YRKKH….Sanju’s Back Intro


Hallo Guys!u saw yesterday’s precap right?Sanju’s back……
in my ff is naksh and sanju bec i know u hate tara…i hate her too….

charecters -all yrkkh

naksh-a sweet romantic boy
tara-his ugly wicked fiance
sanju-u know her(she needs no intro)
yash-sanjus jealous ex-boyfriend

do u like it?if u do read ahead!!!tell me if u want nara or nanju?!…for now im going nanju ure comments will tell me if i want to change…thxxxx uuu!!!
im going to keep first yash and sanju but they will break up later
My FF starts here….

yrkkh 4 april 2016 ending…..

Rajshri-ask me who it is not where it is?
naksh-say na plz..
akshara-ya mom!say na we r getting late….
(they move)
(he hugs her)
sanju-hi….r u happy…afterall ure bestfriend is there for ure
n-thx u!
(they leave)
(in the bus)
sanju climbs in but no one notices her…
naira-lets go …after all bhai ki shaadi hai na…
s-lets go…
(mishti spots her and runs somewhere)
m-yash bhai ure gf has come
y -where?
(they hug)
everyone smile
naira and mishti hugs her too…

(she sees kuhu)
s-she looks like varsha aunty na?
who is she?
kuhu cries
(akshara hugs her)
s-sorry!!who is she?
a-she our friends daughter..
s-okayyy (hugs kuhu)
everyone smile
(they reach tara ‘s village )
they all see arangements..they r happy
tara and her family comes
dada ji-welcome!singanias and mashewaris….
(he sees yash and sanju talking happily)
who is that
nandani-she is naksh’s best friend and …(stammers)
mohit-and yash’s gf
(yash and sanju smile)
ure so beautiful why r u marring a dumbo like naksh?tara gets shocked…she sees naksh upset
sanju looks at naksh and says-my baby got angry!sorry!!!and hugs him(tara n hr family looks on shocked)
y-lets go get some food
s-ya..(all kids go…yunju holds hand..tara holds naksh’s too…but he leaves hers….she gets shocked…..

precap-tara accuses sanju of breaking her marrige…sanju cries….naksh supports her…and hugs her..

spolier–tara’s nature changes..she will become devil
comments below!!

Credit to: nishka kapoor

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  1. but why nishka,mmmm but OK nice.

  2. i will go for naksh n sanju….a romantic pair :-* :-* :-*

  3. Really yaar when I saw the leap and also saw sanjana I thought she would be the love interest of naksh but aside lying it turned into tara . I was like what the hell?anyways into is nice continue nanju

  4. it s” but instead it turned into tara”

  5. ananya shinde

    awesome episode nishka btw i like naksh and sanju plz continue !

  6. Abdul Hannan

    I love it I hate Tara in this show you have done a awesome job next one post quickly and longer I love it

  7. Abdul Hannan


  8. I actually like tara now I didn’t before but now I do

  9. I think naksh will marry sanju may be this will be a twist in show on upcoming episodes

  10. Nanju sounds cute..pls continue..?

  11. Please can u wrote it like amena in paragraphs!??

  12. sarayu (honey)

    awesome, keep going

  13. Please change Tara naksh needs more beautiful girl to pairup sanju and Yash are best

  14. zuha(Asya Fan)

    plz Yasju and nara plzzzzzz

  15. Naksh and Tara is the perfect pair not sanju plzz …I hate sanju …?

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