YRKKH – Pyaar – Chapter 6

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RECAP: Naira and Karthik are wonderfully welcomed and Karthik is a bit weary on time as he has a romantic day planned. Naira feels slightly upset she is being treated like a guest. The family play games, share stories, and have a great time. Naksh and Karthik bond and high five. Naira oversees Karthiks politeness as he is being patient even though the day is tightly packed. SHe smiles at Karthik, who continues to look at his watch.


Naira wraps up conversation and says they need to go. The Singhania family are slightly disheartened but let her go and thank her for coming.

NAIRA: Shukriya kyu kerehe ho, yeh mera hi ghar hai, aur mujo jab anna hai, tab mai ajowungi, puche bina! (Why are you saying thank you. This is my house, and I will come here whenever I please with asking)

They all laugh but Naira is slightly saddened being treated like a guest again. Akshara smiles at the couple as they exit and they all watch Karthik and Naira leave. Karthik goes into the car and takes his own seat. He then sees Naira opening the door after him but comes out of the car to let her in and do her seatbelt. They smile at each other.

NAIRA: Thanks

KARTHIK: jo sikharahethai, usko paalan karo, madam! (follow what you were teaching madam!)

They laugh and Karthik turns the engine on.

NAIRA: Nai, thanks to banta hai. Tumne pure din plan kiya tha aur yaha bohot wackht ho gayaa (No, I should say thanks, you planned a whole day but we spent a bit too long here)

KARTHIK: Sabkuch plan ke mutabik nai hota hai. (Everything doesn’t go to plan)

He says this as it is what he learned from Nairas mum.

They drive along in a montage and Nairas has opened the window. The wind blows on her hair. Karthik moves a fringe from her face as Naira shuts the window and they stare at each other in love.

NAIRA: Hum log kaha jarehe hai? (Where are we going)

KARTHIK: Meri favourite jagha. Jabhee bhee main gusse mein hu, ya bhee khush hoon, is jagah mujo jaana acha lagta hai. (My favourite place. Whenever I am in anger, or in happiness, this place is the place that I like to go to)

Naira smiles and listens and looks on. She is excited about where they are going.

KARTHIK: Waise, mai tumko kuch pooch sakhta hu? (Can I ask you something)

NAIRA: Kyu nai! (Why not)

KARTHIK: Woh… Dono ghar mai tum bohot alag ho. Kyu? Yahaa aap bolte bhi bohot ho, aur huste bhi zyada ho. (In both houses, you are so different? Why? Here you speak a lot and laugh a lot more than there)

NAIRA: Sach bolo to main yaha ka umeed nai jantee hu. Yaha to mai apnee saaree zindagi dusre andaaz sai rethi thi. Mujhe lagata hai ki humko sirph tora settle karna hai. (To say the truth, I dont know the expectations of home. Here I have spent my whole life in a different way to there. I think I just to settle a bit more)

They smile at each other and continue the drive. Gradually they begin to talk more and they finally reach but Karthik has parked away from the location. He takes Naira out of the car and ties a blindfold around her eyes. Naira holds Karthiks hand and walks along, not knowing what is going on. After they reach, he takes off her blindfold and Naira is amazed at where she is. It is an incredible scenic locations with hills trees and mountains from a distance.

NAIRA: *excited* Sab kuch kitna khoobsurat hai! (everything is so beautiful)

KARTHIK: aapke jitna khoobsurat kuch nai hai.. (nothing is as beautiful as you)

Naira blushes

She walks along and Karthik smiles and follows. Karthik takes Naira to his spot, and they sit and stare at the amazing views. They sit on the fresh green grass and Naira and Karthik hold hands and smile. They spend some time there talking and getting to know each other better.


Amazing preparations are beginning to take place in a castle, 5* venue for Naira’s reception. Both families meet and greet and look at the workers setting everything up to a high standard. Naksh is helping them out by putting confetti on each of the tables. Gayu is on the other side of the table putting flower vases on each table. Gayu turns around and continues walking and accidentally walks into Naksh. Naksh gets annoyed and Gayu gets annoyed by the attitude. Gayu thinks that Naksh is just a helper, and she doesnt know as she missed the wedding. They look at each other in an irritated manner and walk past each other.

Luv and Kush are planning to do something funny for Karthik and Nairas reception and they have planned a performance in front of everyone along with Mishti and Mansi. They rehearse and are very excited.

Some time passes. Gayu is putting silver tinsel like decorations around the hall. Gayu is on a ladder and suddenly trips and falls off the ladder. Naksh holds her from the ladder and stares at her. Gayu frees herself.

GAYU: *with attitude* Thanks.

NAKSH: Sabase pahele main aapko madad kee hai aur aap ravaiya dikha rahe hai! (First I helped you and now you are showing attitude!)

GAYU: Yah achcha hai aap meree madad kee, aap ek puraskaar du? (Good, you helped me, do you want an award?) Aap ko kaun kaam par rakha hai?? (Who hired you?)

Gayu steps back up the ladder and continues preparations. Naksh looks on.


Karthik and Naira now go towards a tram ride. They sit in the tram and do some sightseeing. Karthik puts his arms around Naira. At first Naira feels awkward but then she doesn’t mind. After the tram ride, they go by an ice cream cart and eat ice cream.

KARTHIK AND NAIRA: Pista kulfi please

They said it at the same time.

NAIRA: Tumko bhi yai pasand hai! (You like it too!?)

Karthik nods and they take the ice cream. They eat the ice cream and Naira stares at him in love. Suddenly, a group of tourists crash into Naira and her ice cream drops on her saree. Naira laughs but Karthik is fuming.

KARTHIK: Tum log dekh nai sakhte ho? (Can you guys not see)

The tourists are foreign and do not understand what he said

NAIRA: Apne gusse ko chod do, main jyaada is garmi ki mosum mai tand lag rai hai! (leave your anger, on this hot day, I feel cooler now)

They both laugh. Karthik buys Naira another ice cream and they walk along a path.

–FLIP SIDE– Reception venue

It is now nearing evening. All preparations are getting finishing touches and everyone is excited.

Avinash tries to call Karthik to tell him he can come but the phone isn’t connecting.

–FLIP SIDE– On a hot air balloon

Karthik and Naira have stepped into a hot air balloon. There is an orchestra that welcomes them in. Karthik has pulled Nairas chair out for her and they have taken a seat. Karthik and Naira keep staring at each other on the hot air balloon, and there is no signal for phone calls as they are up high in the sky.

PRECAP: Karthik and Naira are continuing their date. Flip side, in the reception venue, guests are beginning to arrive. A guest asks baadi daadi where the famous couple of the evening are. Badi daadi is annoyed and looks on. Avinash continues trying to call..
What will happen next?

Next episode, the hot air balloon date will continue, I hope you are looking forward to it!

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