YRKKH – Pyaar – Chapter 4

Recap: Singhania family sing Oh Kanha and everyone prays. Daadi tells Naira she has to make something sweet. Daadi tells Surekha she is in charge of the reception. Naira almost drops from the stool but Karthik catches her, they feed each almonds. Surekha tells Daadi. Daadi gets angry at Surekha and Naira. Gayu stops her from feeling upset.


Naira adds the finishing touches to her ras malai and prays to God. She goes to the kitchen. Everyone is sitting and ready apart from Manish.

NAIRA: Papa ko kya hua? (What happened to Manish?)

DAADI: Shayadh woh busy hai. Thik hai nokar dai ayenge. (Maybe he is busy. It’s ok the servants will take it)

Naira nods but on the inside is quite sad.
The woman pass the food around and distribute it. They all sit. Naira sits next to Karthik. Karthik holds Naira’s hand tight under the table. They look at each other and have a romantic moment. Mansi, who is sitting next to Naira, notices that they are holding hands and laughs.

DAADI: Kya hua? (what happened?)

Naira and Karthik go back to normal and smile awkwardly. Naira takes her ras malai and attempts to give it to daadi. Daadi looks at the ras malai and spoils her face. She looks at Surekha who look at Suvarna. Suvarna looks distressed. Naira is confused.

SUREKHA: Woh.. daadi ko unhealthy cheeso nai aacha lagta hai, aur mujko bhi … (Daadi doesn’t like unhealthy things, and I dont either.

DAADI: *sternly looks at Surekha* Par hum yeh kayenge (But we will eat)

SUVARNA: Kyunki tumari peheli mithai hai. *she smiles at Naira* (because its your first sweet)

NAIRA: *smiles* Yeh meri maa ki recipe hai. Pata tumko kaisa lagenga.. (It’s my mums recipe. I dont know if you will like it)

DAADI: Tumarhe cabiliyat pur bharosa karna chahiye. Karna wala kabhi asaful nai hotaa… (Have faith in your abilities. Whoever does so, is never unsuccessful)

They all taste the ras malai. Everyone is expressionless and with their eyes closed. It tastes delicious!

KARTHIK: *in a lower tone* Tum jitni mithi ho, aisa mujko nai laga tha ki aur mithi ho sakhte ho. (The ras malai is even more sweeter than you are)

Naira blushes and smiles. Everyone is silent and continue eating the ras malai and Naira is incredibly happy.
Daadi sees Surekha still eating

DAADI: Humko aisa laga tha kai tumko nai aache lagte hai yeh sab (I thought you didnt like this stuff?)

She smiles. Surekha looks on. Daadi takes money from her pouch to give to Naira.

NAIRA: Shukriya

They carry on eating. They all continue breakfast. After they finish, the servants clear everything up. Karthik and Naira remain on the dinner table and stare at each other. Karthik holds Naira’s hand on the table and they stare. Naira frees herself.

KARTHIK: Mujo kam par nai jana hai, mujo baar lejanahai tumko. (I dont have work, I want to take you out)

Naira is excited as they stand and leave.

–FLIP SIDE– Singhania house.

BADI DAADI: Aaj Jamaisa aur son chudiya aane walai hai na!? (Today son in law and Naira are coming, right?)

AKSHARA: Ji ha, aur sham par reception bhi hai! (Yes, and the reception is this evening too!)

RAJ SHEKHAR: Sab intizam ache tarai seh hogayahonga (All would have been set up well!)

NAKSH: Ha, aur mujko ek surprise bhi plan kiya hai. (Yes, and I have planned a surprise as well.)

Singhania family are excited and look on.

LUV and KUSH dance around excitedly and cheer.


Akshara smiles.

PRECAP: Karthik has planned a full day out with Naira and they have been instructed to only return for the reception. They go to Singhania house and spend time with the in laws. It is taking long even though a great day has been planned. What will happen next?

Thanks for reading, please give me feedback on what else you would like me to add.

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