YRKKH (os)

I don’t like the current track of naira hating akshara and all that so I have decided to write an os that is one shot that has only one episode , this is just a imagination story .
Small naira comes running to railway station and cries , she takes her chain out and tears akshara’s photo from it . she says I hate u mumma , train is about to go , naira gets up and goes towards the train . just then somebody pulls her and gives her a tight slap , it was naitik . naitik says tumne soch bhi kaise liya ki tum hume chod kar chali jaogi princess . naira says papa and hugs naitik . she is crying . she says I am sorry papa , if I don’t go now mumma will send me to jail na . naitik is shocked , he says what , no naira mumma will never send u to jail , so come home and takes naira to home . naira enters singhania house , akshara comes running and hugs naira . she says papa ne sab bataya , how can u even think that I can send u to jail beta . I brought the police because the place where u and papa went was a very dangerous place . rahi bat us din jab mein police se bat kar rahi thi , I was just assuring them that u will speak wid them . naira says mumma and cries . akshara says bas bas bas , now don’t cry , everything is alright . u know sukanya saw vikky and got scaredthat he was a ghost .

vikki is alive . naira says really . akshara says han vikki is alive . naira goes running to her room and shuts the door . all r shocked . all go near the door . akshara says naira beta open the door . a small paper comes outside through the gap . akshara takes and reads the paper , she says isme lika hai sorry mumma , naksh says I will break the door and breaks the door . naira is seen crying , she says please mujhe akele rehna hai . naksh says par . akshara says duggu she is right leave her alone .

After some time naira comes out and hugs akshara , she says I am really sorry mumma , how did I even think that u would send me to jail . akshara says , u understood na that we should always believe in our parents , because they r the ones who gave birth to us and they can never think bad about us .. naira says han , akshara says the forget all these things and we will be as we were before ok princess . naira says han mumma and hugs her . naira says mumma will u sleep wid me today . akshara says sure . in the middle of the night naira shouts no don’t send me to jail , I did not do anything . akshara wakes her up nd says han gudiya u did not do anything ok , so don’t worry . naira hugs akshara and cries .

akshara makes her sleep , and sings sun sun nanhe ,. Naira falls asleep . the next day akshara I working in kitchen when naman comes there . he says forgive me bhabi . akshara asks why should I forgive , what mistake did u do naman . naman tells her how he felt jealous of naitik and how he hid that naira ran away in front of his eyes . akshara says hey bagvan , naman tell me have I ever thought that mishti as my devar’s daughter . I always considered her also as naira and naksh is it not . karishma comes there , she says I know bhabhi we r sorry . akshara says don’t tell this to anybody in this house , forget this . karishma hugs akshara (yeh rishta kya kehlata hai plays ) . naira comes there , karishma says I am sorry beta nd hugs naira . naira says why u r saying sorry chachi . akshara says leave all that and ya today u r not going to school ok . naira says mumma I am perfectly alright . I am going to school . akshara says jaisa tum chaho
Naira smiles

Naksh is going to hotel Krishna in his car .a girl is walking aimlessly and comes in front of his car , naksh puts sudden break , he comes out and sees if the girl is alright . he is shocked to see tara’s friend , the same friend who had brought prenup papers in his marriage . he says tum yahan , the girl says naksh , I am so happy to see u , naksh says r u alright . tara’s friend says naksh shall we go to a coffee shop . naksh says fine and they go to the coffee shop . tara’s friend says naksh , I want to tell u something . naksh says tell na . tara’s friend says the things that happened in ur marriage… naksh says I don’t want to talk about this . she says naksh I only got the prenup papers , tara was telling to take it back . naksh says what and get shocked . he says but why did she run away . tara’s friend says , how will she understand all this , she got afraid and ran away . naksh says teek hai call her , I want to talk to her .
After some days naksh meets tara . tara wid much of fear comes and sits opposite to naksh in the coffee shop . naksh says tara , ur friend was telling that she had prepared the prenup papers . tara says han naksh and bursts into tears , naksh says ab yeh rona band karo , u did wrong and why r u showing this fake tears .

tara says naksh why don’t u understand , I really love u even now . naksh says even now . tara says yes naksh and hugs him . naksh says I was so angry wid u only because I love u . I could not forget u . now that I know that u were not behind the prenuptial agreement papers and ur only mistake was running away from marriage, I accept u tara . tara shouts I love u naksh , whole café looks at her and smiles . naksh also smiles and hugs her . he says tara I think we need time for marriage and we need to make our relationship strong . tara says yes naksh , u r right we will understand ourselves for two or three years and then marry .
Naksh comes home and tells akshara about this . she says I am so happy for u naksh . akshara thinks thank u bagvan , within this one week so many things changed , naman’s apology , naira’s love for me has increased , naksh’s life is also settled , I am so happy bagvan . naksh says ek selfie le le , ao sab ajao . naksh is about to take selfie when somebody stops . he sees , it was tara , she says mujhe bhi mila lo bhai . naksh says ayiye honewali patni . naksh takes selfie . ( yeh rishta kya kehlata hai plays )

There may be many mistakes , sorry for that but please drop ur comments

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