks commissioner who is sitting there not to encourage his son and says they will be in trouble if Yudh loses his control.

Nayan and Ranjan are watching building collapse news. She asks him to accept job of their company guest house’s caretaker. He asks if he can speak to Yudh. She says no. Ranjan then sees 3 culprits on news channel, looks at them closely and goes from there.

Doctor checks up Yudh and asks him to take medicine and rest, else his condition will get more worse. He gives him mild sedative. Yudh takes it and falls asleep. He then hears clown’s laughing voice, wakes up and asks him to leave him alone. Clown says he is going to die and to find his song before that. He holds his collar and says he does not want to die. It is doctor whose collar he is holding. Doctor gives him injection, and Yudh falls asleep. Doc calls Dr. Mehra and asks him to come quickly.

Ranjan is waiting outside Yudh’s hospital room. He sees Anand and asks when will jijai wake up. He says he does not know and asks Ranjan not to inform about it to Nayan. Ranjan says he wants to inform Yudh that he knows those 3 people as they were in jail with him. Anand is surprised to hear that, shows him helper’s sketch and asks if he knows him. Ranjan says no. Anand asks if the can find out who sent these 3 culprits. Ranjan says people do this for money and he also needs money. Anand asks if he cares about his family. Ranjan calls him jija ke chamche and says he needs money to hide the secret and to find out who sent these culprits.

Yudh gets into a car with Anand and asks him how much he knows. Anand asks what? Yudh says let us go to office, I need to talk to you. Anand says let us go home as you are not feeling well. Yudh says he wants to meet someone before that. He meets Taruni who thanks him for helping her in time and asks why did Dr. Ganatra came to meet you. He says he came to discuss about health science institute and he even needs your opinion. She says sure. He says I am tired now, asks her to take care and leaves from there. Jeet sees him walking out of hospital.

Yudh reaches home. Nayan asks him why does he work hard at this age. Yudh asks her to sit as he wants to tell her something important. Rishi comes there and asks Nayan to help her in packing. Yudh asks him to wake up early in the morning. She leaves with him.

Anand is at his home. He gets Mona’s call who says he would have come to her birthday party. He says he wanted to spend some time with his son and asks her to enjoy her party. He thenk starts chatting with his son.

Yudh sleeps before Nayan returns. He gets a dream about clown who asks if he remembers him. He says his he will get relief from all this pain. Yudh asks if he thinks his life is pain. Clown asks who does he is most worried about. He says he is worried about his family. Clown says they have enough money to enjoy their whole life and says he is worried that his son cannot handle his business and says his dream of health institute will not fulfill and says people are waiting you to die and conquer everything. Yudh wakes up, profusely sweating and looks at his feet.

Precap: Minister informs the winner of mining contract. Yudh speaks to commissioner and says one’s hands should get dirty by hardwork, not his face. News reporters says Shanti constructions’s CD is fake. Yudh gets a call from someone that he got a threat call from naxalites. He speaks to Anand and asks if he knows what it means.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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